The Modern Age: Starting a Business With the Help of Blogs


The Modern Age: Starting a Business With the Help of Blogs
In this pandemic, employees are the most affected; how will you put food on the table if you can’t go out? One of the solutions that most people go for is starting a small business. In 2021, starting a blog as a business is not just a way to tell people of the awesome trips and experiences you have. Nowadays, blogs are now used to promote products and services. It’s a great central concept of different kinds of businesses. 

Nowadays, most people are stuck at home. Individuals use different forms of social media, and choosing this for a business is a wise choice. Are you interested in starting your blog, but don’t have any idea how? If so, don’t worry. Here are the steps on how to start a your business with the help of blogging:

1. Choose a blogging platform.

The first step is always the hardest. As we are in the modern age, there are numerous blogging platforms on the Internet. It can seem daunting to choose the best software for your business because you might pick the wrong one, but always keep in mind that the first step to any business is risking it. 

As a beginner, you’ll want to choose software that’s easy to learn and set up that does not require any coding skills. Of course, you have to think of what kind of blog you want to create. Without thinking about what you want to do first, this can cause trouble later on. Finally, you have to think about the future; as your business grows, you may get the urge to add and change your blog’s design.

A smart move to do when starting a business is researching and making plans about every stage in your blog. As your business grows in the future, there are instances where you are too busy to respond to customers. You can visit if you want help with streamlining your blog or website. 

2. Take time to design your blog. 

When picking a theme for your blog, see to it that it correctly displays on various devices, like desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. Always make sure that your blog’s design is mobile-friendly. Failure to do so can make you miss out on a big number of people who prefer using mobile devices than desktop computers.

You can use WordPress and other popular platforms to help you with your designs. These platforms enable users to easily edit and change blogs. They also have default templates that work best with entrepreneurs. 

3. Register your business’ domain name

After deciding on what platform you’ll use, the next step is to choose a domain name. A domain name is a URL used to access your site. You would have to pay to acquire your domain name, although the benefits of registering have more value than the money you’ve spent.

Registering your domain name can make plagiarism or your customer going to another link less likely. Ensure that the title you pick is catchy, can be easily remembered, and specific enough that people wouldn’t mistake you for another website. 

4. Make a plan for every move.

The only constant thing is change. In business, numerous things could happen. Preparing yourself for every mishap that may occur is essential so that you are prepared. Being one step ahead of everything is how one survives when working. Once you created a plan on how to proceed, start writing, and hope for the best!

5. Get writing!

One must think about what kind of blog you want to create. It would be best if you always went back to why you decided to start a business blog in the first place. Ask yourself how often will you commit to working for your blog. 

The ideal time for blogging is two to three times a week, depending on demand and the market. Bloggers who have a huge number of followers often post content every 2 days. Again, it all depends on demand. Some bloggers update daily!

Also, ask yourself what kind of ‘voice’ you want to portray in your blog. Do you have an authoritative approach? How about a more casual and fun tone? Work with what you have without offending your market. Focus on topics that you have unique insights about and where you can add different facts. Merely agreeing with what society tells you will get you little to no readers.

Be sure to engage with your audience members or customers as they are the people who can go back to your blog and read the content you post everyday. If you are in the business of marketing, promoting well can get you more customers and employers. Overall, carefully wording your words can only benefit you.


In this modern age, some of us don’t have any choice but to find work online. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the different interests generations have in social media, the economy can rise again.  

Starting a blog might be overwhelming when you first think about it, but follow the steps above and follow your gut. Being one step ahead of everything is a sure way of avoiding conflict. Always be original and consider what type of audience you want to reach. 


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