How To Embed YouTube Videos in Your Blogger Comments

How To Embed YouTube Videos in Blogger Comments
We have debated many times that why YouTube is the world’s #1 online broadcasting website, but anyone had ever thought of embedding the videos in their Comments. Perhaps, it is extremely straightforward to embed a video in an HTML Doc, but embedding them in Comments appears to be a rusty task. While investigating, we came across a robust plugin oEmbed specification. They have a simplest API that helps a website provider to embed multiple contents on his website. 

At first go it appeared to be an uphill task because Blogger neither support PHP nor Python. Therefore, creating a JavaScript file that provides same functionalities was a bit taught. However, after some hours of hard work our intellectual developing team finally nailed it i.e.[Youtbe-URL][&callback=foo].

How to Redirect 404 Not Found Page to the Home Page in Blogger

Whenever a person lands on a web page that is either deleted or has no existence Blogger blogs usually display its common 404 not found error message i.e. “Sorry for the inconvenience, the page you are looking for has no existence”. First impression counts more than anything. A person would never desire to display not found error pages to his new visitors. Therefore, it is essential to redirect all 404 not found pages to the home page so users can easily get access to the content that is waiting for them. Since, Blogger do not support PHP, so we have to make use of JavaScript that does the job pretty nicely. Therefore, today in this article, we will learn How to Redirect All 404 Not Found Pages to Homepage in Blogger.

Top 10 Youngest Teenage Pakistani Bloggers & Blogs of 2013

The world of blogging is so vast that on every nook and corner of life, we witness some tremendously gifted bloggers. Since, talent has no age. This is the reason, why every now and then we witness lots of Young Teenagers who always astonish us with their capabilities and talent. People say Blogging comes by age, but many Young Teenage Bloggers have proved them wrong by establishing their blogs in such an early age. Previously, we had discussed some Highest earning Pro Bloggers of the world as well of Pakistan. However, today to give a small boost to these young guns we decided to curate a list of Top 10 Youngest Teen Bloggers of Pakistan.

How to Add Author info Box with Post count in Blogger Posts

Author info Box For Blogger
How many people desire to add an author information box to their websites that usually appears at the end of their posts? WordPress has lots of plugins for author box that does the job pretty handsomely. There are also many author gadgets available for Blogger, but they are neither for multiple authors nor do they support post counts. Since, our previous author box was out-of-date. Therefore, we thought to create a robust author information box that could fulfill all the needs of a website. We have used a jQuery file that fetches your pictures and further information from the Blogger Profile. Therefore, today in this article, we will learn How to Add Author info Box with Post count in Blogger.

Releasing "Blogger Forum" A Place to Learn & Teach Blogging

Dear MyBloggerLab Users,

It’s been a year now since we are trying to help beginner bloggers to create a successful blog. To provide them more facilities, we have introduced lots of incredible services i.e. Live Blogger Help (for Free). However, now we are heading one step forward to provide yet another remarkable service to Bloggers. It feels honored to announce that we are launching a Free Online Forum for Bloggers and webmasters. It would be a place where every registered member has the liberty to discuss anything related to the Blogging, Blogger, Search engine optimization, WordPress, Social media and etc.

How to Create a Free Google Groups Web Forum in Blogger

An interesting way of diverting the attention of your readers is to start a discussion over a topic that is trending in the blogosphere. Those who have successful blogs would agree here that reader’s interaction is extremely significant not only for the website’s reputation, but also for generating affiliate sales.  We do have Commenting system that allows readers to interact, but they don’t have the freedom to start a whole new conversation. For that reason, we have Web Forums that allow a user to start a discussion over any topic that he likes. Those who are looking to add a Forum to their Blogger enabled website then today in this article, we will learn how to create a Google Groups Forum in Blogger.

How To Add jQuery Lazy Loading YouTube Videos in Blogger

YouTube is one of the most dominating online Video broadcasting website which has some flexible options to be embedded in a webpage. Furthermore, there are no two opinions that YouTube enriches a blog with awesomeness. However, what would happen if we embed 20 different kinds of Videos into one Webpage? It will surely reduce the page speed and would increase the number of HTTP requests. Since, every video is hosted in an iframe. Therefore, it takes a while to load. For one video, it would not take too long, but for 20 it would surely consume a hell lot of disk space plus it will also decrease the page speed. For the reason, MBL Developers have developed a robust jQuery plugin for Lazy loading YouTube videos.

Official Google Panda #24 Update on January 22, 2013

Official Google Panda #24 Update on January 22, 2013
After giving some minor blows Google has fired yet another fireball towards bloggers in a form of Panda Algorithm update. This update impact was not that significant because it hardly affected 1.2% of English search queries worldwide. The previous confirmed update was Panda #23 that was rolled out on December 21, 2012 which affected 1.3% of search queries. Earlier refresh took place on November 21st t that affected 0.8% of search queries. It appears as if Google is rolling out Algorithm updates after every 4 weeks or so. If we compare the previous two refreshes, than the comparison rate is almost similar because the impacts of both updates were pretty much identical to each other.

Blogger Comment Editor Got a New Look Similar to Google+

Today, Blogger Team has made some delightful changes in Blogger’s Default commenting system. The changes are not in terms of functionalities, but they have revamped its design. So far the changes are not that significant because we have only noticed minor changes in the buttons of Blogger’s Comment Editor. The main reason behind redesigning the comment editor could be its old fashion appearance because, after introducing Blogger new interface they make lots of updates to Blogger like Google Dynamics, Google+ Followers Gadget, but they never given any regards to their Comment editor. Though, in 2012 they introduced Threaded commenting system but that was not robust enough. Finally, Google is doing some experiments with the comment editor which we will discuss in today’s Article. 

How to Create a jQuery Peel Away Effect on Your Blogger Blog

If anyone is guessing, how those Bloggers and Webmasters are able to create that little peel away effect on the top right corner of their blog then we assume that it is able to grasp your attention. The main intention of using this plugin is to make your visitor curious about a certain product because, your visitors will keep on guessing what will come out next time when they peel off. This is certainly one of the most prominent ways of diverting attention of your visitors towards a certain product or page. For Affiliate marketers, webmasters and online money makers it is a piece of gold if it is utilized purposely. Therefore, today in this article, we will learn How to Create a Peel Away Effect on Your Blogger Blog.

How To Change Your Display Name in Blogger Blogspot

While starting a Blog People take it as a funny game and thus select an uneventful Display Names like Admin, Owner and etc. However, after achieving the success they always feel regrets for not selecting their real name. Ultimately, they have to create a new account on their real name. However, those people who are using Blogger Platform can easily change their display name or the Author name without facing any hesitation whatsoever. There is no need to create a new account, or to connect external accounts with your blog because Blogger Platform provides an option within the Profile area that helps in changing the display name. Therefore, today in this article, we will learn how to Change Your Display Name in Blogger. 

Google Declines to Accept The 2013 Update: Says No Panda

A few days ago, we reported minor signs of Google Algorithm update, but things got settled in few moments. However, yesterday we again witnessed some gigantic signs of an update. The Webmasters got a bit excited and started a new discussion at Webmaster forum. This time the energy was at its peak because lots of webmasters were confident about the update. The Update news was so busy that even lots of people started to tweet the news on Twitter.

Yesterday Syed Faizan Ali Posted on his Facebook Wall about the signs of Google Algorithm update and believe us those signs were pretty much clear. That’s what Syed Said:

Top 6 Most Outrageous Blogging Fantasy and Fictions of 2013

How many people have ever thought of combining their fantasies with Blogging? It may appear to be a weird combination, but it is worth considering. Almost everyone dreams to fly high, but we cannot label them as their fantasies, because by reaching their goals it would fulfill their all dreams. However, fantasies or fictional imaginations are impossible or improbable. Now some people might argue that why we should discuss those things which have no existence? We have a modest answer that, Blogging is not about just writing a sluggish piece of content. It’s a pure combination of enjoyment and enjoyment. We cannot curate quality content until or unless we feel enjoyment. Therefore, this article might not help anyone in improving their blogging skills, but the Blogging fantasies would surely tickle everyone with unlimited laughter. 

January 2013 Google Algorithm Update Under Progress?

A few days ago, lots of users were asking me whether Google has updated their Algorithm. At that time, I was unsure because Google recently pushed out a refresh to their algorithm just 10 days before the New Year. Therefore, it was not the ideal time to roll another one. None the less, there are some rumors going around in the blogosphere about an unofficial either Panda or Penguin update. The matter got fired up when two chatters started a thread on same topic. Both the threads were related on traffic declining. 

The two threads on WebmasterWorld convinced me that there was an update on January 2013.  Still, we are unclear whether it is a Panda, Penguin, or anything else. However, it is for sure that there was some refreshment that Google has made to their Algorithm. 

How to Add jQuery Social Followers Count Plugin in Blogger

Are you bored of updating your Social Follower’s count manually in your Widgets? Every now and then lots of visitors arrive on your website. Thus, few of them become your social followers by either liking your Facebook fan page or following your site on twitter. This is the reason, why your Social Followers count almost changes on a daily basis. Therefore, it gets too annoying to update your social Followers count manually in your social subscription widgets. In the past, we have shared a lot of Social Subscriptions gadgets, but they never update the subscribers count on automation. However, finally MBL developers are able to develop a widget that updates the followers count on automation. Today in this article, we will learn How to add automatic jQuery Social Follower Count Plugin for Blogger.

Why Blogging is Not All About Name, Fame and Wealth

Whenever a person comes across a blogger, he always wonders that Blogging is all about Name, Fame and Wealth. Perhaps this equation might look factual, but in many circumstances it is not true at all. Does anyone ever thought that How he started Blogging and got success? Does anyone know what goes behind the scenes of a Blog? Does anyone have any idea how many sacrifices he had made to reach this level? We should ask these questions to our self before labeling blogging as a dollar printing machine. He must have done some sorts of hard work to achieve what he has today. Therefore, today in this article, we will discuss Why Blogging is not About Name, Fame and Wealth. 

5 Insane Ways to Advertise Your Blog/Website Free of cost

How many people have ever tried to promote their website through Local or internet marketing methods? In the blogosphere, we would hardly see an individual who has not played any role to promote his website because in this day and age, we cannot taste the feast without applying the correct and accurate promotional tactics. People always promote their sites with indifferent methods (those methods which are constantly use by others). For that reason, the expectator often get bored and desire to see something outstanding, something lovely and something that could produce sparks in their bodies. How about putting accelerator on the paddle and inventing some insane ways of promoting the websites? Therefore, today in this article, we will discuss 5 insane ways of Promoting your Website effectively. 

Why Jealousy in Blogging Could Destroy a Blogger's Career?

Why Jealousy in Blogging Could Destroy a Blogger's Career?
Perhaps, this is not the most anticipated topic this time of year, but after the recent conflicts that I have seen has made me think that jealousy and envy might turn out to be a silent devil for the Blogging community. There are two kinds of Bloggers, one who are Professional, second who are Beginners (The one who has just landed in the Blogosphere). I am sure that I am not the only one who has felt the pride and jealousy because it is a common nature of human beings. There is no doubt that selfishness might turn a PRO Blogger into a Selfish person, but Jealousy is something that literally brutalizes a career of a webmaster. Therefore, today in this article, we will be discussing that Why Jealousy Could Destroy a Blogger's Career.

How To Add Advanced Social Subscription Widget in Blogger

Have you ever thought of combining all Social Subscription Buttons into one Cute little Widget? The main idea behind adding all the Social Buttons into one widget is to give multiple options to the users so, they can subscribe to your site with their personal favorite social platform. The Idea of joining Social Buttons into one gadget is not different because there are lots of Subscriptions widgets that work in the same fashion. However, they are not flexible enough to support all foremost Social Platforms. For that reason, we have designed a brilliant Social Subscription widget. It has all the key Social Platforms that are essential for a website. Today, in this article, we will Learn How to Add Advance Social Subscription Widget in Blogger.

How To Customize Label Cloud in Blogger With CSS3 Effects

Are you fed-up because of the yucky Label Clouds that appears at the sidebar of your Blogger Blog? Sometimes, a dirty looking Label cloud could horribly dent the complete outlook of a website. Consider a website that has a neat and stylish look but if the Label Clouds is unclean then, it could literally kill the complete viewpoint of a reader. Since, the default Labels Widget of Blogger Platform does not have a clean and elegant look. Therefore, we have to customize it with the help of CSS. As the whole blogger community is busy in upgrading their site with CSS3, it is essential that we also make use of this tremendous Language. For that reason, today in this article, we will learn How to Customize Labels Cloud in Blogger with CSS3.

How To Add Tweet To Unlock Twitter Widget in Blogger Blog

How many people have tried our Social Content Locker? It’s a gadget that hides the content until a person either shares it on Facebook, Tweet it on Tweeter, or +1 it. The idea behind that widget was to provide more social exposure to the Bloggers and so far that Social Content locker has received a tremendous response from the audience. Keeping that in mind, we have designed another Content hiding widget namely “Tweet to Unlock". This name is not new for WordPress users but for Blogger users it surely a new thing for them. Though, we have already released a Facebook Like to Download Widget, about few months ago, but today in this article, we will learn how to create a Tweet to unlock widget in Blogger.

1st Anniversary of MyBloggerLab - What We Achieved in 1 Year

Dear MyBloggerLab Users,

If you are in Pakistan, Asia, Europe, USA, or wherever you live in the world I want to wish you a Happy 5th of January. This date is characteristic to me because we officially Launched MyBloggerLab on this day in 2012. It’s true that Time runs like an unstoppable racing car. I cannot believe that 1 whole year has gone by so Fast. I would like to thank each and every single reader for making this possible. There was a Time, when our staff was thinking to shut down this site but because of your prominent support we are still alive in the blogosphere. I Truly Appreciate your Comments, Tweets, Likes, Google +1s and each and every thing that you guys have done to support us. There is no doubt, and I can proudly say that we have finest audience.

How To Create a Floating Social Media Bar in Blogger

There is no doubt that, from years Social Media has proven to be the most prominent source of Traffic for many websites. However, that does not mean each and every website has the charisma (Spark) to attain same traffic from it. The Ideal way of getting some social exposure is to convert your daily visitors into social Followers. Now the problem is that, how we should convert them into our Social Follower? The answer is pretty straightforward we can utilize some Social networking widgets that could guide visitors to the different Social platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and etc. For that reason, we have created yet another widget for Social Media Lovers. Today, in this article, we will be Learning How to Create a Social Media Bar in Blogger?

Why a Blogger Should Control his Emotions While Blogging

It is a common nature of human beings that they quickly get emotional. Since, Bloggers are also Humans. Therefore, sometime we also slip’s and dives in the water of Emotions. Blogging is all about patience and maintaining the temper, but sometimes emotions play a key role in unsettling the career of a blogger. There are many reason behind getting emotional could be anything because a taunting Comment from a regular reader is enough to uproot the inner animal of a Blogger. Sometime personal Attacks and jealously results in brutalizing the emotions of a blogger. However, it is essential to learn how to control your emotions because it is an ART that makes a person a PRO Blogger. Therefore, today in this article, we will discuss that Why a Blogger Should Control His Emotions While Blogging.

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