7 Killer Tips To Design a Perfect Logo For Your Blog

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Logo stands for (logic oriented graphic oriented) which is known as symbol of identity. It’s Logo which allows our visitors to recognize our blog. If we dig in, we will come across this conclusion that Logo is becoming essential need for all blogs. Almost all well-known organization possesses their own Logo (mark of identity) which represents their product completely i.e. Google, Coke, etc. Crafting a professionally designed logo seems to be a gigantic task, but fundamentally it is not that much difficult at all. Designing a logo is incredibly simple it requires accurate step by step guidance to create a perfect logo. So this is the motive why we thought to start a series about Logo Designing. This series will not only cover logo designing, we will also reveal our cartoon character secretes. But first today we will be discussing the basics of logo designing. 

Following are the list of topics which we will discuss in this New Series:   

Designing Blog Logo (SERIES)

Highlight#1: 7 Killer Tips To Design a Professional Looking Logo For Your Blog
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Why we need a unique Logo:

As we have mentioned above, logo represents the personality of our blog, though which our visitors resemble our blog, which makes us dissimilar from other blogs. By crafting a matchless logo, we are one step forward towards creating our own identity in blogosphere. If we will observe some popular logos i.e. Google we will come to this conclusion, success comes by time. If we look at the first ever logo created by Google, we would not feel any sort of attraction towards it. But as the time passes and technology made glittering progress creating a professionalize logo become lot easier.

What are the Requirements to Craft a Perfect Logo?

Designing a logo requires pure concentration one mistake and we have to start off all again. So it’s vital that before we start creating our logos we need to gain knowledge of almost every thing to craft our logo perfectly.

Learning Photoshop CS2 (Basics): Photoshop is the name of modernized image editing software. It was the time when we use MS Paint to edit our photos and images. But when Photoshop came into being, it enormously enhanced designers as it allowed them to design freely with lot of new features. So it’s significant that we first turn into a skilled Photoshop designer to craft our logo more convincingly. Learning Photoshop is not difficult at all within few weeks you can master it without facing any problems.

Things Which are Needed to Craft a Professional Looking Logo:

Following are the tips which will lead you to design your logo with full command

Tip#1: Using Blogs Initials in Logo:

Every one tries his best to craft his logo as unique as he can. So to produce a stunning logo we must promote hard work and determination. However, without motivation we cannot achieve anything. To design a well crafted logo we can facilitate it from initials of our blog name. For example, let us consider MyBloggerLab it consists of three words i.e. My, Blogger and Lab. So in this case we can use MBL in our logo as initials.

Adding Slogan Of your Blog:

 Slogan is defined as short-term description used to define a blog. Every blog possesses some sort of individuality, which makes it better then other blogs. Each blog should have its own slogan, which should not go beyond 5 to 7 words. Whenever it comes to Logo designing, a high-quality slogan is a must to draw more visitors. For example, when some one visits your blog, and sees an unappealing slogan, he will not bother to visit again. So it’s crucial that you should not only give importance to your logo, but also to your slogan.

Tip#3:Using Correct Color Scheme:

 Colors bring existence to an image in other vocabulary we can say that, without colors an image come out to be very much boring and unappealing. To Design a tremendous looking logo we should pick accurate color scheme. We must keep our color scheme balanced so that it did not appear over designed.

Using Best Combination of Fonts:

Since our goal is to design a perfect logo, so we need perfect looking fonts. The world of internet is full of millions of fonts which are releasing on daily basis. Its simple enough just look for an ideal text font and identify which is perfect and which is not. We must look for those fonts which have better alphabetical structure and which is easily readable. And as soon as we discover the perfect combination of fonts we are one step forward to design our logo.  

Tip#5:Our Logo Must Relate Our Blog:

We should give importance to designing a logo which relates our blog. If we work illogically and crafted a design which is totally different from our blog niche, then we are wasting our precious time without achieving anything. So it’s vital to select a specific logo theme which relates our blog.

Tip#6:Specific Logo Theme:

We need to maintain our theme as straightforward as we can since a visitor is always devoted to promote simplicity. We don’t want them to think our logo is over optimized with extra ordinary designing. So we came across this conclusion that the simple we design the better it gets.

Tip#7:Inserting Related Image in Logo:

As we all know an image speaks better then text, in the same way images bring more colors to our logo. However, selecting an unrelated image will spoil every thing. For example, if we are creating a logo related to apple and we inserted image of mango then it will appear to be very childish. So we must remember to include only those images in our logo which relates our blog.

From The Editor's Desk:
So, guys these were the most significant tips to craft your blog logo perfectly. I think it will remove all misconception behind logo designing. I Hope you have enjoyed the treat of tips. In coming up post of this series we will cover how to design a log with Photoshop. If you have any problem regarding any thing feel free to ask till then, Peace Blessings and happy logo designing. 


The Editorial Team of MyBloggerLab consists of a group of Professional Blogger geeks Led by Syed Faizan Ali (Founder of MyBloggerLab).

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