10 Pro Tips For Organic Instagram Promotions

Are you frustrated from looking for ways to promote your Instagram accounts but still failing to get the reach you deserve? Luckily today in this article, we will tell you 10 pro tips for organic Instagram promotion.

1. Cross-Promote

If you maintain accounts on different social media platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, or Facebook, it is important to let your followers on the said platforms know that you too are on Instagram. Use other social media channels to share your Instagram page details so that people can easily find you.

To do that effectively, you may consider sharing a screenshot of your Instagram account on the Facebook feeds of your followers and friends by linking it to the page. Tweeting updates whenever you post something new on your Instagram page is another way to let people know about your Instagram page. Doing this can get 100 followers every day.

2. Boost Discoverability by Using Emojis

Emojis are now the unofficial universal language of communication on social media platforms such as Instagram. According to research studies, over 50 percent of all comments and captions on Instagram posts includes emojis.

The great thing about Instagram is that emojis on the platform are actually searchable along with username and hashtag. People are able to find your posts based on the unique emojis that you use. In case you are a writer, you can use the emoji of a pen, and those looking for writers can find you easily at one click using the emoji. In similar fashion, a photographer can use an emoji of a camera when posting updates.

3. Use the Right Hashtags

Use of the proper hashtags can expose your posts to a massive number of targeted followers. There’s the possibility of including as many as 30 hashtags in one post, but experts recommend using about 11+ hashtags to ensure maximum interactions on your Instagram posts.

It is now even possible to find hashtags that are actually more relevant to your business using Hashtagify. All you need to do is enter a primary hashtag from a popular post then run a search to discover the most suitable hashtags to add to your posts to attract more traffic.

You may also consider searching on Instagram to discover hashtags used by others for their posts. When you do this, avoid just copying and pasting the string of hashtags. A better approach would be to stay relevant to specific hashtags that are relevant to both your audience and business to get real Instagram likes.

4. Build Familiarity by Creating a Unique Theme

If you want to use Instagram for business branding, you should try being consistent on the vibe or theme you are trying to create using posts to develop a sense of familiarity. For instance, you can use a unique frame for all images or crop all images in similar fashion. Using a unique subject matter for all your posts or applying a similar filter for all photos can be an excellent idea too.

5. Use Share for Shares and Like for Like Opportunities to Grow

This is perhaps one of the best strategies you can use for connecting with like-minded users for mutual benefit. The mutual transaction of shares and likes will give you the chance to promote your products and reach more followers too.

6. Develop a Content Strategy by Identifying User Preferences

It is not enough to post just for the sake of it. You also need to revisit old posts from time to time to identify the ones that got the most comments and acceptance. If you do this analysis, you will better understand your followers’ interests. With this understanding, it is possible to develop a good content strategy that’s streamlined to increase the chances of being shared or liked by your followers.

7. Use Giveaways to Attract New Followers

You need to give out something valuable to followers if you want to attract new followers to your Instagram account. So, get them interested by setting up some frequent giveaways. Ask new users to tag you in their Instagram posts and in exchange, offer them a perk. The winner’s posts will help expose your brand further to more potential followers and you can keep building it.

8. Create an Attractive Bio

The only place where you can tell people why they should follow you is your bio. You should prepare a simple bio, but don’t forget to include the important information pertaining to your business as well as what users should expect from you. Keep in mind that the bio is the only place where you can insert a link to a landing page or your business website.

9. Try Using Quote Graphics

One of the best ways to grab attention is to use thoughtful quotes embedded into graphics or images and shared via Instagram. To do this, however, you must use meaningful and high-quality pictures. The quotes chosen should be relevant to the target audience. Make sure that you give proper attribution to the original author if you use another person’s quote.

10. Pay It Forward to Increase Exposure

The liberal promotion of others is one of the best ways to try and build a network. Post images with a contest or question statement and tag a high-value follower. Request their participation or input and ask them to tag other users when they do so. If clicked, the chain can work in your favor to increase the popularity of the post.


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