How Plumbing Blog Posts can Bring Traffic to your Website?


How Plumbing Blog Posts can Bring Traffic to your Website?
Having a blog attached to a plumbing company website is a very smart idea these days because this keyword has very a low search competition thus helping the entire site to rank higher in search engines and often leads to new customers. However, this is only the case in the event that you choose really good topics. Here are 4 plumbing blog posts topics that you can consider right now because they are very good at attracting new customers to your plumbing company. 

1. FAQs

One of the best things that you can do is to address the questions that people ask. For instance, do you often hear people asking questions about water leak detection? In this case, you can write a new blog post that explains how this is done, like the post about found a water leak detection Canberra here

Try to make a list of all the questions you are frequently asked when on the job. Every single one of them can be a converting blog post. However, this is only the case in the event that you will include a CTA (call to action) capable of urging readers to contact you when repairs are needed. 

2. Plumbing Myths

Articles that bust myths are very effective for plumbing companies. Because of the fact that you are a plumber, it is very easy to debunk most of the common misconceptions involving plumbing systems and pipes. 

When you choose such a blog post type, it is easier to build trust with the audience you have. The readers get the truth and you might even end up being cited by other businesses. This is very effective in helping you climb in search engine rankings. As a result, even more traffic will come your way and potentially more clients. 

3. Blog Posts With A Local Focus

This is a type of blog post that is rarely used by plumbing companies, which is a shame because of the huge potential it has. Basically, this idea involves writing articles that are particularly created for the areas that you service. As a result, you target people close to the business that need some plumbing help. 

There are many different ways in which you can shift the focus of a blog post from a general target to a local target. Just incorporate city name in the title. 

4. Instructional Guides

There are many plumbers that do not post how-to videos and guides because they think this leads to losing customers. Do not think like that because the DIYers will always try to do something if they set their mind to it. For the plumbing company, a much better approach is to write those guides. This offers some needed expert information and brand trust increases. 

Another thing to know about the instructional guides is that with the addition of a CTA, you can always tell the DIYer that he/she can contact you when problems appear. This type of approach is very effective when it comes to plumbing companies and needs to be considered when running any blog within this industry.  


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