5 Easy Steps to Remove a Google Manual Penalty

In the past few articles, we have discussed benefits of backlinks but just like every rose has its thorn; there are certain drawbacks to mismanaged, suspicious or even no follow back links. The major setback to these negative backlinks is a penalty from one of the largest web search engine that can directly affect your ranking on Google’s web pages. Getting penalty from Google is a nightmare for every blogger but here with following strategies, we will discuss how a blogger can resolve penalty from Google. Today in this article, we will tell you 5 easy steps to remove a Google Manual Penalty.

1. Website Assessment

Resolution of penalty from Google is similar like solving a FBI case, you start with organizing pieces of puzzle and get to the root of the problem. This step gathers all backlinks from all different web pages and organize them into one excel sheet, you can organize it any other format as well, but make sure you can differentiate between good and bad links, here bad means suspicious, illegitimate, spams and toxic links.

2. Link Detox

Once you gather all backlinks that exists of your blog sites, the second step is to classify these backlinks into natural, unnatural and suspicious. Today, a number of software can assist you in the task, but we advise you to go with the manual setup and start breaking down links which are either categorized as spam or that come from junk content farms. in-depth analysis of URL, anchor text and “money keywords’ is also essential at this stage. For a better cross check, mark all these links that you consider as junk and check them with google guidelines; if your assessment looks authentic, remove these backlinks to clean your blog from junky backlinks.

3. Contact Webmaster

After the sorting, here is the execution point. Contacting the webmaster to remove all unnatural links from your site. You will ask the webmaster to simply remove toxic links and suspicious links at the very least are marked as no follow. Once this step is done, cross check it by manually checking whether the link is removed or not and if it is done, mark it off from your excel sheet of toxic links.

4. Disavow Unresponsive Links

Once you contact all webmasters, there is a strong chance that some might not get back to you. If this is the case, you need to use Google disavow tool to notify google about those links that should be ignored while the website is being analyzed. After notification, make a document that includes all toxic links and then upload it to your webmaster tool. If any link appears as extremely suspicious, make sure you mark whole domain as disavow.

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5. Request to Review

Now, all your puzzle pieces have been placed at right places and you have identified all the root causes, here is the time to invite google to recheck your website for its removal of manual penalty. To formally invite, go to webmaster tool and clearly states a message showing what you have done to remove suspicious sites and what your strategy will be to build links in future naturally. Remember, persistence is the key here so you might be asked to send several reconsideration request and there are chances that google either rejects your reconsideration requests or asks for more actions; be patient.
Follow the guidelines properly, do the examination again and cross check them with Mr. Google’s latest policy In this regard. Getting a penalty is difficult, but we are sure that our warriors can get it removed successfully by being persistent, vigilant and smart.

This was an episode of getting manual penalty removed by Google, we hope we have clarified all your concerns. If you need any further assistance, contact us at our mentioned email address. 

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Thanks for sharing this post. I really loved your post. Google penalty has destroyed most of the blogger's life.

So, this post is really helpful for those who are attacked by google manual penalty.

Keep updating awesome post.


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