10 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks to Your Blog in 2017

Backlinks are like hidden treasure, it’s an automatic money making tool that can add credibility to your blog. Similarly, like free cookie at espresso attracts everyone, back links are the hot favorite tool of bloggers and like established brands earn on their credibility, backlinks improve your viewership and enhance your account. Today in this article, we will tell you 10 ways to get quality backlinks to your blog in 2017.

1. Captivating Content

As discussed earlier, content is the key to a successful blog. Good content attracts everyone and if the content is factually and logically correct with flawless grammar, viewers try sharing that on their social media networks thus giving you site credibility and added viewership triggers.

2. Mutual Benefiting Link Pages

There is a saying if you are doing something good, never do it for free. This is what happens when you are writing good stuff and people are liking it. This is the sheer time to get maximum of your efforts by asking those viewers to link your page to their blogs. Similarly, you can also write reviews for your competitor’s blog and ask linking your blog option in return. Learn how to write a professional blog post.

3. Network crazily- earn handsomely

Networking is that skill that pays everyone at some point in time. If you are active in your virtual circle, your views will be more valuable to the authors and other commenters, these comments can enhance your visibility and you can ask author to permit you sharing your blog links in the comments where relevant; this way backlinking will make good viewers inflows to your blog.

4. Social Media- backlinks in disguise

A strong social media platform is the best backlinking place for any author; if you have strong fan following on twitter, Instagram and Facebook, you can easily multiply these numbers with your daily visits and can calculate impact of sharing your blogs in social networking sites.

5. Reveal your trophies

In this age of modern technology, people wants facts and credibility. Revealing your past performance will increase your credibility on your blog and will also boost likelihood of repeated viewers.

6. Guest Blogs

Many of reliable websites offer guest blogging in different niches. What you need to do it search for one, write a blog in your niche and get it linked with your blogging website. Guest posts are one of the easiest way to get backlinks.

7. Tap unlinked mentions

Its quite normal that if people like your content, they will mention you somewhere but take full advantage of the moment and fill the mention with your blog site as well to serve the purpose.

8. Yahoo answers are a lot more than just answers

Ever wondered why some people are actively answering your questions on yahoo. Helping is good I understand but one should keep in mind that these are the untapped platforms that can allow a blogger to enhance his viewership multi times. Answering to some of the yahoo questions and by referring any of your relevant post will benefit you and the reader both.

9. Use catchy headlines

People act like us. Now if you want help in something, you will use wiki how. How to words are the best catchy headlines that attracts many of the viewers like us. so, when you are writing a blog, try developing it in that perspective. 5 best ways, how to and spicy headlines attract viewers and if it interests reader, it gets shared on social media channeling new viewers for your blog.

10. Reviews latest products

If your niche is related to some industry or business segment, try finding best products and services offered in this segment and start giving reviews; interested people in every segment knows some giant products and services, so if your blog reviews will be based on popular products and services, it will atomically incite interest among readers and it might help you on getting feedback from the company itself which can open new horizons of achievements for you. Big companies like Unilever, Reckitt benkiser and P&G pays bloggers to write good reviews for them.

We hope these ways would help you to get some quality backlinks for your blog or site. If you have better ways of getting quality backlinks feel free to comment below.

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