5 Tips on Getting Started on Your Yoga Blog

5 Tips on Getting Started on Your Yoga Blog
Blogging is a great way to connect with various people across the globe and to build a great relationship with your target audience, by creating high-quality content and writing about relevant topics. Blogging enables a person to reach out to many people and to promote themselves.

Additionally, if you have, or want to start, a yoga business, it's a great way to promote it and increase your exposure online. Blogging is a great way of developing a deeper relationship with your audience and to make them view you as an expert in the field. 

Since the world is now going through a pandemic, people are looking to get healthy online. It would be a great idea for you to start a yoga blog, in order to help people do that. To help you start your yoga blog, here are five tips to get started. 

Blog Name 

Creating a blog name is the first and perhaps the funnest part of getting started with your blog. You have to make sure that the blog name you come up with is going to be unique, but still catchy, so people can easily remember it. 

When you are brainstorming yoga blog names, make sure that the words you use are going to be relevant to both yoga as well as your target audience. Keeping it short and simple is always a good idea. Look for words related to yoga to help you, like asana, drishti, namaste, or others. Once you have decided on your blog name, you can start setting up your blog.

Yoga Quotes 

In the health/mindfulness business, inspiring quotes are essential. Your followers love to gobble up long lists of these. Quotes are a great way of providing your blog with its first content. Ofcourse, it’s not easy to come up with a list of yoga quotes right off the top of your head. If you own a number of yoga books, you might find some quotes in there that you can ‘borrow’, or maybe make variations on them. If all else fails, then there are numerous yoga quotes available online for eager bloggers, such as yourself, to draw inspiration from.

The reason why quotes are so alluring, is because you can make a list of them. Lists are always fun for your readers. People and lists are like cats and balls of twine. There’s no sense in asking why it works that way, because it just does. Quotes can also be truly beautiful and inspiring for your readers. And naturally you, as a yoga studio, will be thrilled to give your readers some of those feel-good chemicals when they are perusing your blog. The right quote at the right time, can definitely turn a follower into a customer.

Relevant Content

When coming up with good ideas for your yoga blog, try writing about topics that will teach your followers something useful, such as how to correctly take on yoga poses, for example. When you are teaching, it’ll make you look like an expert. Make sure that your content aligns with the theme of your blog, because your readers aren’t coming to your blog to read about other things, such as your personal issues, etc. Always choose topics that will help engage your viewers, solve their problems. Write casually so that they can easily relate. 

Personal Content

Don’t think that you can get away with nothing but text on a yoga blog. People who are interested in yoga, tend to also be interested in looking at zenlike imagery. They want to enjoy beauty. A text only yoga blog is going to be a dull experience. Always include relevant, high quality photos, videos, or infographics in your content. Make sure to use enough of them so that a reader will always have at least one piece of multimedia content in their browser’s viewport, when they are scrolling through your blog post. Only you could have picked those photos and put them in that article in that particular order. They will make your blog post more personal.

Additionally, always begin with an engaging introduction to capture your reader's attention and always end with a solid conclusion. Bringing your personality into your yoga blog allows your viewers to relate to you a little easier. Keep this up for long enough and you’re sure to gain some loyal readers, who will be excited to read your new posts.

If you want to take the personalisation of your blog even further, try sharing your experiences, insights, good foods you had, your morning routine, stories of how certain events impacted your life, music that helps you feel better when you’re feeling blue, etc.

Quality Over Quantity 

Don’t create super long blog posts just for the sake of creating super long blog posts. It’s much better to just focus on quality content, instead. Word counts be damned. Besides, long posts might even bore your audience. Not everybody has time to spend fifteen minutes of their day reading a single article. Shorter posts, that contain little fluff and are instead information-dense, might very well impress your readers a lot more.

It’s all about helping your readers feel better, or giving them actionable advice on how they themselves can make themselves feel better. In order to keep coming up with good, new yoga blog content, it’s probably best to keep learning about yoga and write a post on the new thing you’ve learned. Compile what you’ve learned in a concise post of around 750-1000 words and hit publish. Your readers will enjoy coming along on your yoga journey.

In Summary

Starting a yoga blog, to promote your yoga studio, perhaps, might seem intimidating at first. But I’m sure you will also feel that it’s a fantastic experience. It’s never going to be harder than it will be right at the start. But after a bit of dedication and consistent effort, it should be smooth sailing pretty quickly. It’s best to get started yesterday, rather than next month. Imagine the feeling of people reading your thoughts, liking them, engaging with them and sharing them with other people. It can be a real thrill. If that doesn’t motivate you to start your first yoga blog, nothing will!


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