Google Penguin 1.1 Algorithm Minor Update Released

After previous Penguins and Panda Updates, while all bloggers and webmaster were busy in wiping out their tears Google is set to roll out yet another fireball. Yes you are right, I am talking about the dangerous animal for Bloggers the Penguins, not really.  After the last penguin update, the majority of Blogger were disappointed very badly as they saw a huge drop down in their traffic. But now they need to be more serious towards their blog to keep themselves in the race of top bloggers. It has been officially confirmed by Google’s senior engineer Matt Cutts that the Penguin 1.1 Algorithm is updated with new and improved functionality, which will fight against the entire webspam communities and try its best to keep the internet as pure as he can.

Need Blogger Help? Get Instant Support By Live Chat

Need Help? Ask Question Related to Blogger, SEO, Make Money With MBL Live Support: The internet world is filled with thousands of bloggers. Their numbers keep multiplying daily as time goes by. When a Blogger takes his first step in the cruel world of blogging, he faces a countless number of problems, one after another. According to the latest reports, almost 80 percent of bloggers put down blogging after facing back-to-back rejection. The only reason behind failing in blogging every time is the lack of proper guidance. If we search the internet in thirst of guidance, we would came across this conclusion; every thing in this world is not free, or if it’s free, then it is not of superior quality. So the reason behind starting MBL Live Support is to provide guidance based on professional outlook, absolutely free of cost! Through online chat, bloggers can easily interact with our qualified skilled staff, where they can ask their question and our staff will try their best to accommodate most of your queries. So let us first look at some of its silent features

7 Killer Tips To Design a Perfect Logo For Your Blog

1.png (400×350)
Logo stands for (logic oriented graphic oriented) which is known as symbol of identity. It’s Logo which allows our visitors to recognize our blog. If we dig in, we will come across this conclusion that Logo is becoming essential need for all blogs. Almost all well-known organization possesses their own Logo (mark of identity) which represents their product completely i.e. Google, Coke, etc. Crafting a professionally designed logo seems to be a gigantic task, but fundamentally it is not that much difficult at all. Designing a logo is incredibly simple it requires accurate step by step guidance to create a perfect logo. So this is the motive why we thought to start a series about Logo Designing. This series will not only cover logo designing, we will also reveal our cartoon character secretes. But first today we will be discussing the basics of logo designing. 

Top 10 Ways Teenagers Can Make Money Online

Money is the only phrase which attracts users from a highly skilled business man to a common young child. Teenagers are known as the most vital asset of a nation, but usually they spend most of their time playing video games and surfing the internet which is destroying their capabilities. According to the scientific approach Teens are the brightest aspect of the world, so its time to make them realize that instead of wasting their precious time on uneventful activates they need to concentrate on building their future. However, they are adopting insignificant traditions due to lack of proper guidance. 

This is the reason why they accept every proposal which is offered online. Teenagers of 21st century are smart and courageous enough to start their own online business which will allows them to earn extra cash. Few teenagers, as young as fourteen have discovered unique ideas to earn, more then a man working from a nine to five job. Usually they required some sort of money to fulfill their needs.  They can give a huge boost to their pocket money if they are keen to earn. There are many ways they can make extra money on-line or off-line, as their interest. However, it appears to be an uphill task but if They maintain balance between online working and daily life success can be achieved. So today we will discuss how young teens can earn more money online.

10 Tips To Get Your Blog Approved By BuySellAds

Every Blogger dreams of a blog where he could entertain users from his astonishing capabilities. To craft his vision to successes he spends days and night without even a single hour of rest, hence after few months of effort he receives the true fruits of hard work. Soon the situation changes considerably, when a blogger becomes helpless and face financial issues for this reason he remains powerless to gather funds for his blog and due to financial disorder he fails to continue his passion blogging.

This is the reason why most of blogger recommend popular advertising problem which are generating revenue for them. This will not only make their life stress free but also support them financially. Getting attracted by a specialized advertising company seems to be an enormous task. This is not that much simple as we are assuming, to draw their attention we need to maintain professional outlook in terms of quality, quality and quality. There are many potential advertising programs but still is the most prominent advertising service when it comes to making their advertisers cheerful.

Getting approval from looks like an extremely large task. So today we will discuss How to Get Your Blog Approved by And Make More Money.

Something About The Author - Syed Faizan Ali

Syed Faizan Ali
Syed Faizan Ali
Syed a 17 year old young guy who is blessed with the art of Blogging,He love to Blog day in and day out,He is a Website Designer and a Certified Graphics Designer. He is blogging on several forums from 2008 and Still love to share bright ideas.

Animated CSS3 Multi Drop Down Menu For Blogger

Beauty is the key component of a blog this is the reason why most of blogger always wishes to make their blog as eye-catching as possible. To craft their blog looks more astonishing they take help of different widgets resembling Featured Posts, Image Gallery and etc. If we go deeper, we will come across this conclusion that usually majority of Blogger pays no concentration to their CSS Drop Down Menus. Therefore, their blog not only remains short of ideal appearance but also fails in providing user-friendly experience to visitors. So today we will insert Animated CSS Drop Down Menu in blogger. This astonishing Drop down menu is created by Catalin Rosu with spectacular JQuery effects! We will be sharing a customized version which works flawlessly with blogger. It purely represents true supremacy of CSS3 with the combination of JQuery. This widget will make your Blogger Blogspot blog outlook more fashionable and attractive. So instead of waiting lets startworking!!!

Launching Contact Us Page – Directly Get in Touch!!

When we think about professionalism, the first component which clicks our mind is to endorse excellence to turn out to be a successful blogger it is necessity that we maintain supremacy towards our blog’s outlook and Contact us page is another name of upholding true brilliance. This week lots of our loyal readers raised a question about MBL contact us page this was the time when I realized that we need it really badly. So after 4 hours of hard hitting PHP coding I was finally able to design an attractive Contact us page, where users can easily interact with us, give their feedback, suggestions, and ask their question regarding any problems.

Top 8 Hot Tips To Increase Blog's Google Page Rank

Most of the Bloggers always dreams of an ideal blog where they can share their brilliant thoughts to educate spectators. So In order to make their dream come true they use numberless different methods to attract audience by creating highly professional content, improving search engine optimization and all those efforts which are required to turn audience attention. And after following all correct strategies they comes to a conclusion that their hard work is not going in wastage, as they are starting to get positive response from readers.

But after few months they realize that they were so busy in building their content that they forgot to maintain their Google Page Rank, and now their blog is popular enough but still Page Rank is relatively low. As we all know PageRank has nothing to do with blog traffic or SEO but still many PRO Bloggers recommend high PageRank of around 4 or 5 out of 10. Calculation of PageRank is mostly based on number of high-quality backlinks fundamentally it represents the value of a website in the other word we can say that PageRank is the fruits of hard work. Therefore today we will cover How to Improve Our Google Page Rank. But before we get started with our tips it’s crucial that we learn more about the ethics of PageRank.

How To Write a Professional Blog Post? - 10 Tips

Blogging is the sweetest element of the global internet this is the prime reason why daily almost thousands of Bloggers are born, with one motive to achieve the never ending brilliance but unfortunately only few Bloggers fly high while the rest mourn due to unsuccessfulness. The crucial motive behind the failure in Blogging is the lack of presentation. Being a Blogger we need to carry out efforts try to develop excellence as our main concern should be creativity.

Content is the central branch of a Blog, if our Blog is lacking in content then we will never receive positive response from our spectators. It is one of the most frequent questions which arrives in Blogger mind that How We Can Create a Perfect Blog/Website Post, which fulfills our readers needs. Every Blogger try his best to create sharp and fresh content but due to misconceptions some Bloggers fall short in this blogosphere. This is the reason why today we will discuss how we can create professional blog posts which will be a one step towards PRO BLOGGER.

Complete History Of Blogging - From Stone Age To Pro Blogger

Blogging is the most passionate term for a blogger and this is the reason why blogs have become essential branch of our online society. Blogs are turning out to be a major source of education. Practically everyone prefers to read blogs, either they are official blogs (From a Specific Brand) or any other blog associated with a specific niche i.e. Entertainment, Education, Blogging, Traditional, Tips and etc. This is the reason why everyone has at least one favorite blog. The word blogging is not an ancient term, which means Blogs have gained the sparkling attention in fairly short time. And it’s only past 10 to 15 years that blogs have taken off handsomely and have become a central part of our online community.

As currently we are in the 21st century the era known for information technology blogger are becoming central branch of learning so it is essential that we must learn who planted the tree of blogging and now what strategies are adopted to make this tree ever refreshing.

Jquery Scrolling Image Gallery Widget For Blogger

A Blogger always dream to present his blog in a gorgeous manner. This is the reason why he used different widgets to make it look ideal as widgets play vital role in attracting eyes of their audience. An Image Scroller is becoming essential need of approximately every successful blogger as they use it to present their featured posts. There are many image Scrolling widgets which are available on internet but they either lacks in speed or are unable don’t draw your attention towards them.

 So we’re continuing the trend of introducing astonishing widgets and hence today we will insert an Attractive JQuery Image Scroller in Blogger which is not only knows for its styling but also for its speed.Credits to tutsplus and MyBloggerLab for creating such a great widget for blogger

Top 10 BLACK HAT SEO Techniques Blogger Must Avoid

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one the most prominent term when it comes to driving traffic to a blog or website. Mentioning brilliance in SEO is the ultimate dream of every blogger and webmaster in the other terminology (words) we can say that SEO gives life to our content. It consists of every thing from tiniest blog to gigantic websites every one loves Search Engine optimization. Google, the search engine giant always preferred those blogs which are not only dedicated towards their content but also doing efforts to improve their SEO. Those blogs are highly appreciated which are taking up While Hat SEO (correct search engine optimizing technique).But as we are aware of the reality that this world is not totally pure. It is the bitter truth that “Thorns and Roses grows on the same tree” 

In the same way some bloggers and webmasters are using Black Hat SEO techniques which do increase their traffic in quick succession but they are not aware of the fact that if they got caught this would destroy their blogging career. According to Google “Black hat tactics are unprincipled over violent marketing efforts where an organization tries to manipulate search engine results in an unjustified way”.

Do you still believe that receiving fame is one day game absolutely no it is the men’s dedication which makes him stand out performer. For the time being Black Hat SEO would surly increase you traffic but in future it will lead you to get banned by Google. So today we will disclose The Top 10 Black Hat SEO Techniques That Kills a Blogger.

What is Facebook App Center - First Social App Store

Yesterday, Facebook announced that they are creating app center a new place for peoples where they can find the social apps more easily in a convenient manger.

Fundamentally, the Facebook App center will resemble with app store where developers can grow up their apps, while people will be able to seek them easily. On May 9 Facebook Chief Software engineer said that “this new App center will provide developers an additional way to grow their apps, this will create opportunities for more types of apps to be successful”. He also mentioned that in approaching weeks people will be able to access App Center through web or on their Smartphone i.e. IOS and Android. All the web developers can easily get listed if they follow the correct guideline. So its moment that we developers must start practicing to make sure that our app are capable enough to be launch on App Center.

How To Check The Quality Of Your Backlinks

This Guest post is Written By Amal Murali of Active Nerds

The quality of the link which you create is more important than the number of links. A few links which are of good quality can benefit you much more than hundreds of links from directories and forums which are not relevant to your site.

Backlinks, also knows as Inbound links are the incoming links to a blog or website which is entirely based on linking technology. For Example a website link you to their site then it will be consider as a Backlink or Inbound link.

How can you know the quality of a link which you create? Here are three instruments which you can use to measure the quality of a link which you’re planning to create.

PayPal Coming Soon in Bangladesh - Year 2012

Finally after an enormous long struggle Bangladesh (Formerly East Pakistan) is ready to taste the true flavors of PayPal a relatable worldwide online payment solution. As Bangladeshi Tiger’s are prepared to welcome PayPal in their traditional style. According to our confirmed sources, PayPal will be released in Bangladesh this Sept 2012 which is the key news for all those countries who are still unable to acquire PayPal which includes Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and etc.

After some dedications from Bangladeshi bankers and investors, they showed interest in PayPal and hence visited the headquarters of PayPal in San Jose California USA and after a long meeting with PayPal officials Bangladeshi investors were able to convince PayPal officials to start their service in Bangladesh.

Still many Muslims countries are yet to taste the true colors of PayPal, but regrettably major country like Pakistan is still incapable to acquire PayPal. If we look at the financial system of both countries (Pakistan and Bangladesh) we will see a big difference as Pakistan is way in front from Bangladesh. But still we cannot underestimate Bangladesh as they have achieved glittering success in real short period of time.

RSS Feeds News Update Ticker For Blogger - Works Automatically

After the sensational success of Scrolling News Update Headline Tickerfor Blogger and due to the large number of requests we received from our loyal readers, we are so delighted to present you the fresh and enhanced version of headline ticker which is enhanced with RSS Feeds so we don’t need to update our ticker again and again, which means it will update automatically with the help of RSS Feeds. Getting our readers up to date is the most significant task for a blogger but due to stretched (tuff) schedule most of blogger are unable to notify their visitors with their latest Featured posts. This is the reason why we have coded a brand new Headline Ticker which will update automatically, so we can sit back and enjoy a cup of tea while our ticker updates on automation.

Steps To Become a Pro Web Developer - Career in Designing

This Guest Post Is Written By Jawed Of EarningHour

The qualifications for a bright carrier increases every year or you can say it hikes on a monthly basis. The main reason is the way our civilizations have been attaining improvement in various fields of science, technology, finance, politics, etc. But when it comes to a job in a web development company also this rule applies. You want to build up a successfully carrier in web development you need to be having the skills to keep up with the latest trends in web programming like the new programming interfaces. HTML5 is an example of such new and revamped language that can help you build a successful carrier in web development services.

When we are talking about carrier, we are not talking about just getting a good paying and comfortable job. A carrier should have the opportunity to grow and enrich both the knowledge and experience of the person and help him reach a more secure state of income and responsibilities. For this at first you need to secure a good job in any of the reputed web development company after you have earned the necessary skills to do so. This is the reason why today we will discuss How we can transform our career and become a Web developer to earn more money. 

Top 10 Effective Tips To Increase Blog Traffic with Google Penguin

In just few weeks Google Penguin Algorithm has become the longest running talks of Blogging community, almost every blogging group is chatting about the Penguins who have devastated their entire blogging career. According to the most recent surveys approximately 60% bloggers observe a major drop down in their traffic, at the same time 30% bloggers witnessed massive climb in their readers.

No doubt Google Penguin has ruined the majority of the blogs, but if we go in the dept we will notice the reasons which played the vital role in the devastation of these blogs and hence they saw a gigantic crash down in their viewership. However in such a short time Google Penguin Algorithm has shown some encouraging signs for those bloggers who are highly devoted towards the term blogging. Therefore its time that we should change our way of thinking, and instead of criticizing Google Penguin we should try our best to look at its advantages from broad point of view.

This is a crucial point for every blogger to look ahead, learns from his mistakes. It is the moment that we must motivate our self with determination and excellence so instead of criticizing Google Penguin we should abolish our self. And therefore today we will learn How We Can Make use of Google Penguin Update and Drive More Traffic to Our Blog/website.

How To Protect Your Post With Password in Blogger

Whenever we think about security the first words arrives in our mind is “Password Protection”. We are in 21st century the era of information technology, now days almost every thing has highest security i.e. online communities, files, documents and etc. Security plays vital role and have great significance when it comes to the personal matters and complex things. If the entire world is getting protected so why do we bloggers left behind.

An extremely powerful and useful script for blogger Blogspot blogs has been introduced by well known blog vincentcheung This script is capable of hiding what ever text you want in a form of encrypted code which can be uncovered if your users know the password to see the hidden text. Currently it is the most useful and secured method of protecting our post which I personally liked a lot. The hidden text is not easy to crack so it remains hidden from un-welcomed visitors. And according to the creator even he cannot decrypt (View) the hidden text except the person who knows the password. The whole systems works like a security lock which will only operate if we have the key to unlock so Today we will Password Protect our Bloggers Posts.

Top 10 Important Tips To Survive Google's Penguin Algorithm Update

It’s been an extreme month for webmasters and Bloggers! This month Google not only updated their controversial Panda but also released a new update to their webspam algorithm named Penguin Update. The main idea behind the Penguin algorithm is to provide exposure to those websites/blogs which are blessed with unique highly professional content, and are dedicated towards their blog/website. Although this Penguin update is still very much new this is the reason why it has affected 3% Of Searches queries.

There are tons of sites which are not appealing for the readers but to get highlighted in search they use strange tactics in the common words these strategies are known as “BLACK HAT SEO” which consist of over optimized keywords, hidden keywords, hidden description, bad text stuffing, cloaking and doorway pages. Although according to Google’s engineer Matt Cutts “Every one should be focusing on creating wonderful, convincing websites. We want to see people doing White Hat Search engine optimization (or even no search engine optimization) its time that bloggers and webmasters concentrate on their content and should not to worry about SEO”.

So it is vital that we concentrate on our content as according to Google “content is the king” while on the other hand we must discover methods which can save our blog/website from penguins. So today we will discuss the top 10 most crucial tips to survive Google’s penguin algorithm update

3 May 2012 Google PageRank Update Second Update of the Year

There are some earlier reports that Google Page Rank update is on its way, it’s too early to say its an official page rank update but still many newly established popular blogs like SEM ( have got a page rank of 2 from 0 which confirms that 3 may is the official date for the second page rank update of the year 2012. The first page rank update of this year was arrived on 6th February 2012 as Google update page ranks with the gap of 3 months. These page rank updates are very important for webmasters and bloggers as it indicates the quality of a website.

PageRank is a mathematical algorithm which is used by Google to calculation the popularity of a certain page. The calculation of a page depends upon numerous factors such as, Number of backlinks, number of outbound links, attention of audience and etc although Google doesn’t shares the lethal information about the process of PageRank algorithm but many unofficial sources confirms it is entirely based on quality. There are many articles all across the internet which cover the importance of Google PageRank but none of the talks is confirmed by Google Inc.

Important: If you don't saw any change in your Page Rank don't worry the Update is still under progress it will be updated soon.

What is Google Penguin Update The Latest Threat For Bloggers

Webmasters and Bloggers have not even recovered from destructive Google Panda Update as they are still busy in combating against it. But now we have to face yet another threat, Google is all set to release its new algorithm named “Google Penguin Update”. I don’t understand why Google always named these updates on animals as they are making use to like/dislike these lovely animals which are nearly unknown to us.

The reason behind this update is to decrease the ranking of those sites which are violating Google’s existing quality guidelines. There main focus is to penalize those website/blogs which are over optimization with tricky webspam tactics. The Latest Penguin Update may possibly the improved version of Google’s old Panda Update which is fine-tuned to target those who are violating quality content guidance. This effect can not only decrease our traffic but also has the tendency to damage our SERP ranking.

But those of us who are not using such old-fashioned, spammed strategies don’t have to feel any stress. This update is mainly designed to affect that website which has tiny or low quality content, and instead of building lethal backlinks are busy in abusing inbound linking guidance.

Scrolling News Update Headline Ticker For Blogger With Jquery Effect

A News Ticker is becoming the basic requirement of every blog. To make our blogging community more reliable it is essential that we keep our readers up to date and News Ticker is the best way of doing that. We can use the News Ticker to give frequent updates to our reader in just few clicks. We all have seen many news tickers in those blogs which are hosted by WordPress but Blogger is not knows for its plugins this is the reason why we use external source widgets in blogger. And today we will follow the same trend to add a Animated Scrolling JQuery News Ticker Widget in Blogger Blogspot Blogs.

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