Why You Should Use Blogger

Blogger is the only free and robust content management platform but in spite of getting the credit and appreciate people always degrade it for its sluggish and rusty behavior.  Have you looked at blogger lately? 7 years ago it had just 250,000 active users, but today it is the only platform which has over 400 million active users. That’s more than the entire population of South America. Over the past couple of years, Blogger has evolved as a versatile CMS platform. We have seen that many top industries like Twitter is using blogger platform to host their content. It is not just an ordinary a platform. It is a powerful tool with robust features. We have collected a few reasons that why you should use Blogger, What are its key features, And Why Blogger is better than others.

Why You Should Use Blogger?

Blogger a Free-to-use Platform:

Blogger is an open source platform, it other words we can say it is free. Unlike others there is no need to purchase hosting because blogger sites are hosted at Google Servers. It can be used for any purpose either personal or industrial without any cost.

Who would wish to pay thousands of dollars in buying a CMS platform which almost has the same features as Blogger? Why a person would hire a developer if he knows all the skills himself? Many CMS companies require a yearly license which means you have to pay them a hand full of money every year.     On the other hand, Blogger is free from such limitations. It even does not force you to put their backlink in footer. However, some die-heart fans like us link back to show our appreciations

Professional Templates Support:

You would never feel difficulty in finding a Free Template for your site. Blogger has a wide range of free themes collection. If you are unable to find a proper theme, then you can check out some free professional themes developed by over developers at Templateism. However, if you still did not find a free theme then you can hire us to develop a robust theme for your site at reasonable rates.

Comprehensive Widgets:

Blogger uses widgets and plugins that help you to build a better and healthier site. It has a wide range of free Widgets inventory that enables us to add more spark to our site. There are some reputable developers like us who keeps on developing new widgets to keep this platform alive. You can access our Widget inventory or can even request us to develop any plugin that you need.

Almost ZERO Downtime:

Pingdom quotes once “Since Blogger was the only service with zero uptime at all. We skipped the chart here. We hope you did not mind. It simply would not have that interesting”. We do not have to prove that it is the only platform which has zero downtime. It gives to stability and you can always relay with your eyes close.

User friendly Interface:

You do not need any developing skills to use blogger on your site. The whole interface is not complicated at all. From the dashboard to the setting panel everything is arranged in a systemic manner so that a beginner would not feel any difficulty while using it. Aside from basic use tweaking and modifying the skins is fairly straightforward as well.  MyBloggerLab has tons of free tutorials so users can learn every bit of it.
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