4 Ways to Market your Upcycling Furniture Business

There are many different ways of marketing a business, and some do depend on whether you are looking to go outside your local area or whether you are wanting to plant yourself well and truly in the middle of it. Of course, if you are wanting to stay local, then looking at the traditional methods of marketing could be all that you need to do, but you do have to be aware that you are then missing out on so many potential customers that could be available to you either state-wide, countrywide or even worldwide as well as the money that you could gain from those potential customers.

#1 From your workshop

When it comes to selling your merchandise, you can obviously, sell it from your workshop premises, but you will have to make sure that you have the relevant insurance as you will have members of the public wandering around your facility, and although this could be one the cheapest ways to sell your items, should one of your visitors slip, trip or fall, you will have a lawsuit on your hands which could very well wipe out all that you have been doing.

#2 Hiring shop units

You could hire out a shop unit. This could be an expensive measure, especially if you go through a month or so with no actual sales to boost your income. However, there are cheaper versions of this that you may find a lot more beneficial, and these are renting an area in an already established shop selling similar items to yours, or if your items are particularly small, you could always look into renting a shelf or two in a popular store.

#3 Taking your products online

Of course, one of the main areas where you can market your items for sale is on the internet. Using sites such as eBay, or Etsy, you will be able to reach a much larger audience that will be actively searching for the types of products that you will be selling (if you title them correctly). 
Find the right delivery option to get your items there in one piece

Obviously, when you are selling to an audience that is not necessarily in your local area, you are going to have to look into your shipping options. Luckily there are businesses that specialize in furniture shipping, so you will be able to get accurate quotes quickly and easily so you can inform your customers regardless of their whereabouts and how much shipping is likely to cost them.

#4 Don’t forget social media

Of course, when there is talk of marketing on the internet, you must not miss out on marketing your items on social media. With billions of viewers worldwide, this is a colossal market arena to sell in. 
Even if you are not comfortable with putting your products out there to be viewed, just using this source to get your business better known is most definitely worth it. Whether you are choosing to put adverts out there or prepare how-to videos, missing out on the publicity that your business can gain from this over-powering and fully consuming source of entertainment for many is totally bewildering.


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