6 Tips on How to Build your Brand with Blogging

6 Tips on How to Build your Brand with Blogging
Well we know that, by every passing day the number of bloggers and blogs are increasing. If you are a new blogger or thinking to start a new blog, you must be afraid of competition on the internet. Almost every blogger is striving to attain maximum number of visitors on his blog. I know in this tough competition, if your blog gets even a few visitors, it would be good for your psychological happiness. So keep working hard and don’t lose your hope. In this article, we will tell you 6 tips on how to build your brand with blogging.

There are some bloggers who believe that branding is only meant for the huge organizations who can invest in branding identity agency, having tens of thousands of dollars as budget. But here I need to clear this misconception that even small blogs can generate millions of visitors if they have proper branding strategy. It is actually a continuous process that is done over time. If you are expecting that you would do it at once and feel free after that then you are wrong. To succeed in blogging requires time and a proper branding strategy. In the article below I am going to tell you about the step by step procedure to build your own blogging brand. So let’s have a look.

Start A blog In 3 easy steps: 

  1. Pick a name of your blog and pen down the area of interest. 
  2. Write content according to your area of interest. 
  3. Publish your blog. 

Why you need to brand your blog? 

That is pretty sure that you are creating your blog to attract audience towards it. What else should be the purpose of creating a blog if you have zero readerships? Nothing… Of course when you will have readers, the blog will be source of making money too. Yes you need to brand your blog to generate maximum amount of readers. To generate viewers those are going to share your content on other social media sites. Branding your blog is the one of ways to make your content little popular. If you are a blogger, start thinking about your branding strategy now.

Here are I am listing out some tips that will help you to build your blog a better brand.

1. Use a Unique Logo and Blog Design: 

The very first step to create the brand image of your blog is to have a unique logo and blog design. Of course if you want people to visit your blog out of millions of blog, then you must provide something very unique and eye catching. Remember one thing while designing your blog logo. It should not be very complex. Try to keep it simple and attractive. The simple and eye catchy logo will grab the visitor attention at once.

You logo is actually the true representation of your blog. It is of course going to be your blog symbol in a blogosphere. Let me explain you the importance of logo by giving you the example of famous brands like Nike, McDonalds, and etc. Look, their logos are simple yet very unique and eye catchy.
Same with your blog design (theme). It should be responsive and clean. Try to get a unique design that can become a representation for your brand.

2. Catchy Blog Header: 

Make sure to make your blog header very eye catchy and memorable. This is the first impression of a blog on viewer’s eyes and is the best way to convert a viewer into subscriber. Always remember to add some benefits that every visitor will gain from your blog. Use bold letters and add clear details related to the content. If you are successful in making the catchy header, you are half way done to convert the random visitor into subscriber.

3. Unique and Frequently updated content: 

Make sure that whatever you are posting on your blog is unique and free from plagiarism. You are supposed to generate your own content. So try your level best to avoid the copied content. Copied content will definitely spoil the credibility of your blog. Be yourself. Write from your mind, use your own unique words and patterns, and generate new ideas. Internet is of course very smart. The big search engines are smart enough to detect what unique content you are posting on your blog and they will reward for the fresh and unique content. The reward is better ranking in search results.
In addition to that update your blog regularly. Keep posting the new stuff. If you are too busy to write on daily basis then no worries. Write the stuff on weekend and schedule the posts for the whole week.

4. Define your Target Audience: 

In the initial stages of blogging it is very important to decide who are going to be your target audience. Narrow down your area of interest and figure out what are the topics about which you can write the best. Decide either your blog is going to be about technology, fashion, shopping, food, cooking, accessories, movies reviews or book reviews. Decide the age group of your target audience. For example if your target audience is between 8-12 years then you can write the reviews of different children books or videogames, or post some kids related interested stories. This would help to generate your target audience. Hence leading you to build your own blogging brand.

 5. Use Webinars: 

Well if you don’t know that webinars is one of the best tool for building your blog a better brand then I feel sorry for you. You are not aware of the best thing that can help you alot in making your blog a brand and can attract millions of viewers to your blog. You should use webinars to market yourself as it will help you to drive more traffic to your blog and will make list building an easy task for you.

6. Use social networking Sites: 

Well same like human need some social circle to survive, similarly blogs are web elements that must require some community to survive. The social community involves social websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, linkedIn and many others. What you need to do is create your blog’s profile on these social communities, interact with other brands and  share your blog content in order to generate maximum numbers of audience.

There are a lot of new and unique ways that can be used to build your own blogging brand. I hope the above tips might help you in making your blog a success and creating your own blog brand. Good luck and Happy branding!! 

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