A Guide for Pro Gamers: How to Improve Your Gaming Income

A Guide for Pro Gamers: How to Improve Your Gaming Income
In today’s digital climate, more and more people are finding ways to make money via the Internet. For many, this entails them reviewing their favorite video games or actively playing them in front of a Livestream audience. If you fall into this category, you will no doubt be eager to go full-time with your professional game-playing venture. But how do you earn enough money every month to take this massive leap of faith in your career? Read on, and you may just find the answer to that question in the article below…   

Whether you are looking to supplement your current wage packet, follow a new career trajectory, or embark on an entrepreneurial endeavor, the following business ventures and job roles will allow you to maximize your money-making potential as a gamer.   Here are four things you can do to improve your gaming income:     

Invest in quality Livestream equipment   

If you already dabble in the game-streaming sector and wish to take this venture to the next level, you should seriously consider investing in quality Livestream equipment. With the right tools at your disposal in this instance, you will have the capacity to produce a clearer, crisper, and quicker streaming service. This will result in you improving both the form and function of your streams, which will help you appeal to a far bigger and much more diverse audience base. Ultimately, this will be sure to have a profound positive effect on your lead generation rate and, crucially, your profit turnover.   

Are you serious about rubbing shoulders with famous game-streamers such as Ninja and KSI? If so, it is highly recommended that you invest in the following cutting-edge equipment:  
  1. Microphone
  2. Pop filter
  3. Mic stand and/or boom arm
  4. High definition webcam
  5. Headset
  6. Stream deck
  7. Voice mixer
  8. Capture card
  9. HDMI display adapter converter
  10. Proficient background lighting

Host a gaming podcast   

Rest assured; you do not necessarily need to be on camera to make money in the gaming industry. Thanks to the rise in popularity of podcast media in recent times, you now have the capacity to showcase your gaming expertise without having to show your face.   

Hosting a gaming podcast is the perfect venture for you if you have a lot to say about the gaming industry. With this type of platform at your disposal, you will have the capacity to share your thoughts, views, and opinions regarding the latest game releases.   For advice and guidance on how to start a successful gaming podcast, be sure to click here.     

Become a gaming engineer   

Would you rather steer clear of video and audio media altogether? Fear not, as there are plenty of behind-the-scenes roles in the gaming sector for you to try your hand at. You could, for example, become a gaming engineer. In this role, you will be tasked with designing, developing, and delivering high-quality gaming systems on a day-to-day basis.   

Does this sound like the perfect vocation for you? If so, going to university and receiving a formal education in computer science is highly recommended. Once enrolled in a software engineering course, you will be taught how to effectively solve a whole host of game design problems. As an added bonus, you will learn how to manipulate distributed systems, a skill that will stand you in good stead in your attempt to produce diverse, varied, intuitive, and engaging gaming systems.   

Rest assured, enrolling in an educational program need not disrupt your day-to-day life as a working professional. Thanks to the rise of remote learning, you can enroll in an online masters in software engineering. You will be afforded complete control over how, when, and where you study in this program. In addition, your tutorage will take place solely via the web, which means that you will not have to concern yourself with attending physical lectures three or more times a week. Ultimately, this will allow you to devote an equal amount of time to your career as you do to your studies.       

Try your hand at game-related journalism   

Are you a keen writer with a wealth of gaming knowledge? If so, you should consider trying your hand at game-related journalism. Whenever avid gamers are not glued to their video game consoles, more often than not, they are reading articles relating to their favorite games… and you can be the one to saturate their desire for written media by climbing the journalistic career ladder.   

Getting a job in the gaming press is not easy. No matter how much experience you have in this sector, you will have to overcome a number of hurdles in order to earn a regular and reliable pay packet from this venture.   In your quest to get noticed by the gaming press, try putting the following advice into practice:  
  1. Offer your services on a volunteer basis or take part in an internship program
  2. Consistently produce valuable content via your personal blog platform
  3. Carve out your own journalistic niche (you could, for example, write about gaming landscapes)
  4. Attend industry events whenever it is possible for you to do so
  5. Showcase your passion for your craft at all conceivable points
  6. Remain inquisitive and curious as you embark on your writing career
Whether you aim to make a name for yourself as a professional game-streamer, whether you opt to host a gaming podcast, if you choose to become a gaming engineer, or whether you decide to try your hand at game-related journalism, just know that your career in the games sector probably will not follow a simple path. Despite the burgeoning demand for gaming services in this day and age, making any sort of income from playing games is never going to be easy, or looked on as a successful career choice by some. To turn over a healthy and sustainable profit from this venture, you are going to need to work hard and take it incredibly seriously.

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