How To Increase Traffic to your Social Media Account

Social media platforms are used for many different reasons and they have proven to be very effective in every aspect. Creating an account, with thousands of followers can be quite difficult. Each social media platform is designed differently, which means you are going to need to use different techniques for each. These will be discussed in depth below, so you can create a friend base with thousands of Instagram followers.

Say “No” To Buying Followers 

Many social media members will try every trick under the sun to increase their follower numbers. This even includes purchasing fake followers from websites that offer this type of service. There are chances that you can pull this off without anyone finding out, but a fake profile can be spotted a mile away. Do not fall prey to this type of scam, because it is virtually useless, because fake followers cannot retweet or share your posts with others.

Guest Blogging

Staying engaged is the key to developing a large following. Guest blogging is a great way to encourage other social media members to follow you. If you are trying to target a specific group, you will need to focus on topics that peak their interest. Before posting your blog, you should consider adding some personal content about yourself or your company. Include things like your name, job title, and your social media link. You can also request others to share and like your post, as well.

You would be surprised with how fast your blog can be generated throughout the social media platform. If you write engaging content about an interesting topic, there will be no end to the possibilities. Don’t just stop at this one blog, especially if you are determined to increase your follower numbers to six digits. Another tip is to run contests, because these tend to draw in interested spectators.

Retweeting And Liking

Although there are numerous ways to attract people to your social media page, nothing will prove to be more effective than retweeting and liking. These quick activities can prove to be very beneficial for elevating your follow count quickly, while also increasing your visibility. When you retweet someone else’s post, you’re giving them credit and this will make them feel worthy and confident. In return, they may very well comment on your retweet and this will get your company seen by many more people. If you speak with any serious social media marketing agency, they’ll tell you that retweeting is the key to success. 

Try Images

Although written content can be effective for attracting new customers, images tend to be much more effective in the social media realm. This is no coincidence either. Users of social media usually operate at 110 miles per hour and will scan through new tweets and posts rapidly. If something doesn’t visually stand out amongst the wall of text, they’ll ignore it entirely. This is why pictures are absolutely pertinent for your social media campaign. Get creative with it and try using images from behind the scenes, as well as pictures of your products or upcoming products.

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August 21, 2016 at 9:44 PM

Exactly, when we retweet others they also retweet us. And this is the organic way to increase popularity.

August 21, 2016 at 9:50 PM

Thanks for your advice sir. I am using mainly fb page to promote my blog posts.

August 22, 2016 at 11:22 AM

Hi Syed,
Eventually a great reading. I enjoyed reading this scintillating article.
By the way, I can't agreed with all the things to work on that you've mentioned here in order to build your Social Presence. However, for me guest blogging is one of those tactics that can be leverage by anyone else.
I try to do guest blogging at least in a blog per week, not for the sake of getting links, but to build my Social Media Profile even more better.
Engagement is also one of those things where you should to be serious on.
Like, if someone comments on your post, I want to make sure I reply them.
If i don't do this, the people who does comment my post, or interact with my post won't do the same for you in future. Because they'll feel they're being served by you like a servant.
Either way, it's a good reading.
PS: I'd like to write a guest blogging for MyBloggerLab, let me know if I can. I hope you won't disallow your daily reader.

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