Top 10 Important Tips To Survive Google's Penguin Algorithm Update


It’s been an extreme month for webmasters and Bloggers! This month Google not only updated their controversial Panda but also released a new update to their webspam algorithm named Penguin Update. The main idea behind the Penguin algorithm is to provide exposure to those websites/blogs which are blessed with unique highly professional content, and are dedicated towards their blog/website. Although this Penguin update is still very much new this is the reason why it has affected 3% Of Searches queries.

There are tons of sites which are not appealing for the readers but to get highlighted in search they use strange tactics in the common words these strategies are known as “BLACK HAT SEO” which consist of over optimized keywords, hidden keywords, hidden description, bad text stuffing, cloaking and doorway pages. Although according to Google’s engineer Matt Cutts “Every one should be focusing on creating wonderful, convincing websites. We want to see people doing White Hat Search engine optimization (or even no search engine optimization) its time that bloggers and webmasters concentrate on their content and should not to worry about SEO”.

So it is vital that we concentrate on our content as according to Google “content is the king” while on the other hand we must discover methods which can save our blog/website from penguins. So today we will discuss the top 10 most crucial tips to survive Google’s penguin algorithm update

Tip# 1.Avoiding Hidden Text and Links:

Hidden texts are those texts which are un-viewable by a common user (Human) as those hidden texts and links are optimized in such a way that Google’s Crawling bots can fetch them easily in Search engine

In the same way some users use Black Hat SEO by making their text color exactly matched with the background color of the website, and hence Google will remove your site from their index. To keep your self on the right side don’t practice the following.
  • Using same text and background color
  • Hiding text behind an image
  • Using scripts to hide text
  • Selecting 0 font size
  • Using CSS to hide links

Tip# 2.Don’t Use Automating software:

Don’t use any software which sends automatic queries to Google if you do so then it will be considered as a spam. There are many tools available on the internet which allows users to check on which spot their page is ranked. This Google penguin algorithm would get rid of all those blogs which are using such tactics to boost their ranking so its time we concentrate on our content to increase our on page SEO.

Tip# 3.Creating Quality Content:

Content is the most important part of a blog and according to Google “Content is the king” it is consider as the main weapon of blogging which generates heaps and heaps of traffic. But to attract audience we can’t compromise on the quality so instead of wasting our time in commenting we should concentrate on creating amazing and unique content. According to the latest stats there are millions of blogs which are copying others hard work this is the reason why Google has implemented an update to their algorithm to eliminate duplicate content.

Tip# 4.Increase quality linking – Publish Guest Posts:

Backlinks are the most essential part of Search engine optimization about 80% of SEO depends upon backlinks but most of users are using wrong methods of creating backlinks this is the reason why they are badly targeted by Penguin update. The best and the most reliable way to create quality backlinks is to submit a guest post on a popular blog which are related to your niche. This will not only bring page rank juice but also increase our targeted traffic

Tip# 5. Avoid Link Exchanging:

Link Exchanging was one of the most popular techniques in its early days but now it is considered as a Bad SEO tactics. The entire function was based on “You link me and I will link you” this was the reason why this technique was captured by Google algorithm. Link exchanging has no naturalism and linking building should be as natural as possible. Exchanging links will not harm us, but it will also don’t help us. Still we can take advantage of link exchanging by using three way linking. Don’t link those websites which are linked to you, instead link them to other sites that you own.

Google’s Quality Content Guidance - Google Penguin Recovery Tips:

  • Tip# 6.Make sure that we create our primary pages for our readers (Visitors), and not for Search engines.
  • Tip# 7.Keep away from Black Hat SEO tactics basically it refers to those fake techniques which are adopted to rank well in SERP.
  •  Tip# 8.Don’t spend your money on Paid to list programs as it is against Google’s TOS.
  • Tip# 9.Don’t create pages with malicious behavior like Phishing, Virus, Trojans and malwares.
  • Tip# 10.Don’t create multiple domains or sub domains with same duplicated content.

What's Next:

These tips are entirely based on Google Webmaster blog as the penguin update is still pretty much new so it’s really difficult to identify what is the intent of this update? But looking at the previous algorithm updates we will get to the conclusion that Google mainly concentrates on Quality so we should try our best to build amazing, mouth watering content. While on the other hand we should stay away from bad SEO tactics as it is the seeds to destruction. What is your opinion about Penguin update? Do you saw any break down in your traffic? Till then peace, blessings and happy updating.

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May 4, 2012 at 4:45 AM

"Some most important points to consider after Google penguin update
Content should be unique and informative with less keyword density, you can use your targeted keyword but in most genuine way.
You can’t built too many links with same anchor text, use link diversity and built links naturally
Use media rich content to increase user experience

Editorial Team MOD
May 4, 2012 at 5:54 AM

@samual james
Yes Brother you are totally right. In coming days this Penguin Update will make a huge difference as it will only rank those websites which are highly professional and has good quality content. Its time that we motivate our self to build amazing and Quality content which not will not only help us to build traffic but also allow our visitors to make use of that information. Peace and Blessing Pal

May 4, 2012 at 7:24 AM

I’m a victim of Google Penguin. I’m just a beginner on blogging activity, and I was really surprised when I lose my visitor totally. I’m looking for a solution to end this punish and finally I found this great blog that really help me. Thanks

Editorial Team MOD
May 4, 2012 at 9:25 AM

@Geosya Digeosya
Thanks For Your Kind Words Pal, Don't Worry Keep Your Self Motivated And I am Sure on Next Update Your Blog Will Fly High. Soon We Will Share More Tips Which Will Eliminate Penguin Update Effect. Peace And Blessings Pal

May 7, 2012 at 7:12 AM

I am a victim of the freakin penguin too and its costing me thousands per week. Check for yourself. and Now I could and should be very angry that google treats its users and webmasters so coldly, but I am not angry. I say, this is just a means to making a better internet. This will clear up all the junk and unworthy search results in google but it will also open up valuable keywords that were previously unavailable to us all. its like a new beginning and its first in best dressed as to who can overcome.
I don't know where to start as to making that new beginning but your post has helped. My only complaint is that google cant get it right! They are penalizing those who have been careful to only follow their terms and conditions and only practice white hat SEO (just like myself... see where I am coming from yet?). But still I was ranking #1 for multiple keywords and almost 90% plus was from actual natural links that people around the globe built (Ie; without my help or any form of payment). Yet what do I get for doing everything in the right way?? A massive 'bitch slap' from the "Big G". I mean seriously I really wonder how much of Matt Cutts Wage that my Adsense campaign's have payed for him over the years. cheers for listening. that's my rant for the day! But in all seriousness what can any of us do but cop it on the chin and start over from scratch. Here's hoping for a better search engine. AMEN brothers and good luck.

Editorial Team MOD
May 7, 2012 at 9:38 AM

Yes Brother Google Penguin Update is Costing almost 60% Publishers as it is hitting them Really Badly, while 30% Publishers has the same traffic and 10% Publishers Saw a Huge flyer in their Traffic.It Totally depends how we apply our mind in our blog. But Still As We all know we can do any thing instead of improving our self, Looking for the mistakes which we committed and try our best to over come all those problems.

Google Has more Then 70 Percent Share in the Market so We have to Follow the Rules which Google is implementing on their Algorithm. We cannot complain any one as we should improve and Motivated Our Self To Fight And Create Quality Content as According To Google Content is the King. These Penguins And Pandas are Nothing if we Believe in our Self and Try our Best to Beat them. Thanks Pal For writing Such a Glorious Comment which will not only Help Us but all those visitors who have the same question. Peace Buddy

May 11, 2012 at 7:55 AM

Not sure I agree with #2. Most rank checkers just plug the keywords into a google search, get the top 10, 50 or 100 results, then scan those for your site. They then log this information.

Many of then run off site, from another server. At no point do they identify to Google which site you are looking for.

Your other tips are spot on - we need to look at high quality on-site and offsite content.

Also, most run not too often - the biggest two run once per week per keyword. Even a run once per day per keyword would be a tiny tiny percentage of the searches for almost all keywords of any significance .

Editorial Team MOD
May 11, 2012 at 11:04 AM

Yes, Brother These Updates are for our Good. These Updates realize us how we are going in our Blogging Career.

The Only Problem with Bloggers is that they never think that they are committing mistakes and it cause them later when they got hit by penguins and pandas.

We only need to create good and high quality content and if we did as mentioned then we will receive fruits of Traffic

Thanks Pal For Sharing Your Views and Liking the Tips, Peace Buddy.

May 14, 2012 at 5:03 AM

I believe PPC Affiliate Marketers will suffer the most from this!

May 14, 2012 at 5:06 AM

I guess this is just an adjustment process. People need to adjust their marketing tactics to obtain better ROI's. I think this will be done through the rest of our IM careers.

Editorial Team MOD
May 14, 2012 at 6:15 AM

Yes, you Are Totally right and Already Google Is Banning Those Blog's Adsense Account Which Are Suffering From Penguins. Peace buddy

Yes Brother very well said, This is the the time we correct our self. look what we did wrong and adjust our mistakes to rule the world of internet. Peace Pal

"Stay Motivated" "Post Good" "Create Unique Content" And Penguin and Panda will Remain Cute to you and your Blog

January 25, 2013 at 8:16 AM

Tip 4 is probably one of the best advices to avoid an algorithm penalty these days; even long island marketing bosses advice their social media specialists to go guest posting for a brand (or sometimes for the marketing firm itself).

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