Top 10 Best Blogging Tips for Beginners in 2017

Top 10 Best Blogging Tips for Beginners in 2017
As a blogger, most of you already know by now that maintaining a blog regularly is hard work. Regardless of what your blog is about, if you start ignoring it or doing the wrong things in the start of your blogging journey, you could well suffer the consequences of losing followers of your blog. If you don’t have a major interest in what you are writing about, your blog might not make it far. That way you can ensure that as long as you are providing them with the content they want to read, they will be visiting your blog on a regular basis. Today in this post, we will teach you 10 best blogging tips for beginners in 2017.

1. Be consistent

For bloggers that are just beginning their journey, this is probably one of the most basic rules they should adhere to. Being a consistent blogger is one of the most important things that beginner bloggers sometimes forget. Sure, in the later stages you might have a lot of followers but it is much easier to lose followers than it is to gain them. So make sure whatever it is that you are blogging about, you are consistently putting up interesting content related to it.

2. Be patient

If you have just started blogging, don’t expect a return for your efforts immediately. The internet is a vast place with lots of other things to keep people interested and unless you don’t dedicate to your blog for a longer amount of time than others, you will find that making it in the blogging world is not really easy. If you think blogging is a quick way you can earn money and some recognition, you have the wrong idea. To be successful as a blogger, you have got to be patient and keep learning and improving without focusing on short term results and in some time you will achieve results far beyond your expectations.

3. Keep your posts short

Many beginner bloggers tend to forget about what the readers actually want, which is the quality content that you offer and no one else is offering it in the way you are. One way to ensure that the readers are getting what they want without getting bored is to keep your posts under a certain read-time limit. Present your idea or your post solely, in a simple manner and let your readers reflect upon it in whatever way they want to. This will save you time and keep your readers interested in what you are offering on your blog.

4. Be unique

The bad news for beginner bloggers is that whatever it is that they are blogging about, a large number of blogs about that particular subject already exist. So the best strategy for people who are new to the blogging world is to think of a way that makes their blog different than the other blogs of the same kind. Think of a way that will attract readers to your blog. It can be anything, an interactive game with each post, a competition, or something that other bloggers haven’t yet offered to the readers yet. It is not a matter of what you are offering, at times, but how is it that you are offering it.

5. Make your content easily shareable

In a world that is fully connected, anything that is available on the internet is pretty much a thing that is ready to be shared. Most online content these days is shared through social media and networks. For bloggers, it is a rather important task to make their content easy to share so that your readers can tell others about you without having to struggle for it. Learn how to add Social share buttons in blogger.

6. Connect with your readers

As a blogger who is just starting out, you should remember that your voice should resonate with your reader. Without having a connection with your readers, you do not know what it is that they want and what they don’t. Be open to constructive criticism and develop a friendly relationship with your readers so you can learn more about your audience and adjust accordingly.

7. Maintain an e-mail list

From the first day that you start blogging, you should maintain an email list. Regardless of if you never plan to sell anything, having an email list will help you to share new content with your audience without having to worry about them missing out on it for one reason or the other.

8. Research different blogs

One of the best tips for new bloggers is to keep reading and researching bigger blogs. This will help you to grow as a blogger. Take mental notes of what they are doing that you are not. Pick up on things that you think will bring a positive change to your blog, whether it’s a widget or a competition or the design that’s really working for them. Keep trying the strategies that you like and see what works for your blog and get rid of what doesn’t.

9. Formatting and Design

Try to keep your design as simple as possible and something that attracts your readers. The format and design of your blog should be eye catching while presenting your content in a way that it is easy to read. Use proper headings, points, bullets and whatever helps your readers navigate around your posts easily.

10. Be yourself

Another important tip for beginner bloggers is that maintain your blog in a way that is ‘you’. Most readers don’t care for the subject of the blog as much as they care about the person voicing that subject. Blogging is not entirely picking the right subject but also about finding the right voice. It doesn’t only matter what you say but also how you say it.

Surely there are a lot of more great tips out there for beginner bloggers that they can benefit from, so what are you waiting for? Take notes and start working on your blog to improve it as you journey on in the blogging world.

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