Top 10 Effective Tips To Increase Blog Traffic with Google Penguin

In just few weeks Google Penguin Algorithm has become the longest running talks of Blogging community, almost every blogging group is chatting about the Penguins who have devastated their entire blogging career. According to the most recent surveys approximately 60% bloggers observe a major drop down in their traffic, at the same time 30% bloggers witnessed massive climb in their readers.

No doubt Google Penguin has ruined the majority of the blogs, but if we go in the dept we will notice the reasons which played the vital role in the devastation of these blogs and hence they saw a gigantic crash down in their viewership. However in such a short time Google Penguin Algorithm has shown some encouraging signs for those bloggers who are highly devoted towards the term blogging. Therefore its time that we should change our way of thinking, and instead of criticizing Google Penguin we should try our best to look at its advantages from broad point of view.

This is a crucial point for every blogger to look ahead, learns from his mistakes. It is the moment that we must motivate our self with determination and excellence so instead of criticizing Google Penguin we should abolish our self. And therefore today we will learn How We Can Make use of Google Penguin Update and Drive More Traffic to Our Blog/website.

Tip# 1. Don’t Do FAKE SEO:

No doubt Search Engine optimization is the most important way to get notice in Search engines but nearly the majority of users are using wrong SEO techniques known as (Black Hat SEO) this is the reason why penguin gets angry and hence penalizes them. According to Google Engineer Matt Cutts “We want Publisher to do While Hat SEO or even no Search engine optimization its time that bloggers concentrate on their content”. If you are still thinking by commenting on different blogs you can increase your backlinks then you are getting it all wrong, after penguin update Google is monitoring each and every thing if they found you spamming URLS then they will punish you. So it’s better to concentrate on your Content and wait for next Penguin Update.

Tip# 2. Work on Quality – Build Content:

According to Google “Content is the King” so we must focus on creating high quality. By creating high quality content we are not only providing value based information to our loyal readers but also realizing Google why we are important. The main aim of penguin algorithm is to make the world of internet unpolluted from content copiers, and by creating highly professional content we are allowing Google to obtain victory in their mission therefore Google will not penalize you instead they will boost your SERP ranking.

Tip# 3. Be Unique and Stay Special:

No matter what happens, uniqueness is the most essential weapon to dig up our site in search engines its time that we identify our limitations and tries our best to over come them. Google always loves and admire those sites which always produce excellent content so to make Google astonished we have to motivate our self to construct wonderful, special and unique content. Google Penguin’s main intend is to motivate bloggers so we can alter our talent into special words.

Tip# 4. Avoid Duplicating:

Duplicating is one of the worst habits of a blogger, he thinks by duplicating content he is making every one fool but he is not realizing that he is hurting himself. And after Penguin Update it is almost impossible to get traffic by duplicating because Google has highly professional machineries which operates on automation and notes moves of each and every second. If we avoid duplicate guaranty on next Penguin update almost 30% of our blogs traffic will be increased.

Tip# 5. Avoid Link Exchanging – Killing SEO:

Link Exchanging was one of the most fruitful techniques to get backlinks from entire website, this whole process works like “I Link You While You Link Me”. It was considered as the finest way to creating lethal backlinks but now Google has adopted latest technology which degrades those websites which are promoting link exchange. But if you are depending heavily on Link Exchange then you must adopt three way link exchanging don’t link those website which linked you, instead link them to your other website.

Tip# 6. Create Content For Your Audience – Not For Search Engines:

As we mentioned previously, content is the key to build traffic but most of the bloggers are not making use of this opportunity they keep on publishing posts which are over stuffed with keywords i.e. Keyword, Keyword1, Keyword2 and etc. So it‘s time that we dedicate our posts to our audience and discontinue using multiple keywords.

Tip# 7. Avoid Spam Commenting:

Comment spamming is the oldest trendy way of building insignificant backlinks. While most of users only publish comments on different blogs for sake of getting backlinks but after penguin update those blog will be penalize (Punish) which are spammed on entire internet. So its time that we concentrate on producing glorious content to increase our traffic from next penguin update.

Tip# 8. Get Page Rank Juice With Guest Posts:

Guest posts are one of the biggest weapons of a Blogger to build lethal Backlinks and to increase your website traffic. All you have to do is to find a high page ranked websites and if the website allows guest post you can test your skills of Blogging and could apply for guest post but you must look and discover those websites which are related to your niche. This will bring page rank juice to your blog and hence Google Penguin will remain cute to you.

  • Tip# 9. Don’t spend your money on Paid to list programs as it is against Google’s TOS
  • Tip# 10. Don’t create pages with malicious behavior like Phishing, Virus, Trojans and malwares.
What’s Next:
Currently every ones is targeting Google penguin update really badly this is the reason why I thought to roll out some of its positive impact towards blogger career. These penguin or panda algorithm updates will make us more successful bloggers. I can understand why peoples are criticizing Google as they are forcing us to blog quality content, which is beneficial for us. So I hope you these tips will make you a little bit stress free, only if you apply them. Till then Peace, Blessings and happy updating

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May 9, 2012 at 6:54 AM

yEah we should try to make our weakness our Power ...

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May 9, 2012 at 9:19 AM

Yes Brother Instead Of Criticizing its time We Make it Our Strength. Thanks Pal, Peace

June 24, 2012 at 11:05 PM

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July 8, 2012 at 2:24 AM

Nice and informative article. Thanks for sharing this tips with us.

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August 2, 2012 at 7:50 PM

It’s actually good news that Google has become stricter now! People will have more reasons to do SEO in a good way – white hat techniques, they say. ;)

Adeline Lee

September 23, 2012 at 1:12 AM

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Thank you so much for this tutorial...
It's very helpful for me because my site traffic has been gone down since few weeks ago.

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