Is Your Website Ready for 2019? 5 Ways to tell if it is

Is Your Website Ready for 2019? 5 Ways to tell if it is
Your website is a platform for engaging prospects who may turn out to be clients. Since it has the power to engage, the site needs to be ready for the ever-changing technology and trends.

Let us agree, technology keeps changing day in day out. The year 2019 will be no different. Owners should expect a few changes here and there. If you stay abreast of the trends, you will surely attract the very individuals who can bring increased profits to your firm.

Therefore, you have to prepare your website for what is coming. I do not mean that you should imitate what other people are doing, no. Use the trends to perfect your idea.

How will you know that your site is ready for the New Year? As part of your resolutions, here are things that you should check to verify its preparedness.

1. It should be mobile friendly

We all thought that iPhone 6 was the bomb. It was. However, at the launch of iPhone X, everybody is now dumping the previous version. Companies will continue to launch new phones.

That should put a demand on the site owners because most people are using their smartphones to browse. If the website is not friendly, then you are sure that it is possible for the user to click away, and that is what you are avoiding at all costs.

2. The speed should be at its very best

One of the first reasons that most people click away from the site is how fast it can be. Low download speeds may also be enough sign that clients are looking for when trying to spot
the authenticity of your business.

Work on the speed both on the desktop and mobile-friendly version. If it is a problem with the theme, then do your best to alter it. The move would seem risky, but it would also have a long-lasting effect on your online brand.

3. Its overall design should be excellent

Designers want to remain updated with the new trends in the market. Of course, 2019 will be a year with modern design trends as with 2018. You may wonder why you should know these trends, but it will have a long-lasting effect on your website.

Keep the design simple and attractive at the same. When selecting colors, ensure that they blend. You are free to use the gradient tool; however, its complex nature can be tricky to handle, which means you should be careful when dealing with the gradient.

4. Create Fresh and update content

If your content had little engagement this year, it would not be any different in 2019. On the other hand, site owners should work to ensure that they add a blog page. It will add to its authority. Nonetheless, you should be careful how you handle this.

Good content will make sure that you remain on top of the search engine. Refresh all the content, be keen on grammar, and be sure to consider uniformity on all of your content. By the way, you should take note of arranging the blog posts vertically.

5. Make your website more interactive

Customer service is essential for any business. You, therefore, have to remain ahead of your competitors by introducing chatbots. The good thing about them is that they can chat with the clients after they spend a specific amount of time in the site.

Set the appropriate time and let the chatbot talk to the client as if it is on a real-time basis. The bot will also ease the customer service job; the bot will also pass challenging queries that the human agent.

Final remarks

If your website does not have the above qualities, find a reputable web design company to assist you in building a reputable one for you.


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