Why To Migrate Blogger Blog To Self-hosted Wordpress

A person who started his dream website on Blogger has just one question in his mind, and this is “Should I migrate my Google hosted blog to WordPress”. On the other hand, he seems to be a bit tensed that what would happen if I lose my all SERP Ranking. This is the reason, why lots of Bloggers shy while migrate their site from Google server to self-hosted WordPress blog. The reason, why WordPress over-shines over Blogger is its flexible plugin inventory, which makes things pretty straightforward. Therefore, being a pioneer of Blogger enabled site we just through why not to start a brand new series in which we will share the correct techniques that a person should adopt while migrating his site from blogger to WordPress.

Horizontal Twitter Tweets Ticker Widget For Blogger

Twitter Tweets Ticker Widget For Blogger
After releasing an automatic RSS Feed Content ticker, almost each and every reader requested for a Tweet Ticker widget. Due to lots of pending work and other requests from loyal readers, we were unable to fulfill that certain request. However, today MBL developers have finally able to assemble a widget that will show a person’s tweets in a form of ticker. Unlike our previous Scrolling tickers, this one has some inspiring features through which a blogger can amuse his readers. It entirely operates on Jquery so a person won’t have to worry about updating his tweets manually. Without waiting lets directly jump onto our Today’s Tutorial.

How To Add Advance Photo Gallery Widget in Blogger

Photo galleries do add lots of colors to a website. However, Blogger doesn’t have any flexible photo gallery widget that could amuse visitors. Therefore, we have to make use of some external scripts to formulate a sparkling image gallery widget. We were not 100 percent sure that we would be able to formulate an Image Gallery widget, but thanks to the AIO Banner which made everything look pretty straightforward. Here, we have utilized the power of Jquery which has given some extraordinary transection effects to the gallery widget. Those who are searching for a widget that could hold their images together then, today we will be sharing a Photo gallery widget for Blogger enabled sites.

Top 5 Creative Facebook Timeline Covers For Bloggers

Over the previous couple of months, Facebook has seen lots of ups and down not only in their ranking but also in its credibility. When Timeline was release, almost the whole audience boycotted the new enhancement. People were so annoyed that they invented different methods of removing timeline. However, as the time passes, people started to enjoy the new features of their Profile, particularly Timeline cover was something that literally amused everyone. There are tons of Covers available on the Internet, but when a person search on the internet regarding “Timeline Covers for Blogger” he hardly witness one or two covers and of low quality. Therefore, today our designers have shaped 5 high quality Timeline covers that will represent the personality of a blogger.

How To Select an Ideal Niche For a Profitable Blog?

Before, anyone could land in the blogosphere and start his Blogging career he had to select an appropriate NICHE (Category) of his website. A person should make it loud and clear that, he will focus on a certain set of topics because he cannot express himself by blogging something dissimilar to the niche. For Example, A guy started to Blog about Sports, then after few days move to Technology and later ends with Entertainment. This action literally destroys the SEO of a website. If a person is not passionate about blogging, then he should not take this seriously. However, those who want to start a whole career in Blogging and want to continue this for long term then it’s essential to select an appropriate niche. In this article, we will discuss tips that help you in selecting the most desirable for my own blog.

The Recipe To Become a Successful Businessman

Planning is the most crucial part in setting up a business, even if it is an online one. A person can’t just jump directly into a business and work day and night without knowing that he is heading nowhere. All t efforts and decisions should be directed, or you won’t find yourself anywhere. Planning is not specific with the multinational companies only. However, you as an individual should have a plan for yourself. This self-management article is a minor attempt to help organize your life and focusing towards planning your career.

How To Analyze Your Site Speed With Online Tools?

Do you care about the load time of your website? If a certain website has low speed, then crawlers would automatically give less attention to it. Moreover, they will mark them in the list of website that takes a while to load. Therefore, the crawlers will slow down the crawling of a certain sluggish website. On the other hand, visitors do get annoyed if a webpage takes more than a few seconds to load. Visitors are hungry for content which is available on hundreds of websites so why he would sacrifice his time on a sluggish website. Webmasters think that Visitors need their help to learn, but they have no idea that without visitors how they can generate revenue. Before anyone optimize his site speed, it’s essential for every Blogger to construct a website that has a fairly better load time. Today’s article is about, how to analyze the site speed of a certain website through online tools. 

Tooltips Related Post Widget For Blogger With Thumbnail

Adding a Related post widget to a blog has always proved to be extremely beneficial for those bloggers who consistently get higher Bounce rate. Related posts are always accessible at the end of the post, so the visitors won’t feel any interruption while reading the article. Moreover, after reading out the article users can feel free to visit some related posts. It reduces the Bounce rate pretty handsomely and plays a significant role in engaging visitors. However, Blogger doesn’t have built-in related post functionality. Therefore, we have to depend on external sources. After releasing the Professional threaded commenting system, today we will reveal our Thumbnail Related post system with Tooltips for Blogger Enabled platform.

Adding Highly Customized Threaded Commenting System To Blogger

All the guys out there must be fed up with the laborious Commenting system of Blogger Platform that keeps on giving bugs and minor hitches. Though, Blogger is no longer a Sluggish Platform because now we have the new interface which has made almost everything possible but Blogger’s custom commenting system still lacks a lot. However, Threaded Commenting system has just given a new live to this platform. Threaded Commenting system is not a new thing for WordPress Users but for Blogger it’s a precious element. However, Blogger Team has not provided any customized CSS thread comment design. Therefore, lots of designers have coded their own styling for threaded comments. So, after lots of request from our loyal readers and followers today in this article we are introducing our custom Threaded comment design for Blogger Platform. 

How To Get a Free Subscription From Depositphotos

Are you still offering mind-numbing text based content to the visitors of your website? Text base content is something that would surely benefit in Search Engine optimization. However, boring lines of text one after another may not amuse your reader. If you are not attaching any relevant images to your content then how can you expect your visitors to love your blog? Everyone say that, “Relevant Images enhances the complete look of content”. On the other hand, they never implement their words. The ideal way to look for relevant images is to search them on the Stock Photo websites because they have the ultimate treasure of vector art. Unfortunately, none of the Stock photo websites provide vector images Free of cost so a medium Blogger cannot avail this splendid opportunity. For that reason, today we will be sharing a precious Technique through which a Blogger can get a Premium account of Depositphotos (World’s number one stock photo website) totally free of cost.

How To Use Google's Disavow Link Tool To Reduce Spam

Today Google introduced a new tool for webmasters, and they named it as “Disavow Tool”. You often receive notification from Google in webmaster tool regarding manual spam detection ”unnatural links” or If you have discovered unnatural linking of your website on different directories, then this tool can play foremost role in resolving your issue. Matt Cutts the head of Google web spam team while speaking at the Pubcon conference made an announcement about this tool. This tool has been BETA tested by some of the Top SEOs already from the past couple of weeks. Now a bulk of questions might be popping up in everyone’s minds that, How to use this Tool, when we should use it, and this tool could harm our website? All these fascinating questions about the “Disavow Tool” would be answered today.

How To Install Google Web Fonts On Blogger BlogSpot?

Those days have become history when people were utilizing similar fonts on their website. Nowadays, we can easily integrate multiple web fonts in a website without facing any problem whatsoever. You can host your personal fonts on your server, paying for a web font service, or can utilize the wide range of Google Web fonts on your website without even spending a single piece of penny. We would recommend you to go with Google Web Fonts because their inventory is full of gorgeous fonts that are extremely flexible and lightweight. Things cannot get better than this. If you are thinking to install Google Web Fonts on your Blogger BlogSpot Site then, this article might turn out to be a treasure for you. Today we will learn How You can Integrate Google Web font in Blogger hosted website.

Google Emailing Authorship Confirmations To Bloggers

Did you receive an email from Google officials in which they are welcoming you in their Authorship Program? A few weeks ago, many Bloggers and guest writers who have successfully integrated the Google authorship program on their website received an email from Google officials, welcoming them into their authorship program. However, many other verified authors are still guessing why they haven’t received an email for their authorship activation. This thing has created an enormous Buzz among those authors and bloggers who were expecting to get this certain notification. However, many writers have ignored this serious issue. If you are getting confused about the Google authorship email confirmation, then today we will be removing all the doubts that are boggling in your minds.

How To Customize Popular Post Widget In Blogger

Do you want to alter your Blogger’s Popular Posts Widget to make it more prominent and attractive for your visitors? Having a Popular Posts Widget in the sidebar has numberless advantages. It helps new visitors to pick those articles that are most trending on a website. However, Blogger’s Built-in Popular posts widget is not that much attention-grabbing in terms of designing and displaying. Therefore, if you wish to transform your Popular Posts widget into a masterpiece then, you have to rely on CSS Style sheets. After lots of request from our loyal readers, finally we have decided to share our custom popular post design that we are using on this MBL Blog. In today’s article, we will reveal its CSS Style sheet.

What is Google Page Layout Algorithm? Explanation

Google Page Layout Algorithm Update
Now days, the Google Web spam team has become more dramatic with their Algorithm updates. From time to time, we have witnessed not only old but new Algorithms getting updates. Past Week, was the perfect example of Google’s dramatic approach in which they updated almost three of their search algorithm which includes, Panda 20th, Penguin 3rd and EMD (Exact Match Domain) Updates. This is not the end of the fairy tales, because Google has just bombed webmasters with the Page Layout Algorithm. However, it's not a fatal algorithm when we compare it to Panda and Penguin. The main idea behind it is to keep balance in between the layout and the content of a webpage. Today we will talk about the recent Page Layout update and would also answer whether you should panic from it.

Google Algorithm Updates: Should You Really Panic?

Since, a couple of months back you might have heard and read on different blogs about the Google Algorithm Updates such as Panda, Penguin, EMD and the latest one Above the Fold Page Layout Algorithm (Will explain about this Update later). Most webmasters request Google to reconsider their website for manual spam or they depend on the solutions that can help them to recover from the Algorithm Updates. However, this article might prove out to be a shocker for you as this post is totally different from others. Today we will answer a million dollar question that, a Blogger should panic on these Algorithm Updates? Well our answer to this question is a NO! A blogger should not panic on these Updates. Shocked, let me explain.

How To Add Social Image Hover Plugin In Blogger

These days more and more picture based blogs are trending in the blogosphere. This might be because of the rapid growth in the popularity of Pinterest (Worlds first online Pin Board).  Keeping things aside Pictures do add life to a dull content. Moreover, it allows us to learn new things that are too difficult to understand. On the other hand, Picture Blog and Social Media have a splendid relationship because people love to share images with their friends, family and colleagues.  Therefore, for each and every Image based site it is essential to integrate foremost Social sharing plugin to maximize their social exposure. We do have a Floating Social Sharing widget, but it cannot be utilized on a blog that only host images. For that reason, our team has assembled an “Image Hover Social Plugin” which will allow your visitors to share your content while hovering over images.

How To Change Adsense Payee Name In Unsupported Countries?

Undoubtedly, Google AdSense is amongst the Supreme methods of earning money online, if you have a well-established blog with decent traffic. Whereas there are lots of countless features for webmasters, there are some problems too because roses and thorns grows on the same little tree. On one side, AdSense gives lots of relief to the webmasters. However, every now and then the same AdSense creates a particular kind of panic. This literally shakes the legs of a webmaster. Today we are going to share with you is a solution of a problem which we personally faced couple of days back. The topic is “Changing Payee Name of Google AdSense Account ".

How To Attract Sponsors On Low Traffic Websites

Every now and then we often hear news regarding Mass Google Banning, which literally shakes the legs of Blogger as well as webmasters. A person who spends day and night in creating quality content and in return Google Permanently ban their AdSense account, this things brokers their heart. Once the AdSense Account Gets Banned you cannot get a new Genuine AdSense account so in this scenario we have to look for some Alternatives. AdsGadget is a fairly new Advertising program that provides high paying ad platform to Publishers so they can monetize their website traffic. If we look at other AdSense Alternative then, it’s the perfect choice because it provides high CPC Advertisements. Moreover, AdsGadget also works with AdSense so you can earn quite handsomely. 

3rd Google Penguin Algorithm Update Released

Last Friday, Matt Cutts twitted that the 3rd Google Penguin update is under progress, a basic refresh that only affected 0.3 % of English queries. All the predictions were proven wrong as lots of Webmasters and Matt Cutts himself predicted the penguin update to be “Jolting and jerking”. In fact, it was the first time when Google fully pushed out an update on the same day. It means you may have seen key changes from Friday to Saturday. Well, lots of bloggers reported that they have witnessed a foremost dip from Friday to Saturday. Comparing your site traffic from Last Friday to Saturday would allow you to distinguish whether you are safe or hit by Penguin Algorithm. Today we will discuss the Penguin 3.0 Algorithm refreshment from depth.

How To Accelerate Blog Speed & Load Time - Series

Do you still think that quality content is the only item that makes your blog superior to others? If you are, then this might be a devastating end to your blogging career. Lots of Bloggers devote their whole life in writing quality content, but they don’t give any importance to their site speed which is extremely significant for a blog. How people will read your quality content if your site keeps on loading again, and again. They might abandon your site without wasting any further time. The whole world is full of blogs with similar information so people will not wait till your site loads. They will straightaway jump to the next website that provides similar information. In this series, we will share some rare but extraordinary secretes that a web developer uses to make sure that his site takes less time. (We will share all the tips and techniques that we have applied on this MBL Blog).

Google Authorship Disappearing From Search Results

During few days, we were closely watching Google Authorships slowly getting removed from several blogs. First, we thought that it might be a bug or something. However, today we come across a devastating fact that Google has removed Verified Authorships not only from Low Quality blogs, but some highly professional blogs are also affected. It means Google is preparing something that could either hurt bloggers from top to bottom or could easily turn the tables towards them. We are still not sure whether Google is updating their publisher system, or there is any other reason behind it. Nonetheless, it is pretty much clear that it may slightly decrease your traffic because Google Verified authorship was your ticket to get featured on Search engine free of cost. (Our Authorship is also disabled)

Official Google Panda 20th Algorithm Update

Back to back algorithm refreshments have brutalized webmaster by making them a bit lazy, and now they have to face yet another nut cracker and this time it is a Panda Algorithm update. Within a week, two notable refreshments have been rolled out First the EMD (Exact Matched Domains), and now its Panda 20th Algorithm refreshment. According to the Matt Cutts, “Google has begun to refresh its algorithm and it will continue till the weekend”. Looking at the early reports, we assume that it is a key update which affected almost 2.4% of English and 0.5% of non-English queries. Today we will be discus why Panda 20th is a foremost refreshment.

Blogger Security Tip: Add Google 2-Step Verification

If you are sophisticated that Blogger Blogs cannot be hacked or destroyed then you are letting your security down big-time. Though, Blogger is the property of Google it doesn’t mean that it cannot be hacked because Hackers can easily get into your Password without any difficulty. For that only reason, Google has introduced 2-Step Verification system so users can maximize their security to a great extent. If you are security conscious and see your blog as a part of your family then you should straightaway apply this functionality to it.  Today we will discuss why you should use Google’s 2-Step Verification system on your blog. (We are using the same function on this blog to protect it from hackers)

Google EMD Update: Exact Match Domains Ruled Out

On Friday, while webmasters were enjoying the weekend Google Web Spam team fired yet another bombshell towards them. Google’s head of web spam department Matt Cutts tweeted that they have rolled out an algorithm update which was neither Panda nor Penguin because it was an EMD (Google Exactly Match Domain) Update. He also mentioned that Google is trying to eliminate “Low Quality” exact match domains from their Search engine. According to the early reports, “the EMD algorithm” affects 0.6% of English-US queries. However, it is not taunting refreshment, but you can expect more explosions from coming updates. Today we will be discussing how EMD update can affect our blogs.

How To Prevent Blogger Template From Being Copied or Cloned

How To Prevent Blogger Template From Being Copiers or Cloners
Are you brave enough to face the truth that one day somebody could easily clone (duplicate) your personalize blogger template? From few years, spammers have learned various things that duplicating BlogSpot a template is not difficult anymore because all you need is a bit familiarity with CSS, HTML and XML. The internet is jam-packed with those Blogger Templates that are clone from various Pro blogs hosted at Blogger. Copying or Replicating a personalized Design of a website is consider as a crime and the culprit may have to serve detention if he is guilty. In Blogger platform, the whole theme relies on a single XML file that allows spammers to clone templates without any hesitation whatsoever. Today we will discuss How to Prevent Blogger Template from Getting Cloned.

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