Sticky Scrolling Site Navigation Bar For Blogger

Yesterday We Published In Blogger Make Your Old Site Navigation Bar Scrollable & Sticky Which became a huge success as we were the first to introduce it and this is the reason why today this post will cover same thing which we discussed previously but today you don't need to read any thing.You can sit back and grap a bowl of popcorn watch while eating and enjoy the complete Video Tutorial. Which would cover every thing which we previously leaned from starting to very end.

The Video is optimized with my voice to make you understand quickly and more effectively.So Here is the video. 

In Blogger Make Your Old Site Navigation Bar Scrollable & Sticky

2012 is the year of Information technology all popular websites like Google,Facebook are making there site look more demanding with latest technology this is the reason why Google completely changed  looks of there products i.e YouTube , Blogger and even renamed Android Market to Google Play Store.Google not only changed the looks of there old products but also introduced Google Plus which become the true competitor of Facebook.Even Facebook try to make some changes which was not as successful as Google but still they were pretty much extra ordinary.Facebook introduced timeline which has a most important feature and it is Scrollable Navigation bar
  • which allows you to navigate the page with out going to top of the page.
  • when you scroll down the page it will keep following you till very end.
  • which will only appear when you scroll down the page.
  • if you scroll back to top it will get back to its original position.
These are the feature which do attract us although Google Dynamics has Scrollable sticky bar but it was not available for Blogger Custom Template 

After the research work of 3 days and today's 5 hours of coding Finally I was able To Create MBL Scrollable Sticky Navigation Bar For Blogger.It basically works on jQuery when ever you scroll down it converts your current navigation bar into a scrolling bar and when you go back to top it comes back to its original position.So let us starting optimizing our blog for Scrollable Sticky Navigation will just Transform your Old navigation Bar into a Scrollable Navigation Bar.

Blogger New Interface Upgraded - Why to Switch - Old interface Retiring

In 2011 Google upgrated designs of all there product including Adsense , YouTube , Google and even Blogger.When Adsense New interface was introduced most of the people refused to accept it but as the time passes it was accepted as the best interface due to its latest functionality this is the reason why Google retired Adsense old interface in mid November 2011 and now Google is thinking to retire Blogger old interface in April as they have developed new and improved interface.If Google retire old interface this might become really dreadful for those publisher who are not use to Blogger New interface.So it is time to switch to new interface and get use to it.You might feel bit of difficulties but at the end you will be joyed with success that your decision was right.

So today We will Learn why Blogger New interface is better then old interface,Learning about its features and which interface to choose.First let us look quickly look at the key features of Blogger New interface.

Disable (Name/Url) Option in Blogger Comment Form

Blogging is the most cleanest and reliable way to communicate with our readers which do gives fame as well as wealth but some of the users are using it as a source of spamming.They keep of commenting the same comment on our blog like a mad bot with a link pointing to there website.Why these Spammer don't understand they are just wasting there and other's precious time.We are in 21st century the era of technology why these spammer does not accept search bots are smart enough to even fill CAPTCHA so why do they consider a link which is associated with 'rel=nofollow' attribution.

This is the biggest reasowhy we are getting annoyed from the daily bulk of comments that we receives with a website link attached.So instead of waiting its time to take some timely actions to improve our blog's commenting system and by Removing Name/URL Option From Bloggers Comment box is the best way to get rid of these spammers.

How Comments Can Effect Your Traffic:

Take it as an Example:You started a blog it gets famous and it attained a high Page Rank but one day Google Bots Stopped crawling your website which resulted in a huge down fall in your traffic.You looked at your content,backlinks, quality,speed every thing seams to be fine so what is the problem? The answer is your inbound links (Basically Backlink To Your Site) which are getting much lesser then your outbound links (Sites that you have linked) Which create doughy in Google's mind these is some thing fishy going here the reason why they penalized you.

If a user comment on your blog with a link to a hacking or unauthorized site and your site is using Adsense or any other affiliate system then this would be really dreadful.Another exciting thing I noised Google Bots does ignore those pages which are linked to too many websites i.e 100 to 200 links per page.
So these are the reasons why a Publisher who using Blogger platform should exclude Anonymous and Name/URL option from his comment form so only register users i.e GMail users can post comments only if they are logged into there account.

How Secure Your Blog From Comment Spammers

So Here is the best and most easiest way to get rid of false comments.There are several options available in Blogger to Secure your blog from false commenting.
  • Anyone:Don't ever use this open just ignore it
  • Registered User:This is the recommend option if we select this option it will only allow those users to comment which are registered with Gmail , OpenID , LiveJournal , TypePad , WordPress And Aim
  • User With Google Account:Another good option but it will only allow Gmail users to comment
  • Only Member of this Site:This is the most strict option only it will only allow followers/team member to comment
So GO To Blogger >> Settings >> Posting and Comments
In Who can comment? >> Select  

Insert "About the Author" Box Below All Post in Blogger

For a Blogger its very important to tell the his audience who is the author of the blog and "About the Author" is the best & most successful way to make awareness among the users who is the behind the success of this blog.

You have seen many WordPress blog which has About the Author Widget below every post.So I Thought why our Blogger users remains behind therefore today we will Add "About the Author" Box At the End of Each Blogger Post. 

Attractive 404 Page Not Found Styles For Blogger

The Previous post publisher here was Custom 404 Page Not Found For Blogger in which I promised you to share 404 Page Not found Styles for Blogger so you all would not feel any stress in creating your custom 404 page style.If you use simple Html it will look very dull same like Blogger's old Not Found page.To make it lot attractive and sparkling we have to take the help of Css Styles with the combination of Html it gives perfect results.

Due to the latest addition in blogger tools we can now even convert our Not found page into a  machine which could gerantes heaps and heaps traffic for us.For instance some one arrives to your Not found Page and he found nothing on your website all he got is a dull looking page written with bold black words "404 Not Found" with white background the visitor will not even think of going to your home page and he will directly leave your blog/website.The chances are very high that he might never visit your site because the "Not Found" incident will keep on revolving in his mind.

Don't worry these kinds of nightmare are the stories of past :) But now we are in future with new and improved Blogger Tools which enable us to make our blog more stunning not only look wise but also technically.

Here are the Few latest and unique Designs for 404 Not Found Page optimized with Html and Css style sheets to gave your page an attractive look.

Custom 404 Page Not Found For Blogger

You have seen many complains in different Blogger Help Forums regarding the lackness of Custom 404 Page in Blogger  (Page Not Found on The Server).This is one of the biggest issues,not only disturb Blog's SEO but it also defects user experience a blog which has lots of links which are deleted but the link are still attached to blog.Its very much irritating when you click on a link and it proved to be a 404 not found.This is the reason why most of Professional Blogger recommend WordPress,as it is easily customizable,has lots of plugins to play with,has better SEO,gains traffic really quickly.

But Blogger does not seems to have a real way to create a custom 404 redirect page as blogger has its own limitations until this tool was introduced.In Previous days if we had a blog powered by Blogger we usually get annoying message when we visit a page which is restricted,either deleted or unavailable (404 Not Found) 

Protect Your Entire Blog With DMCA Protection Badges

These day stealing content is becoming very common which was the biggest reason why SOPA(The Stop Online Piracy Act) PIPA (Protect IP Act) Laws were created by USA but later on these laws were not passed by the entire internet community it proves internet is full of those peoples who likes to steals others hard work.But we cannot let then steal our content as it takes lot of determination and hard work to publish a single post.We need to fight for our rights.

What we can do? this is the first question comes in our mind.To take action against the stealer's we can simply ask DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) another law passed by USA.DMCA provide Free of cost service we can protect our entire blog with DMCA badges,soon after registering our website with DMCA it will monitor our entire Blog,it will follow each post which will be published on our Blog.

So Today we will take one step forward to make our website protected by Adding DMCA Protection Badges To Our Blog.

Blogger Updated It's Post Editor New Functions Added

We all have heard news about Blogger that they are working on Post Editor to make it lot more user friendly and already we can observe few changes in our Post Editor.They have not updated it entirely but surly  these minor updates has some significance.The update is still under progress but still we can talk about the few glimpse added to Blogger's Post Editor.

  • Adding H2 H3 H4 Heading Feature Included
  • Adding rel='no follow' Altribution

A Beautiful Flying Twitter Bird Widget For Blogger

Twitter is the second most popular social networking website,the popularity of twitter increased in 2011 with more then 300 million users which generates more then 300 million tweets per day in other words it can be described as "the SMS of the internet".

So to be among successful publisher social networking is becoming very important and plays anchor role in increasing Blogs popularity and Twitter is the main weapon of Social networking,its compulsory for a Webmaster to use twitter and to tweet on daily basis to keep his followers updated on the other hand adding twitter sharing buttons also have some significance.These button will easily allow our user to tweet our Blog and websites which will generate traffic for us.So Today we will Add a cute Animated Flying Twitter Bird Widget in Blogger,it is one of the most attractive twitter widget which works on javascript,the animated flying bird goes to every corner of your blog when page is scroll up or down,it generally follow the cursor (mouse),it has a "tweet this" "follow me" link attach to it and this widget is compatible with all browsers.

Advertise Here 125x125 Ad Banner Widget For Blogger/blogspot Blogs

Becoming rich is one of the most desirable dream of a person but becoming rich is very difficult task.There are many ways to be among the millionaires and Blogging is the finest way of doing that.It not only makes you popular but it also generates handsome amount of revenue via Affiliated advertising.If you owns a Blog which have good loyal visitors there is very high chance you might get sponsors for your Blog.All you need to do is to place advertise here slot and if any one liked your site the chances are very bright that he might advertise on your website that how you can earn a lot.Most of user use to advertise on there site but to become partner your Blog must have atleast 100000/monthly page views so its better to start your own organization the reason today we will learn How We can Add Advertise Here Ad Slot of 125 By 125 In Blogger.

Protecting Your Copyrighted Content From Getting Stolen - Series

Protecting our content is one of the most crucial topic as these days internet's world is spreading rapidly and widely.The reason why chances of getting your content stolen/copied are increasing.We spend hours of working and writing to find the correct and the most unique topic with the best artwork.We try our best to make our work as attractive as we can and in the end we are pleased with the work when it gets live and the recives positive response from readers.Just few weeks later we figure out the post which we had published previously which has the entire content in form of text,our artwork,the way of our presentation is copied really handsomely by the stealer's.What can we do now? here we cannot do much as a small author does not have many resources to go in court all he can do is sit back and to mourn.The only way to protect your copyrights is to fight to prevent from copying in future.

How To Remove/Disable/Deactivate/Delete FaceBook TimeLine

FaceBook Timeline was introduced to provide new interface to user’s profile. According to FaceBook Officials "Timeline is the new FaceBook profile. Tell your life story through photos, friendships and personal milestones like graduating or traveling to new places" but soon after the announcement of officially release FaceBook Timeline. Many user applied For Timeline but soon they realized the timeline was not that they were looking for the reason why soon user start looking an alternative to remove FaceBook Timeline because FaceBook is not allowing its user to remove Timeline manually. Many tricks are available on internet regarding How to remove/Deactivate/Disable Timeline but all of them either blocked by FaceBook or they are not working properly.Remember: This trick will only disable timeline for you. If any one else will visit your profile it will continue to show timeline until she/he also applied this trick.

Top 5 Tips To Increase Your Website Speed Load Time (Boost)

Website Speed and performance play important role not only in Search Engine Optimization but it also helps in increasing user experiences.If you have a website which load time is slow then your website is simply userless no matter how good it is user only like those websites which have good speed.Due to lack of speed you could  not only lose your visitors but your SEO ranking will also drop due to the decrease in the bots crawling rate.These days internet is being used on Mobile (SmartPhones) the reason why the website which have good speed are more successfully.About 50% percent Chinese (The Worlds Largest Nation) and 80% of American use internet from there mobile and America is the only country which has the most internet users so its important your website has good speed to target audience in America.Due to the increase in use of wireless connection like Wifi its important your site has good load time to stay alive in the lets start optimizing before it gets too late

How To Convert Wordpress Blog To Blogger

Blogger is one the most powerful term of the internet and its getting even better as time passes the reason why its users is increase on daily basis as most of the WordPress users are finding ways to transform there WordPress Blog to Blogger by exporting and import there blog posts.Which is not a difficult task in few steps we can easily convert WordPress To Blogger.Blogger provides much easier interface,easy optimize templates,widgets and much more.WordPress also have some good features but in my opinion Blogger is simply the best.Old Rivals WordPress Vs Blogger who is the Best.So I my self recommend you to use Blogger as it has great importance in the town of internet.

So Today we will learn How To Transform WordPress To Blogger Blog before we get started lets look at some disadvantages of transforming your WordPress blog to Blogger.

10 Tips To Make Your Guest Posts a Success

If you are a good Blogger and knows the tactics of Blogging then you can generate heaps and heaps of traffic for your website.If you have the information about technology and can create a blog then there is very high chance of getting successful

Guest posts is one of the biggest weapon of a Blogger to build lethal Backlinks and to increase your website traffic.All you have to do is to find a high page ranked websites and if the website allows guest post you can test your skills of Blogging and could apply for guest post but you must look and discover those websites which are related to your niche.

Not much people knows this fact that Blogging is not just to write but from Blogging you can reach desirable results and you can use it to become rich.All you need to do is to follow the correct ways of Blogging,to write on the topics which are mostly needed.

So we will take one step forward towards becoming a successful Blogger and Guest posts is the biggest way of doing that.Today we will learn  how to build important backlinks and to generate traffic for you blog from guest posts

How To Edit/Change Your Visitors Comments In Blogger

Blogger is one of the most popular platform.Most of the publisher use it as a magic wand which generates heaps of traffic for their website other the that it is also misused by many users which is becoming one of the biggest headache for the publishers.Most commonly the visitors which only visits some ones website as they want to increase there backlinks and they usually include a website links,anchor text Html link in there comments  and they comment like a mad bot which repeats same comment one after the another.Wordpress allows to edit any comment but Blogger does not allow it's publisher to edit reckless comment all it allows is to remove the comment or make the comment spam.But now we don't need to worry about it recently I was working on blogger XML database and I figure out editing comments is very much possible and we can edit any comments very easily with two simple ways.

Transforming Blogger Blogspot To .Com Domain Name With cPanel

Blogger is one of the most popular platform for blogging the reason why it is recommended by many publishers.It's lot easier to use you don't require any sorts of coding or PHP training its simple and most easiest platform and other then that it is free to use we don't need to spend any money in buying hosting all we need is just to purchase a domain.If you don't purchase a domain then you can still continue to use free domain but its better if you buy a domain it will not only make you look professional but it will also increase your SEO Search Engine Optimiztion.So today we will learn how to transfer your domain to your own .com domain name with cPanel.

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