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In 2011 Google upgrated designs of all there product including Adsense , YouTube , Google and even Blogger.When Adsense New interface was introduced most of the people refused to accept it but as the time passes it was accepted as the best interface due to its latest functionality this is the reason why Google retired Adsense old interface in mid November 2011 and now Google is thinking to retire Blogger old interface in April as they have developed new and improved interface.If Google retire old interface this might become really dreadful for those publisher who are not use to Blogger New interface.So it is time to switch to new interface and get use to it.You might feel bit of difficulties but at the end you will be joyed with success that your decision was right.

So today We will Learn why Blogger New interface is better then old interface,Learning about its features and which interface to choose.First let us look quickly look at the key features of Blogger New interface.


The dashboard is now well organized with lots of new and old functions it is look really nice with new design.It is the first page on which you will be landed when ever you hit basically it is the control panel from where you can organize every thing from creating a post to editing your settings.All the option are well tabbed inside a drop down list next to the orange pencil.It consists of
  • Overview: You can use it to check your daily pageviews and get latest news about blogger via Blogger Buzz.
  • Posts: From here you can see your list of published , draft and imported posts you can organize them from here by editing , publishing , deleting or reverting it to draft.
  • Pages: From here you can create new pages for you blog i.e Contact us,About us,Advertise on us.
  • Comments: In here is the complete list of your comments you can manage them by deleting , approving or reverting it to spam.
  • Stats: This is the most useful tool it enables you to track your visitors , gives information about your pageviews , traffic source , searched keywords , you can even monitor from which country you are getting the most audience.You can track which operating system , browser your audience use mostly to visit your site. 
  • Earnings: Here you can monitor the whole activity of your Adsense account.From it you can even track activity of your single ad click on your site.
  • Layout: This is a place where all your widgets live:).You can arrange  them weather you want them in footer, sidebar or even in header.You can also add gadgets from third party or could use Google's Widgets.
  • Template: From here you can upload your template,edit your template or take backup of it.
  • Settings: This is the most important place in here you can organize your blog in other word you can say that it is "The Processor of Blogger" which keeps hidden from every one but has most important role.

Search Preference:

This is latest addition in Bloggers New interface.This feature has created a huge difference in SEO,it has completely make over Bloggers history of being unfriendly towards Search engine optimization here is the few glimpse about it.
  • Meta tags:This function enables you to select separate meta description for each post that you publishes now you are not relying on crawling bots to snippet any description that they like,you can even select your home page meta tags from this tool.
  • Custom Page Not Found:Now you can even design your own 404 not found page no need to use Blogger old not found page you can use HTML with Css to make your 404 page look more stunning read more here.
  • Custom Redirects :You can save your precious Page Rank juice by redirecting your old not found pages to your home or any other URL with latest redirecting system.This not only increase your sites compatibility but it will also make your make your community user friendly with no 404 pages.
  • Crawlers and indexing:This feature enables you to set your own Robots.txt file select any page that you don't want to be indexed you can set parameters which page should be crawled and indexed.

New Post Editor:

In Bloggers new interface post editor is completely changed with no more bugs,load pretty faster it has some exciting new features with includes post meta description,attaching 'rel=nofollow' to external links,scheduling your posts,adding H1 H2 tags.Which makes it perfect for editing.

Customizing and Editing Templates:

In old interface you have noised it gets hang when too many functions are imposed on it but new interface is pure from all these tweaks its really fast with ultra smooth technology it saves and edits your template is split of seconds.

Why to Switch To Bloggers New Interface:

The biggest reason why to switch to blogger new interface is to learn about the improvement in technology we often get use to old things which became our habit and it becomes really difficult to over come your habit it sticks to you like a chewing gum.So its important to keep on accepting the new and improved technology and instead of finding bugs look at the important features which can increase your traffic big time and make your site user friendly.In my first sight I  did not accepted the New interface but as the time passed I was way impressed from its new functions.They way it organized the blog and specially the redirecting system has added life to New interface that what I feels.I would be blessed if you give your opinions about the New Blogger Interface till then peace blessing and Happy switching :)

The Editorial Team of MyBloggerLab consists of a group of Professional Blogger geeks Led by Syed Faizan Ali (Founder of MyBloggerLab).

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April 9, 2012 at 11:32 AM

Very informative post. I also use blogger new interface. Google is really A+.
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Editorial Team MOD
April 9, 2012 at 11:50 AM

Yeh we all should use it as i have mentioned in my posts and google has added many glimpse features in it :)

November 1, 2012 at 1:35 AM

i just love the page views feature..
can see the page views of every post pretty good :)
but lil confused about this search preference..

January 24, 2013 at 10:42 PM

Dear Faizan

You are Going Really amazing i have to learn some things from you can you please help me
this is my Email id

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