Google Algorithm Updates: Should You Really Panic?

Since, a couple of months back you might have heard and read on different blogs about the Google Algorithm Updates such as Panda, Penguin, EMD and the latest one Above the Fold Page Layout Algorithm (Will explain about this Update later). Most webmasters request Google to reconsider their website for manual spam or they depend on the solutions that can help them to recover from the Algorithm Updates. However, this article might prove out to be a shocker for you as this post is totally different from others. Today we will answer a million dollar question that, a Blogger should panic on these Algorithm Updates? Well our answer to this question is a NO! A blogger should not panic on these Updates. Shocked, let me explain.

Four Pillars of Blogging

We have a reason for what we said above. You all are well aware of the fact that, without pillars, a building can never stand. A building last for years if its pillars are strong but if they are weak, then even a small accident can destroy the entire building. Same is the case with Blogging. For me, a blog stands on four pillars. These four pillars are:

1- Curating Gorgeous Content: 

No doubt, content is the Master Key to a blog's success. For a successful blog, your content should be real, unique and fresh (up-to-date). If your content is weak or copied, then you cannot get the glory that you are expecting. Bloggers are still in doldrums in terms of their content. They ask from others whether their site is producing highly professional content, and that is wrong. The person who writes an article has all knowledge to rate it either of high quality or low quality. Therefore, if you believe in your abilities of producing glorious content then keep on repeating the same technique.

2- Keywords Counts More than Anything: 

With rich contents, you need decent keywords too. Strong and effective keywords play a gigantic role in a blog's success. Remember, USA and America have the same meaning for humans but these two words are entirely different from Search Engines. However, don’t overload your content with numberless targeted keywords keep it straightforward because users don’t search for too complicated keywords.

3- Spotless Theme (Template): 

First impression is the last impression. If the presentation of your blog is not up to the mark then, users will hesitate to visit that blog. For a successful blog, a decent stylish and attractive theme is must. Similarly, a bride in a Bridal dress looks more beautiful than an ordinary dress. Therefore, it is essential for every blogger to dress up their theme in an appropriate manner. Now days, we have the power of CSS and JavaScript to design some boundless themes and templates.

4- User Satisfaction: 

It is the most significant pillar of blogging. If your first 3 pillars are strong then, you can get lots of traffic but not user satisfaction. Sometimes your personal choice differs with the majority of others. In the professional field, you have to keep your personal interests aside to satisfy your users. Try to interact with your readers make them happy and enjoy the irresistible traffic.


After following these four pillars of blogging, believe it or not you don’t have to care much about the algorithm updates. Instead of focusing on Algorithm Updates, concentrate on making your pillars stronger and deeper. If you will make your pillars strong then, Google will not even think of harming you. Make your pillars strong so that your blog becomes a need of Google. Quality is never rejected in any case! However, if you fail to make your pillars strong then forget about the Algorithm Updates, you can be penalized even with a small blow!

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Haider is Blogging since 2011, and he is one of the pioneers of Entertainment Blogs. Currently he is the Co-Author of MBL Blog. Moreover, He is known as an Enterntainer..More Here


The Editorial Team of MyBloggerLab consists of a group of Professional Blogger geeks Led by Syed Faizan Ali (Founder of MyBloggerLab).

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October 13, 2012 at 12:25 PM

Nice Post. And yah . I agree with you. If a blog has all this four thing they should not be afraid of Panda or Penguin or any other updates from Google. If they got penalized then also producing great content for nexr some mnth can also do a re-boost on Ranking. :)

Editorial Team MOD
October 13, 2012 at 12:33 PM

That's Indeed Very Accurate because we work for our readers and They Need Content. Not Only Content, But It Should of High Quality. On the Other hand, We have to make sure that they are happy, if they are then. What Ever Google do to you but your readers will keep their legs onto your blog.

And If you got hit, Don't worry stay calm and consistently work on your content and one day every single SERP Ranking Will Return.

Thanks for Leaving Your Valuable Comment. Peace and Blessings Buddy.

October 13, 2012 at 12:41 PM

amazing post haider. Well, about the keyword point ; yes keep it simple and do not over-use keywords instead use synonyms

October 13, 2012 at 1:03 PM

Content is the king !
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October 13, 2012 at 1:37 PM

Let's share here. To my opinion, as i quoted from buzz, don't think about google updates, just post quality contents and done. You don't even have to think for a way suppose that your blog has been affected by google updates, just remove your "poor" articles, and later, post quality contents, and done. That way, your blog will get better, just as google never marked it bad. I proved it.. :)

@Admin: What you said is just true. Here i just wanna say something, share something. Something like repeat your words. :)

October 13, 2012 at 1:50 PM

Yaaa, you just hit the nail by the head


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October 13, 2012 at 6:16 PM

I thought i would never hit by this update.
Thanx for info.

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October 13, 2012 at 7:21 PM

Agree with you bro,very useful post for bloggers who are in tention about these updates. Quality of content is always best, for this we have to use a best theme for our blogs so that content can be easily read by our readers.

October 13, 2012 at 9:14 PM

You know when I yesterday visited your blog and see your new widget below every post on homepage then I think that you are going to publish this widget today but your this post is totally different ! Hope you make a post on that widget I hope to see this widget today night :)

Editorial Team MOD
October 13, 2012 at 11:15 PM

Thanks Sunil, For Remembering Each and Every Feature of MBL Blog. Actually That's Not a Certain Widget, its part of our Custom Theme Design. Therefore, it would be tough to share exactly the style. However, we will love to Share more Design Similar that we have on our Blog.

Stay Tuned, More Stunning Widgets are Coming soon. Peace

Editorial Team MOD
October 13, 2012 at 11:19 PM

Yap Kulwinder Buddy, It all about how well you Curated Your Content. If it has quality then surly Google can't harm your site. Thanks Buddy. Peace

Editorial Team MOD
October 13, 2012 at 11:21 PM

John, Indeed that True, Creating Quality Content is something that has a great impact over Search engines. Thanks for commenting and for being a Great Reader. Peace

Editorial Team MOD
October 13, 2012 at 11:23 PM

Yes Rahmeen Api, Keywords always play foremost role for a Blog because we don't really know what Chunk of "Keywords" Would a Visitor will search. However, we can use some commonly use Words. If those words are already Taken then "Synonyms" is the perfect Alternative. Peace :)

October 14, 2012 at 9:29 AM

Please improve your contents
In third line under the heading Four Pillars of Blogging replace week with weak and than with then.
In third line under Curating Gorgeous Content replace doldrums with dilemma and in last line relace the word rotating with repeating
In first line under Keyword Counts More Than Anything replace the word worthy with rich and put s after content
In second line Under Spotless Theme replace with word hesitate with avoid and remove the coma before then in second line
In second line under User Satisfaction replace with word from with WITH (befroe differes)
In last line under Conclusion replace word than with then and failed with fail.
I am sorry for my straightforwardness but neglecting such errors I don't want the hard work of Faizan vanishes; this guy is burning midnight oil for the success of this blog so his team members must also follow the suit. Hairder onece again I am very sorry to be so blunt

Editorial Team MOD
October 14, 2012 at 10:23 AM

Thanks a lot Buddy! Well, I can't Blame Haider For this Because He Told me To Review the Work and I Didn't do that Properly. So Lets See the Following Result.

1. Week In Place of Weak: This Thing has Been Update. (THANKS)

2. Doldrums And Dilemma: Actually The Word "Doldrums" Mean a Sort of Confusion and "Dilemma" Means problem offering two possibilities. So, I Think the Both Words Will Work Pretty Well on that Sentence.

3. Repeating Instead of Rotating: Thanks Its Been Replaced.

4. Rich in Place of Worthy: Thanks Man Done that Too.

5. Hesitate In Place of Avoid: Well, Actually When we have Quality Content with Rich environment but you own a Dull Theme then People might Hesitate to Visit your site so we have used that mind set.

6. Adding "From" in place of With: Though "From" could also work in that place but since you are one of this golden readers we have also changes it.

7. Replacing "Then with Than": Thanks Done.

8. Replacing "Failed With Fail": Done.

Well, Thank you a ton buddy really you made our day. No Need to say sorry for point out our silly blunders. You are the critics and you have the full freedom to say load, Especially at this MBL Blog.

We will try to keep our quality super because we do have some quality readers who are hungry for quality content. Thanks for your mouth watering comment!

Really a Big Clap for you buddy. Peace and Blessings buddy

October 15, 2012 at 2:33 AM

Awesome Information Thanks For Sharing :)

Rahul Kashyap

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