How to Create Short URLs For Your Blog Using Google Shortener

With the rise in the social media, we are continuously seeing people are giving more significance to branding. The branding starts from the Facebook Cover, personalized twitter background, but that’s not all. While sharing anything on their social profile most of the top companies always prefer small URLs instead of Long Tail URLs. For example, BuySellads uses “”. If your site is hosted at, then we have good news for you. To get a slim small URL for your content, there is no need to rely on a Third-party URL shorting services. Fortunately, Google provides a Free-to-use URL shorting service that does the job quite brilliantly. Therefore, today in this article, we will Show How to Create Short URLs for your Blog Posts?

Feedburner Suddenly Not Showing the Email Subscribers

Feedburner is almost at the verge of getting discontinued as it keeps on pounding its users with some loopholes in its functionalities. Recently, it a bunch of webmasters started a conversation over Google Forum discussing that Feedburner is not showing the Email Subscribers correctly. In fact, the whole list of Email Subscribers is almost wiped out from each and every Feed that is hosted at Feedburner. These kinds of problems are not new for a Feedburner user because, in the past they have not shown a decent record while maintaining their services.

How to Generate URL of Your Post Before Publishing in Blogger

Determining the URL of your posts before publishing them to your site is not a challenging task anymore. Fortunately, blogger provides a built-in functionality to determine what would be the URL (Universal Resource Locator) of your posts once they are published to your blog. Generating a URL of your upcoming articles may help you in socializing your content. You can schedule your tweets on Twitter, Facebook and other leading social networking platforms. Therefore, today in this article, we will show you How to Generate a URL of Your Post before publishing it in Blogger?

What Are the Limitations of a Account

Most of the people always prefer to choose to give a healthy start to their blogging career. The fact is quite clear that first it is free-to-use (no need to spend a single penny over purchasing domain or hosting) and second it is easy to use. The only price that you may pay for choosing this FREE platform is that, it has lots of limitations. Unfortunately, has lots of limitations which we will be discussing in today’s article (What are the limitations of Blogger Account).

How to Insert AdSense Ads Between Your All Posts in Blogger

Inserting AdSense between your Posts is certainly a boring and time consuming job for a hyperactive blogger. Though, you can easily insert AdSense coding within the post’s content but what would happen if in case your AdSense account gets ban or hijacked? It would be a frustrating job to edit your all 2000+ articles with new Ad coding. For that reason, we have developed a jQuery plugin which would offer a much quicker and flexible way to insert Ads units or any other Private advertisement into your all blog post.  Therefore, today in this article, we will show you how to add AdSense Ads between Your All Posts in Blogger?

How To Embed SoundCloud Tracks in Your Blogger Posts

Perhaps SoundCloud is the most trilling Social platform for music lovers. Social platform in a sense that it allows you to create and share sounds and music clips privately with your friends or publishing to your blogs, websites and social networks. Recording an audio clip or directly uploading a music file to SoundCloud is fairly stress-free and takes few moments to complete. So, those who are anxiously looking for a method to Embed SoundCloud in their Blogger site can sit back and enjoy this tutorial because Today in this article we will learn how to Embed SoundCloud Music Files in Blogger.

Does Google Panda #25 Algorithm Update is Coming Today?

There are some early reports that Google Panda Update #25 is under progress. An ongoing thread at WebmasterWorld has some bunch of webmasters who are witnessing a sudden increase in Google Bot’s crawling activity. On the other hand, some chatter is also complaining about some early fluctuation in the Search engine ranking.

About 30 days back we witnessed the Previous Google Panda update #24. There are some possibilities, and we are assuming that Google Panda update might take place either today or tomorrow. They roll out changes in Algorithm every month, so the timing is pretty much perfect for a new update. 

How To Embed SlideShare PowerPoint Presentation in Blogger

To give your content a sufficient touch people creates PowerPoint presentations to provide some extra information to their readers. You usually upload your PowerPoint presentations to SlideShare, and want to embed them onto your website? That is quite straightforward – just grab an embed code from and paste it anywhere in your website, but How to do that? If you are also looking for a method to Embed presentation onto your Blogger Enable website then, today in this article, we will show you How to Embed SlideShare PowerPoint Presentation in Blogger.

Recover Your Posts? How to Restore a Deleted Post in Blogger

Recovering your deleted posts or pages from Blogger may appear to be a challenging task. Since, all the data is under Google’s ownership. Therefore, it’s difficult to recover your database through Hosting or any other service. Furthermore, Blogger do not have any recovering functionality it only allows to backup your Posts and Comments. Fortunately, there is a method through which you can easily get back your all deleted posts and pages in seconds. Today, in this article we will show you how to recover Your All posts or Pages in Blogger.

How to Enable a Responsive Mobile Template in Blogger

By default when someone visits your Blogger site through Smartphones or tablets it automatically displays the full desktop version of your website, instead of showing the mobile responsive template. The full desktop version is not designed for portable devices like smartphones, iPad and tablets so they eat more memory, and hence not only reduce the speed of your site but also interrupts user-friendly experience.  Fortunately, Blogger offers some free-to-use built-in mobile responsive templates that do the job quite brilliantly. Therefore, today in this article, we will show you How to Enable Mobile Template in Blogger.

Forgot Password? How to Recover a Lost Password in Blogger

Forgetting a password of any service has always been a matter of concern for everyone. Even the most tech savvy guys forget their passwords. Being a blogger, you have to remember lots of passwords of different services i.e. Feedburner, Facebook, Twitter, and etc. Therefore, it gets enormously difficult to remember all of them. Some people prefer to write their passwords on notebooks, but if it got misplaced then all of your confidential data would be exposed. Therefore, today in this article we will show you How to recover a Lost Password in Blogger.

Google Rich Snippet Tool Showing Error "Service is currently unavailable"

While testing your site in Google’s Rich Snippet Tool, are you facing any weird errors like, “We are sorry. The service you requested is currently unavailable. Please try again later”? The website which was working perfectly few hours ago, why it has suddenly stopped working in Rich Snippet Tools? All these questions may come into your mind when you would test your site with Google’s new Structured Data Testing Tool. It is not necessary that each and every one would witness this error, but quite a few Bloggers are observing this bug. 

How to Backup Your Blogger Posts and Comments Manually

Being a blogger user, there is no assurance that your blog is safe from removal, that’s the price of using the platform for free. Since, your site is hosted at Google servers. Therefore, if your site does not comply with their Terms and services they will delete your site without even giving a second chance.  You may have heard from many co-Blogger users that their websites are getting vanished overnight. As a Google blogger, there is no way of retrieving your deleted blog. The only thing you can do to protect yourself is to take a backup of your site. In this Article, we will show you how to take backup your Blogger Blog.

How to Publish Posts to Blogger Remotely through Emails

Does anyone ever think of publishing posts to their Blogger blog remotely through Emails? Commonly people are so busy with their tough schedules that, they do not have any moment to login to their Blogger account to publish a new article on the site. By publishing posts through Emails you can communicate with your readers on the go. This means that you don’t need to sign in to your Blogger admin dashboard to update your blog at all. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to publish Posts to Blogger Remotely through Emails.

What is the Difference Between Blog Posts vs. Pages in Blogger

Every now and then blogger users get confused between posts and pages. These two types of content i.e. posts and pages comes with blogger by default.  Being a beginner, users always wonder when to use post and when to consume pages because these two options are pretty much identical to each other. It appears to have a similar sort of dashboard. It looks the same on the website. Why I need to use both of them what is the difference between Posts and Pages? When should I use Posts? When should I use pages? In this article, we will compulsively explain the difference between posts vs. pages in blogger

How to Install Google Analytics in Blogger with Tracking ID

Keeping track of the site statistics is probably the most underestimated secrete of a successful blog. The ideal way to know and reach your audience is through your traffic statistics, and this much is provided by Google Analytics for Free. No one knows his audience best than himself, but Google Analytics allows us to collect even more information about a certain visitor in just few seconds.  In This article, we will comprehensively discuss why Google Analytics is crucial for Bloggers and in the end, would learn How to Install Google analytics.

How To Integrate DISQUS Comment System in Blogger Blog?

The infrastructure of Blogger commenting system is quite neat and sufficient for many, but what would happen if it is must for your commenters to connect to your website though some social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google in order to make a comment. For that, a webmaster have to install too many Plugins or what should I Say extra effort and hard work. 

Or why not give it a try to Disqus.

Disqus is a yet another commenting system which is flexible enough to support API integration including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Open URL, and users can even login through their personal Disqus account (where all our conversation is being recorded). Another thing which makes it better, than any other commenting system is its, robust functionalities.

All Home Page Links Missing From Google Webmaster Tools

On 5th February, numerous rumors and concerns were buzzing around in the blogosphere over the number of links being reported within the “Link to Your Site” section in Google webmaster tool. Some of the webmasters were claiming that they have seen 80% decreases in their number of backlinks within the “Link to Your Site” Section.

Most of the webmasters claimed that their all backlinks are right in their places, but were pretty much stressed out Why Google Webmaster tool is not displaying them. Bloggers did lots of discussions on various forums that including the Google Webmaster forum.

How To Decrease Bounce Rate Upto 17% in just two Months

This is a Guest Post by Mi Muba

How I improved bounce rate by 77% in 60 days

The higher bounce rate has always been a matter of grave concern for the struggling bloggers like me. They feel it quite disgusting if out of each 100 visitors of your blog 77 of them just exit after reading that post where they landed. It is also not confirm either they read the whole of the landed post, its first paragraph or just they cast a cursory look over it and go away. 

Different pro bloggers tell different sets of tips and tricks to improve the bounce rate. They advise to display reasonable number of related posts just after the contents of your each post. Some of them suggest showing five to seven posts with their continuation separately on Home page. Some others guys want you to offer an extensive list of latest and popular posts in the sidebar of your blog. They all are right but, by following them, we cannot improve the bounce rate beyond a certain level. Is it, so?

How to Stop Search Engines from Indexing Your Blogger Blog

While starting a new blog or website, we always desire to stop Search engines from crawling or indexing the content. The intention may appear to be a wrong one because, who would like to stop search engines from indexing their newly born site. Well, we do have some solid reason. When a website is new, it has lots of creepy errors that kill the beauty of a site. As we all say, First impression of a person is the last impression. Similarly, search engines do care about the structure, and how well the site is optimized not only for Search Engines but also for the human users. Keeping that in mind, it’s necessary to hide your websites from the Search engines until it gets ready for release.

Parse HTML for Blogger XML Templates

MyBloggerLab HTML Parser was created so that Blogger/BlogSpot users can easily insert Google AdSense code in their Template without facing any Errors. However, this parser is not limited to Google AdSense because anyone can parse any kind of HTML or JavaScript coding. Furthermore, many users desire to add HTML Coding in Blogger comment form, but they always face weird errors like “Your HTML cannot be accepted” but this tool would allow a person to add a large chunk of HTML coding with ease.

4th February 2013 Google Toolbar PageRank Update

After the back-to-back Panda Algorithm updates, it’s time to dance on the floor because Google has just rolled out an update to their PageRank Algorithm. Yeah, all those bloggers who were anxiously waiting to see a massive change in their Page Ranks can shout out loud with joy and pleasure. Though, we did not get any confirmation from Google Team, but lots of webmasters are seeing changes in their Page Ranks so we can confirm that the first Page Rank update of the year has arrived. 

How to Add Google+ Traffic Pop in Blogger and Increase +1s

Google+ (sometimes written as Google Plus) is among the finest emerging Social Networking website of the year 2012 while Pinterest ends up being second. Google+ has more than 500 million users, which motivates a blogger to add a Small Google +1 button on his website. Whenever a visitor hits a +1 button, they are helping you to socialize your content, by distributing your content with their friends and family. However, sometimes users admire your content, but when it comes to sharing the content on the social web they fancy their chances and thus, ends up in not sharing. The great alternative of forcing your visitors to +1 your content is to use Google+ Traffic POP that does the job uninterruptedly. Therefore, today in this article, we will Learn How to Add a Google+ Traffic POP in Blogger BlogSpot.

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