7 Kinds of Credentials That Can Help You Become a Hardware Inventor

7 Kinds of Credentials That Can Help You Become a Hardware Inventor
If you’ve already come up with an idea for a hardware invention or have been entertaining the career option of becoming a tech inventor, you might be wondering what kind of degrees and certifications could help you gain the knowledge needed to advance in that field. After all, hardware inventing isn’t exactly an everyday job, so it’s difficult to know what to expect from this kind of career aspiration, particularly if you’re trying to take it more seriously than a mere hobby.

Whether you have the goal of designing and engineering products for a living, or the dream of inventing and launching your own products, having the right credentials will give you the preparation and prestige needed to impress potential clients, customers, investors, and other important business entities that you’ll be dealing with. With that said, here are 7 kinds of degrees that will bring you closer to achieving those aspirations:

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1. Electrical and Computer Engineering Degree

Unless you plan on paying for outsourced engineering services throughout every project, which would be a costly and risky strategy, you’ll need to possess some expertise in the fields of electrical and computer engineering. Taking this educational path will teach you how to design and assemble hardware components and prototypes from the comfort of your home workshop or office. By earning an electrical and computer engineering degree, you’ll become familiar with the techniques, processes, materials, and technologies that are used in the vast majority of modern hardware inventions.

2. Business Administration Degree

It’s been commonly theorized that some of the world’s greatest inventors lacked the business acumen needed to bring their inventions to the masses. With such a disadvantage hindering or preventing the widespread distribution of a new product, an inventor who lacks an entrepreneurial skill set could wind up going completely unknown, either because their inventions never see a successful commercial release or are stolen by opportunists who had the business sense to capitalize on the idea. A business administration degree will give you the skills needed to spearhead the founding and management of the company that will sell your inventions to the world, rather than waiting on someone else to do it for you.

3. Marketing Certification & Experience

Knowing how to manage a company is certainly helpful by itself, but you also need to know how to advertise and promote your inventions in a professional and effective manner. While you don’t necessarily need a marketing degree, at least complete an online course to obtain certification in this field before you launch a marketing campaign for your new invention. Remember that your advertising content will be representing your brand as a whole, so it’s important that you know how to project the utmost professionalism and facilitate maximum positive outreach towards a targeted audience.

4. Finance & Economics

Having a degree in financial management or economics will help you avoid those rookie investment mistakes that many hardware inventors make within their business planning and budgeting processes. Someone who is financially savvy is much less likely to fail in any endeavor simply because business is a financial game. This kind of a degree will also help investors trust your ability to responsibly utilize funding. Plus, with an understanding of how economies work and evolve, you’ll be able to cater to specific markets, capitalize on tech trends, and create entirely new trends through high-level market analysis.

5. Software & App Development 

Knowing how to develop a software or app that can accompany your hardware is a major perk to have as an inventor nowadays because smart devices are one of the fastest-growing consumer technologies. Essentially, if you can make your hardware controllable or adjustable within an associated app and/or desktop program, you’ll be dramatically increasing public interest in your product. A software development degree with a specialization in mobile development will let you take advantage of the wave of traffic that can be generated through app stores like the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. With more than 55% of all digital media usage happening within mobile apps and more than 50% of people using apps at least 10 times per day, having an app is now one of the most effective marketing strategies.

6. Web Design

Not having a website for your invention would obviously be a terrible mistake. On the other hand, you might not be in the position to continually pay for third-party web development and site maintenance, or you may just have the desire to do it yourself. While it’s possible to build a basic site using a content management system like WordPress and a pre-made design theme/template, you’ll have the ability to create more unique and impressive online platforms as a credentialed web developer. Oftentimes, the website that represents a brand or product is the biggest influencing factor for consumers.

7. Communication & Consumer Psychology

Knowing how to communicate professionally will help you in every area of business operation, from advertising to collaboration and client solicitation. Likewise, a degree in consumer psychology will give you the ability to understand, anticipate, pioneer, and engineer social trends in your company’s favor. By adding these degrees to your resume, you’d become a veritable master at marketing and business correspondence. Major corporations also invest huge budgets into understanding the psychology of consumers, so you’d also become a valuable corporate asset.

Attacking the Challenge from Multiple Angles

By now, you’re probably aware that there’s a lot of work to be done on the road to becoming a successful hardware inventor. However, taking a linear and one-dimensional approach will only lengthen the amount of time it takes for you to excel in your career or bring your first hardware invention intuition. Consider the benefits of enrolling for several of the academic paths mentioned above at the same time. While you’d have a busy study schedule laid out for you in the short-term, in the long-term you’ll be optimally prepared to outdo your competition in every way, shape, and form.

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