5 Best Instagram Growth Hacks To Boost Your Followers

Growing an Instagram page isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of commitment and creativity to grow the number of your followers and build strong, positive engagement from your audience.

There are, however, a few things you can do to boost the growth of your Instagram account. Below are a few Instagram growth hacks that you can try out:

Instagram growth hack

1. Actively Engage With Other Instagram Users

Instagram is a platform where people engage with each other. As such, for you to grow your Instagram account, you have to actively engage with other Instagram users. Whenever other people create posts, make it your personal initiative to engage with them by liking and commenting on their posts.

The more you respond to posts created by other users, the more Instagram will show your content to other people’s timelines.

Engage with others. Engagements create connections which in turn increase the number of your followers. This simple hack will give your Instagram page great mileage.

2. Have An IGTV Channel And Create Reels

Having an IGTV channel and Reels gives you more advantage and a higher likelihood of featuring on the discovery page. This will go a long way in helping you gain more followers because your content will be viewed by a wider audience.

IGTV allows you to create longer video content that can be even an hour long. This encourages longer audience retention in that your followers have longer entertaining content to consume on your page. The more content there is to watch, the more loyal your followers become.

3. Maximize On Instagram Stories

Instagram did a study and discovered that over 500 million Instagram users spend time watching Instagram stories every single day.

Taking advantage of these short 15-second snippets will give you an opportunity to interact with your followers by setting up emoji sliders, running polls, answering people’s questions, requesting direct messages, and even holding fun quizzes.

All these will go a long way in boosting engagement with your followers and in return result in exponential growth of your Instagram page. 

4. Embrace User-Generated Content

This hack works best for people doing business on Instagram. Making use of a branded hashtag will enable you to connect with posts that are within your community thereby allowing you to link up with people within your niche and circle.

If you run your business on Instagram and you have a physical product that you sell, you can have, say, a card that encourages those people who’ve bought the product to connect and follow you on your Instagram page, share a screenshot of the product they bought, and use the branded hashtag that you created.

This simple hack will go a long way in growing your Instagram page by boosting the number of your followers and increasing your interactions.

5. Get Professional Help

You’ve probably implemented all of the above-mentioned hacks but you’re still not getting the desired growth for your Instagram page. All is not lost. You can consider ‘buying followers’.

It sounds a bit crazy but it’s actually a hack that’s authentic and works 100%. There are companies that can help you get real active followers that will help your Instagram page grow. These companies will help you get more engagement in the form of real likes and comments from the followers that you ‘buy’.

You need to try out this hack. Head over to Bumped.in for more information on how to buy Instagram followers.  


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