4 Tips for Making a More Engaging Video for your Blog

4 Tips for Making a More Engaging Video for your Blog
Engagement is often defined in a variety of ways and remains one of the more ephemeral metrics used to measure the effectiveness of a video. For blog videos, there are many ways in which engagement is measured, including the duration spent watching a video, number of comments, number of shares, total page views by the visitor, and overall time spent on the blog. Today in this article, we will share 4 tips for making a more engaging video for your blog.

Making a More Engaging Video for your Blog

Be direct – especially at the start

Did you know that most viewers will decide within the first 7 seconds whether they want to continue watching a video? That is the amount of time that you have to convince them your video is worth watching, and so you should be as direct as possible.

Keep all your videos short

Assuming you do convince a viewer to stay and watch your video, the last thing that you want is for their attention to wander. Keeping your videos short can help in that regard, and you should maintain a tight focus on your topic until it is done. Try to aim for the range of 1 to 2 minutes and if your video is much longer than that think about narrowing down the topic so that it is more focused.

Use the call to action to encourage interaction

The call to action in a video is particularly important for responsiveness as it points the viewer in a particular direction – thus continuing to engage them. In fact, it is possible to encourage responses via the call to action as well, by posing a question to viewers or directing them to a poll or survey.

Respond to your audience

When viewers interact with your blog by posting comments or answering a poll – you should respond to them. In other words, you should reply to comments, compose a general response to a poll in your videos, and so on. If you interact with your viewers, they are more likely to keep interacting with you, and it will encourage other viewers to do the same as well.

Assuming you implement these tips you should end up being able to engage viewers using the video content on your blog. Of course, before you can do that you first need to create that content, and that may be a bit of a stumbling block. One easy way to start creating great videos is by using Movavi Screen Capture for Mac to record footage from your screen.
Movavi Screen Capture for Mac
As a video recorder for Mac, Movavi Screen Capture for Mac can record footage of anything that is on your screen – meaning that you can use it to create video guides, demonstrations, or even records interviews made via video calls. It will let you fully adjust the recording parameters so that you end up with precisely the footage that you require for your content.

More importantly, Movavi Screen Capture for Mac is intuitive and easy to use and requires no prior experience whatsoever. In fact, if you want you could try it out right now and odds are you’ll be able to create a video of your own in just a few minutes at most.

We hope this article has helped you in learning the basic tips which are required for making a more engaging video for your blog. If you have a tip that can add value to this article, share them in comments.


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