How To Rank Higher in Search Engines

You must rank high in search engines whatever line of business you're in. If you're unsure why you need to be on the top or at least on the first page of search engines, try searching for something and assess yourself. Do you bother opening the results on the next pages of your search engine?

Probably not. It's because what you'll open are the results that'll pop up when you hit that search button, right? So, if you've got a website, would you rather be on the first page or the next ones?

When your website ranks high, one of the benefits is getting more traffic and leads that might turn to buying customers. You can do so with these tips:

1. Optimize Your Website

Optimizing your website involves creating a high-performing and more effective site. As a result, you'll have higher Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and a higher conversion rate.

That's why you need to do the following to optimize your website:

  • Speed Up Your Pages - a page that loads slowly gets a higher bouncing rate. It means more visitors will click on the back button. 

    You can decrease your page's load time by cutting down your javascript parsing, minify stylesheets and javascript, minimize image sizes, and optimize caches.
  • Use Mobile-First Index - if you want to reach out to more audiences, ensuring your site is mobile-friendly is a must. Your website should quickly adapt to any device, like a tablet, mobile, or desktop.

    Do this by avoiding pop-ups, using short-form content, using short meta titles, and scale your images. These are essential to make your site responsive, especially for smaller devices.
  • Use Schema - your site should have a rich snippet or description when appearing on search engines. This includes reviews, people, videos, products, and more to provide more data about your site.

2. Use Backlinks

Another way to rank high in search engines is by using backlinks. You use external links or backlinks to make your site link with external websites.

For instance, if a popular website uses your links in their content, expect that it'll drive more traffic on your site. Also, it attracts crawlers that can rank your site depending on its content.

To keep your rank high using links, do the following:

  • Be careful when spreading your anchor text. Ideally, our anchor text should not be too aggressive. Do this by not obviously sales talking. More importantly, they should be distributed equally.
  • Buying backlinks can also be a way to increase traffic on your sites. But, you must do it with caution to avoid Google penalties. You can learn more about buying backlinks by reading blogs related to SEO links.
  • Choose sites that have real traffic. It means the sites you'll partner or share your links must have high visits. Thus, your website can also have a high clicking rate.
  • Use relevant links. Your links are relevant when they connect to the general topic or if they land on pages with a relevant topic.
  • Start guest blogging. Aside from writing blogs on your site, you can also write for others so you can use your links. To make it easier, it's best to guest blog on sites relevant to your topic or niche.         

3. Publish Authority Content

Authority content refers to valuable information. It's valuable when people of a specific niche are interested in your article because it contains proof and credibility. That's why publishing content shouldn’t only be about your business, but it must be aimed at how it can help your audience.

To create high-quality content, you must do these things:

Learn About Your Audience - to write compelling content, it must touch the hearts of your audience. That's why you should choose a specific group of audience.

Afterwhich, search on their needs and interests. Based on these, you can write something that builds a community.

  • Use Expert's Quotations - thought leaders and other influential people whom your audience know can create a sense of influence. Your readers will believe what you write if thought leaders back it.
  • Use Data And Visuals - not only do words matter but using numbers to highlight your point can make your readers believe. Also, with visuals, more people remember what you say if it's also illustrated with videos or images.
  • Be Conversational - instead of lecturing throughout your article, write simply. This way, your audience can understand you better. 

4. Optimize Your Keywords

One way to drive traffic to your site is by using the right keywords. Since keywords are not only used for paid marketing, you must choose the most appropriate keywords that people are mostly using when searching.

Here's how you can optimize your keywords for higher rankings:
  • Choose Popular Keywords - the popularity of the keyword relies on the sense that people search for it. Thus, you should choose the ones that people use when searching.
  • Use Relevant Keywords - depending on your product or services, your keywords should be relevant. For instance, use keywords like “health” for medicine or “trendy” for apparel. 
  • Embed Keywords - if you're using images, use target keywords in them. Also, including keywords in your file names, URL, content, and meta description also helps.

5. Track And Monitor Your Efforts

One of the steps that a site owner forgets is to track their progress. You'll only know if you're improving or ranking higher if you track the effectiveness of your efforts. You can do this by manually searching your site.

Another way is to use apps or online sites that check your ranking. Some even give analytics on how you came to such rank. It'll point out what you need to improve on your SEO strategies, whether it's keyword or backlinks and the like. Thus, you'll know what to improve.


SEO rankings are essential if you want to grow your business. No matter how great your products or services are, no traffic means no leads to convert. So, you need to keep your ranking high in search engines.

When you're on the first page of search engines, you'll have higher click rates. The more people visit your site, the higher the possibility you can get clients. You need more exposure in the online world to gain more profits. That's why it's vital to do the following tips if you want more sales.

But, don't forget to monitor your progress as it’ll help you re-evaluate your strategies and improve the ineffective ones.

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