Top 10 Ways Students can Make Money Online 2017

Kids these days are very advance and sharp. Every day they find some new stuff for their entertainment. These fun activities like video games, movies, gaming in some club may require them to pay a little amount. Most of the kids I have come across in recent years are not very happy with their pocket money. They want to have more money to enjoy life at its fullest. Don’t worry my dear kids! If you are a student and you can’t spare a lot of time on earning then there are top 10 ways students can make money online in 2017.


Blogging is one interesting way for students to earn money online. If you have strong writing skills and you believe that you can write well to attract people towards your blog then what are you waiting for? List down the topic of interest, decide your target audience and start writing now. I would refer you to a guide on how to launch your blog in an hour.

If you think you don’t have enough time to blog, don’t worry. You don’t need to spend a lot of time in it. Spending 6-7 hours a week on your blog wouldn’t hurt you that much. You can also schedule your posts weekly to save more time. Make your own money and have fun. Also check how teens can manage their blogging career with studies?

Teaching and Training: 

Teaching and training is number 2 on this list. You might have heard about number of online universities or different training institute offering variety of courses. If you have some skill or you trust yourself with training or teaching someone. Then no other option is better than this. You can teach to students online through Skype or some other video chats application. You can assign them assignments that can be sent to you via email. It is easier to teach online then to travel home to home. It is less hectic and less time will be consumed.

Offering a Service: 

Offering the service is another best way to start with new business as you are not supposed to invest. If you some skill you can offer it to random people. Make some social media promotions regarding to this like Face book or Instagram page and attract people towards your skill. You can offer them services like photography, photo or video editing, handmade stuff (bags, jewelry, creative cards or something else). The plus point here is that it won’t be hectic for you; you will be doing with all your interest. You must have heard “If you are good at something, don’t do it for free”.

Selling Products: 

As I mentioned above if you have expertise in anything then don’t do it for free. Most of the kids have plenty of useless stuff at their home that they are not using any more like toys, clothes, movies, DVD’s, books and many other accessories. What you need to do is take a good picture of your useless accessories, edit them well and post them eBay or on your Facebook or Instagram profiles. That would be the easiest way to make money from the things that are not in use any more. You can also setup a online eCommerce store for Free using Blogger.

Online Surveys: 

An increasing popular way for students to earn money is online survey. Students can fill online surveys in their spare time and can make money equivalents to their pocket money. There are many international companies that need some people to fill their online surveys. For the few minutes of form filling you can get a decent amount in form of either cash or reward. So instead on wasting time in playing video games on your computer, spare some time on this kind of useful stuff and earn your own money.

Sell your notes: 

If you really don’t mind sharing your notes with other students, then surely this is going to be the best way to earn some cash other than your pocket money. What you need to do is, to search to some websites to which you can upload your notes to. One you are done with uploading your notes you will get paid every time when someone will download them. Some websites allows you to upload your notes for free, but in return they will cut some amount of your profit. Still you guys won’t be in loss.

Freelance Writing: 

Freelance writing is one of the most popular ways to earn money online. If you are not able to create your own website or blog then I will recommend you to go for freelance writing. Many people earn a lot from this. You may get from some cents to $1 per word. See how profitable it is. What it requires is some hard work and dedication. Of course it needs you to create your portfolio and resume along with your skills in writing. If you have spare time instead of wasting it in some other useless activities, start as a freelance writer and earn your own money of it.

Sell your Photos: 

If you think you have got some pictures with creativity. Then there are some photo stock websites that enables you to upload your pictures. You can make money by selling the pictures with most demanding topics. So take out your camera along with some very innovative ideas and get paid for what you shot. The websites like Photolia or iStock Photo allows you to upload your pictures for free and you get paid for the job you love to do. What are you waiting for now? Go grab some money online.

YouTube Videos: 

We all know that, people search for most of the videos on YouTube. YouTube recently introduced a new feature known as “YouTube Partner Program” that enables you to get profit out of your videos. What you need to do is to go make some innovative and creative video with a good subject and post it on YouTube. You will get some percentage of advertising revenue . Many students are making hundreds of videos every week and they are taking it as their career. You can do the same and can earn some decent Amount.

Become A Brand Ambassador: 

Becoming a brand ambassador, is another way of earning some extra money. There are websites that advertise these kinds of jobs. Keep searching for such kind of websites and make your own monthly pocket money.

The above 10 tips might help you to spare your extra time on some useful stuff. Instead of asking for money from your parents every time, these ways might help you to generate your own pocket money. Select the one that suits you the best and start earning now. Hope you like these tips and will follow them in your free time. 

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