Complete History Of Blogging - From Stone Age To Pro Blogger

Blogging is the most passionate term for a blogger and this is the reason why blogs have become essential branch of our online society. Blogs are turning out to be a major source of education. Practically everyone prefers to read blogs, either they are official blogs (From a Specific Brand) or any other blog associated with a specific niche i.e. Entertainment, Education, Blogging, Traditional, Tips and etc. This is the reason why everyone has at least one favorite blog. The word blogging is not an ancient term, which means Blogs have gained the sparkling attention in fairly short time. And it’s only past 10 to 15 years that blogs have taken off handsomely and have become a central part of our online community.

As currently we are in the 21st century the era known for information technology blogger are becoming central branch of learning so it is essential that we must learn who planted the tree of blogging and now what strategies are adopted to make this tree ever refreshing.

The Early Stage Of Blogging From 1990s to 1999:

The term blog was unrecognizable till 1990s, the history of blogging started with the digital forums. Before the term “blogging” became popular, forums were considered as an open source blogging.

1994 First Ever Blog Created:
The First ever web Blog was created by Justin Hall in 1994, who was the student of Swarthmore College. For sure, at that time it was not named as blog. As he just referred it as his personal homepage (Biography)

1997 Invention of the Term “Weblog”:
 In 1997 the term weblog came into being. It was introduced by Jorn Barger, who himself was a blogger. The term weblog was created to reflect a "log" of the web (A Personal Diary of an author where he shares his personal experience with others)

1999 Word “Blog” Came into existence:
In 1999 an intelligent programmer Peter Merholz created an ingenious word “BLOG”. Being a thoughtful guy, he just renamed “Weblog” to “Blog” which was later accepted as the word of the year by Merriam-Webster

August 1999 Finally Came Into Being:
On August 23, 1999, the first ever blogging platform was introduced by Pyra Labs it was the earliest and most enthusiastic blogging tool for publishers. In February 2003, acquired from Pyra Labs and hence one after another a never ending wave of achievement started for And till now is one of most prominent and reliable platform for bloggers which allowed them to send their voice to the entire world.

2000 To 2003 The Time Which Changed The Way of Blogging:

Google Rolled out AdWords – 2000
In late 2000, Google introduced a pay per click service. AdWords is a program which allowed advertisers to select the most appropriate blog where they can put their advertisement. And currently it is the leading and most reliable advertising program which is vastly recommended by 80% advertisers.

Google Adsense Came Into Existence - 2003:
In June 18, 2003 Adsense was introduced by it was the most dedicated advertising program which allowed users to advertise on their blog so that they can earn some revenue from their blog. People of that time did not accepted Adsense readily but as the time passed it became the basic need of almost every blogger. And now in 2012, having a Google Adsense account is a dream of every blogger in the other words we can say that it is another name of excellence.

WordPress – First Self Hosted Blog – 2003:
WordPress was launched on May 27, 2003, which became the second blogging portal and a free to use platform. Unlike it permitted user to run their own organization by allowing them to create their very own self hosted blogs. And currently in 2012, WordPress is the second most leading blogging platform which is hosting almost fifty millions blogs.

The Ultimate ERA of Blogging - 2004 to 2012:

FeedBurner Introduced - 2004:
FeedBurner came into existence in 2004, it is a web feeds management source which was founded by Dick Costolo an excellent student of University of Michigan, who later become the CEO of twitter 2010. But on June 3, 2007, FeedBurner was acquired by since then it has become the center of almost all blogging activates.

YouTube Launches Vlogging - 2006:
In 2006, YouTube was bought by Google for $1.65 billion and since then Youtube have never look back it is the only video steaming website which is among the top ten website of the world. It is only Video streaming website which provided an excellent chance for bloggers who want to earn heaps and heaps of money by doing Vlogging (Video Blogging).

Beginning of In-text Advertising – Infolinks – 2007:
In-text advertising is a type of appropriate advertising where particular keywords are targeted in text of a web-page and advertisement are shown in a form of text. Infolinks was the first in-text advertising program which was introduced in 2007 and still it is the top most in-text advertising platform.

The Modern World of Blogging – 2012:
As the time passes the things are becoming more difficult to handle with back to back Google Penguin and Panda Algorithm update it is getting really complicated to survive. But those bloggers who are following the correct strategy by creating gorgeous and unique content are living luxurious  life as blogging has provided boost to their income to a great extent. Piracy is another bitter truth of modern world of blogging, according to the latest surveys almost 70% blogs are pirated (coping others hard work). Still DMCA is trying its best to stop piracy and it is successful in greater many cases.

But if we look from broad point of view we will come across this truth that Blogging has provided great chances of learning. But it totally depends on us how we use it, if we use it purposefully we will surely become a PRO blogger but if we take it as granted then we are hurting our self. So stay motivated, be unique and create glittering content till then Peace Blessing and Happy Blogging

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