Top 8 Hot Tips To Increase Blog's Google Page Rank

Most of the Bloggers always dreams of an ideal blog where they can share their brilliant thoughts to educate spectators. So In order to make their dream come true they use numberless different methods to attract audience by creating highly professional content, improving search engine optimization and all those efforts which are required to turn audience attention. And after following all correct strategies they comes to a conclusion that their hard work is not going in wastage, as they are starting to get positive response from readers.

But after few months they realize that they were so busy in building their content that they forgot to maintain their Google Page Rank, and now their blog is popular enough but still Page Rank is relatively low. As we all know PageRank has nothing to do with blog traffic or SEO but still many PRO Bloggers recommend high PageRank of around 4 or 5 out of 10. Calculation of PageRank is mostly based on number of high-quality backlinks fundamentally it represents the value of a website in the other word we can say that PageRank is the fruits of hard work. Therefore today we will cover How to Improve Our Google Page Rank. But before we get started with our tips it’s crucial that we learn more about the ethics of PageRank.

What is Google PageRank :

PageRank is a mathematical algorithm which is used by Google to calculation the popularity of a certain page. The calculation of a page depends upon numerous factors such as, Number of backlinks, number of outbound links, attention of audience and etc although Google doesn’t shares the lethal information about the process of PageRank algorithm but many unofficial sources confirms it is entirely based on quality. There are many articles all across the internet which cover the importance of Google PageRank but none of the talks is confirmed by Google Inc.

Guest Post – Best and Effective Way:

The most fastest and reliable way to increase our PageRank is to publish guest posts on other blogs. The blogosphere is full of millions of blogs associated with specific niche (category) which are offering guest posts. Our main aim is to discover most specific blog which not only relates our blog niche but also posse’s high page rank. And after we find the most desirable blog don’t hesitate, follow their rules and submit your guest post by keeping your fingers crossed. The main idea behind publishing a guest post is to get a high quality backlink, when some one publishes a guest post on blog they usually offers a dofolllow backlink to their blog and hence you receive a quality backlink.

Submit Your Site To DMOZ.ORG :

DMOZ is one of the most reputable open source website directories the main idea behind its success is its dedication towards high quality. They are so dedicated in terms of excellence that they relays on human reviewers which minimize computer errors this is the reason why only most professional websites are listed in DMOZ. And those blogs who gets listed in DMOZ automatically get listed in Google Directory and hence this increases our PageRank handsomely. If you don't know about DMOZ or if you want to submit your blog to DMOZ then check the following links.

Get Incoming Links (Backlinks) From High Quality Sites Relating Niche:

If you are thinking that by increasing backlinks your PageRank will be improved, then I am really sorry to say that you are getting it all wrong. Basically there are two types of backlinks, one is called dofolllow backlinks which indicates search engine bots that it’s necessary to check this link while the second one is nofollow backlinks which tells the Bot that this site is not recommended to be followed. This is the reason why we need to concentrate on our dofolllow backlinks as they play major role towards improving our PageRank and SEO.

Write Original Content – Stay Unique:

Content is the most crucial part of every blog, it’s the content which makes a blog unique from all other. Creating a quality content is one of the most difficult tasks for blogger but it is not impossible. If we create duplicate content then this will lower our quality in terms of professionalism and Google hate copiers so why they will give your blog high page rank. And according to Google “Content is the king” so our first priority should be our content.

Don’t Build Backlinks Like a BOT:

Every blogger thinks that backlinks are the most important part of a blog but if we look from a broad point we will come to this conclusion that creating thousands of backlinks could turn either way, and we might suffer from detention for spamming our site all over the internet. So we need to keep it simple by creating quality backlinks as according to Google “We look for quality not quantity”. And in fact, our page rank will be reduced if we link to those sites which have low or no quality.

Some Quick But useful Tips:

  • Write Enormous (Superb) Content: If you are creating superb content, then people would love to link to it specially high quality sites.
  • Asking your Readers to spread your voice: Loyal readers are the true fruits of hard work, so if you have faithful readers then you can ask then to multiply your voice by linking you in their blogs.
  • Use Correct SEO Techniques: Search engine optimization plays important role in increasing Google PageRank. So we should make sure that our blog is well optimized with SEO.
From Their Editors Desk:
Page Rank is the most important piece of a blog basically it represents how dedicated we are towards blogging. If you have low page rank then don’t worry it will not effect your SEO as Page Rank is solely based on number of backlinks. But I am certain that after applying these tips you will surly see your PageRank improving on next update.Till then Peace Blessings and Happy optimizing.  

The Editorial Team of MyBloggerLab consists of a group of Professional Blogger geeks Led by Syed Faizan Ali (Founder of MyBloggerLab).

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