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Attracting audience’s attention to our Blog is one of the most complex parts for a Blogger it absorbs lots of hard-work and determination.  However, there are some intelligent people who apply all efforts that they have and hence by following some brilliant ways rapidly they achieve success. Content is the most essential part of the Blog, and it is the foundation which leads a Blogger to the next level. Content is the only thing which plays the most significant role in magnetizing the audience attention. Content does brings traffic to our Blog but for a shorter period. In my judgment, success in Blogging means that an excellent content is combined with concrete promotion (minimum till you have captured enough audience /readers). So our Blog will only produce money for us if there is enough traffic. So it’s extremely crucial that we promote our Blog with effect strategies.

Promoting Your Blog Through Local Marketing Strategies:

1. Promotion through Clothes

You can craft a stunning T-shirt for your Blog and can assign your logo and web address (URL) to it. And when you will wear that T-shirt in public places people will distinguish, and would love to learn more about it. By applying the same philosophy of T-shirts, You can also promote your Blog by giving your Blog’s T-Shirts to your readers. This will promote your Blog automatically when ever someone will wear it.

2. Promotion through Teaching:

If you are a student then in your educating institute you can inform your friends about your Blog. To educate your friends about your gorgeous content, you can create an astonishing presentation about your Blog. In the end, if your friends are interested and want to learn more about you and your Blog then you can refer your Blog Link (URL) to them. This will act as the icing on the cake.

3. Promotion through Newspapers

If you are wealthier than this is a good option for you. To create huge hype about your Blog, you can write a stunning article about your Blog and can publish in the newspapers. Or if you want rapid results then placing an ad in the newspapers is worth considering.

4. Promotion through Vehicle

If you have an automobile, in that case you can use it as a source of free advertisement. You have seen numerous buses with trendy advertisement we will use the same strategy to promote our Blog. Just Print out an excellent wallpaper of your Blog and place it on your car. Now whenever, you will go anywhere people will fancy their brains. And at last they will reach your Blog to discover more about it.

5. Promotion through Flyers

Built flyers (Posters) for your Blog by writing about the niche of the Blog. If you are a student then you can place this on the notice board of your school, college, university or any institute. For more promising results, mail the flyers (Posters) in the houses or as convenient to you.

6. Promotion through Backpack:

Create an attractive Logo for your blog with the help of Photoshop then order a Backpack with resembles your logo. Now whenever you are traveling, just carry the same backpack every where. This will make other think about your Blog and hence they will end up when they land on your Blog.

7. Promotion through Radio or Television:

This could be rather expensive, but if you want to see most promising results on the higher scale then this is the perfect combination. Radios and televisions are highly viewed by every one, so if we get successful in creating a blooming advertisement about our Blog then we can attract tons of visitors without facing any problem.

Promoting Your Blog Through Internet Marketing Strategies

1. Promotion through YouTube

 Make interesting, funny or any type of video and in the credit give the URL of your Blog. Another way is to make a full informative video about your Blog, and publish it public on YouTube. Remember to create professionalized videos, this will create enormous impact and therefore, your subscribers will be increased. For more information see the following link.

2. Promotion through Comments:

 Search for those Websites or Blogs whose rankings are high and which relates your niche. After finding those Blogs, try to publish a comment on it with your Blog URL. And when people will read the comment they might follow your link. And therefore, it will increase your targeted traffic.

3. Promotion through Competition:

To make your community more flourishing run some competition, contest on the blog like some logo designing, best guest post or some other things you like to promote your Website/Blog. This will not only increase your traffic but also make your community a place where people can get something for themselves.

Some To The Point Internet Marketing Stratigies For Your Blog

  • Promotion through Email Signatures: Associate the URL of the Blog in the each email account you use, you can add a quote about your Blog or a funny comment that attract readers.
  • Promotion through Wikipedia: Write a page about your Blog in Wikipedia and add some interesting facts about your Blog, as it will attract lots of people.
  • Promotion through Groups (Yahoo, Google): Find a group related to your niche and include yourself in it. If there isn’t any group related to your blog than make a new group, as you are creating multiple ways for audience to reach your Blog.
  • Promotion through Yahoo Answer: Find question related to your niche and try to answer the questions as it will make people to visit your Blog.
  • Promotion through Free Services: Offer reviews, help in designing or any other help of new Blogger in free will increase their trust.
  • Promotion through Router: Name your router (SSID) to your Blog’s URL, one of the cheapest ways to attract your neighbors. He might be interested in viewing your Blog.
From The Editors Desk:
So, Guys we hope you have enjoyed the latest marketing strategies. These Techniques are totally unique while are from old school. I am certain you will love to implement these techniques, if you need any help feel free to ask. Till then peace, blessings and happy promoting.

The Editorial Team of MyBloggerLab consists of a group of Professional Blogger geeks Led by Syed Faizan Ali (Founder of MyBloggerLab).

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