How to Create 3 types of Engaging Videos using Screen Recording

How to Create 3 types of Engaging Videos using Screen Recording
Are you planning on creating video content for your blog? While recording conventional videos is all well and good, screen recording can offer an interesting alternative way to create video content that is often easier – and cheaper too.

In fact a good place to start may be to explore some of the engaging types of videos that you can create using screen recording.

1. How-To Guides and Video Tutorials

Few types of videos are as engaging as how-to guides, as they inherently provide value to viewers by teaching them how to do something that they want to learn. In the process they can help viewers to solve problems and pick up new skills.

Screen recording can be used to create video guides for any digital product. In fact it is arguably the best option at your disposal, as it will let you record video footage that ‘shows’ the steps that need to be performed.

Keep in mind that the digital products in question need not be limited to software alone, but could also involve online apps, platforms, websites, digital services, and so on.
How-To Guides and Video Tutorials

2. Expert Interview Videos

Interviewing an expert in a field that is of interest to your viewers can make for some truly engaging content. Not only will their insights be valuable to viewers, but you stand to benefit from the additional exposure that they create among their following as well.

Instead of recording a conventional expert interview, you can use screen recording to capture one via a video call. That can be a lot more convenient for the expert that you want to interview as well, and make it easier for you to set it up.

If you do go down this route, be sure that you take steps to improve the quality of your video call. Also you should allot some time at the start of the interview to test the connection quality and the audio and video quality on both ends.

All in all it shouldn’t be too difficult to record this type of video however – and the real challenge will be coming up with the right questions and follow-ups.
Expert Interview Videos

3. Reviews or Demonstrations of Digital Products

The same way screen recording is the perfect way to create video guides, it is also ideal for reviews or demonstrations of digital products. Both can be very engaging, as viewers often look up reviews or demonstrations of products before they buy them.

Essentially you will use screen recording to capture the footage that you need of the products and its features – and show them being used. Try to steer clear of reviewing your own products however, and instead find other products that your blog visitors may find useful and provide them with an unbiased review of what it can do.

On the other hand product demonstrations can be used to actually showcase what your own products are capable of – and provide ‘proof’ that they work.
Reviews or Demonstrations of Digital Products


All that you need to create any of the types of videos listed above is a screen recorder, and Movavi Screen Recorder Studio ( should more than suffice. With it you can record exactly the video footage that you need from your screen and then edit into a professional-looking video complete with background music, effects, animated transitions, captions, and more.

It is certainly worth exploring the potential of screen recording as a tool to create video content for your blog. As you can see there are plenty of options to choose from – and the only question left is: What type of video do you think would best suit your blog?

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