Transforming Blogger Blogspot To .Com Domain Name With cPanel

Blogger is one of the most popular platform for blogging the reason why it is recommended by many publishers.It's lot easier to use you don't require any sorts of coding or PHP training its simple and most easiest platform and other then that it is free to use we don't need to spend any money in buying hosting all we need is just to purchase a domain.If you don't purchase a domain then you can still continue to use free domain but its better if you buy a domain it will not only make you look professional but it will also increase your SEO Search Engine Optimiztion.So today we will learn how to transfer your domain to your own .com domain name with cPanel.

The Requirements

  • One Cpanel That you usually gets when you buy a hosting.
  • A .Com or any other Domain Name.
  • A Blogger blog to transfer it to .com domain.

How to get started:

First we will go to our Cpanel so we can start the process of transforming our blogspot blog to .com usually you can find your cPanel at
Simply replace MyDomain with your domain.After reaching to your cPanel login into your account with the help of login and password.If you  purchased a new domain and your hosting can allow addon domain then first you must add your purchased domain to your current hosting.

Adding Domain To Your Hosting:Only for Those Who Host Multiple Blogs on same Hosting

To add domain we will first go to our  Cpanel>>Addon Domains >> Simply fill out the details and press add domain,and your domain will be added to your Cpanel.

Setting Up DNS For You Blog:

3.Now after adding domain we will work on DNS which play most important role in transferring Bloggers blog to .Com.We will go to Cpanel>>Advance DNS Zone Editor
>> Then We will Select Our Domain which we want to transfer.After selecting a domain you will see Zone record file in these files we will look for Note:Simply replace MyDomain with your domain name.when you find the file simply click on edit button and perform the following changes.


after editing the file simply press Edit records And our half of work is allmost done.

Changing .Blogspot To .Com Domain:

Now after setting up DNS for our domain we will go to and we will open the setting of that blog which we what to transfer to .Com,simply go to Settings >> Add a Custom Domain >> Switch To Advance Settings >> And then Simply enter your domain name and press Save button.

And then restart your computer and now visit your blog and you will see a picture perfect blog.

From The Editors Desk:
So that how you can transform your Bloggers blogspot blog to .Com with Cpanel.I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial,if you feel any difficulties feel free to ask


The Editorial Team of MyBloggerLab consists of a group of Professional Blogger geeks Led by Syed Faizan Ali (Founder of MyBloggerLab).

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Your detailed post has given us all the reasons to go ahead and execute. Is there any time period for which domain will be down during transfer process.

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