How to Create a Catchy and Powerful PowerPoint Presentation

How to Create a Catchy and Powerful PowerPoint Presentation
A student looking to create a compelling PowerPoint presentation that will catch the audience attention needs to remember the much-maligned PowerPoint isn’t dead. It doesn’t matter of the PowerPoint is delivered on a PC, Keynote, or on a Mac, a bad PPT slide presented makes your audience hate their second serving at the buffet. As a student, you don’t have to worry or suffer from slideshows with a long list of illegible bullets, pixelated clipart being presented by a speaker who continually turns away from the audience to read from the screen. If you can write a great PPT presentation seek online help at an affordable price. One of the best ways for getting professional presentation writing assistance is to hire PowerPoint presentation experts to get your presentation created from scratch. They will ensure your piece is of high quality, has a catchy appeal within the shortest time, and you don’t have to worry about the presentation at all.

To all students here is good news. If your PowerPoint slides are well-designed, using spraining and with the right timing can be brilliant delivering your content to the audience.

If you don’t know what to do or struggling to create exciting slides or worrying your PPT is too wordy, or you have too many of them, keep reading to find out how to create a watch work.
Ways to Make an Excellent PowerPoint Presentation

Be Precise 

SlideShare is created for a particular reason though. They allow you to view information through the slides without necessarily having to go anywhere. When a student delivers a presentation, there is a likelihood that that’s part of the main reason your audience shows up. They are curious about your topic, and also want to hear it from the person speaking.
Keeping the slides as simple as possible is essential when delivering the idea in front of the audience. Focus them on the message, rather than the PPT slides. All the slides should be on topic and straightforward enough that your audience is involved in what you are saying. Moreover, only using the PPT to support the message.

Minimum PowerPoint Text 

To achieve the PPT simplicity start by reducing the amount of information in your presentation. The audience will recall your message better if you include images in your slide. To create a catchy PowerPoint that resonates with the viewer, focus more on visuals - pictures, tables, diagrams, etc.
You aren’t alone here; information is better told through pictures and as such Google is avoiding bullet point and text-heavy slides. Try as much as you can to reduce the text in your presentation.

Rethink Visuals

Reducing text in your presentation creates a new challenge. You will need compelling visual to support your message. As you plan to add some nice-looking pictures to your slides, consider another content strategy; the visuals need to be strategic and relevant to your listeners.


For years, students have used PowerPoint templates, and they are still being used today. Looking to make your project original, choose a theme that will capture your audience’s attention, the one they haven’t seen too many times yet. The template should match your content and complement your topic as you deliver in person. Looking beyond other presentation beyond PPT for unique templates can help a great deal. There is plenty of visual content, design sites such as Prezi that offer great customizable templates you can adapt for your presentation.

Most students use Canva that offers a platform for building presentation from scratch. Also, you can take a look at online presentation makers for a great professional design template, high-quality stock pictures, and icons. Use such additional features the right way.

Graphics and Tables

The best way to support your PowerPoint presentation message is by use of some relevant data as well as statistics. The best thing about this is they can be visuallized. Charts and graphs present the details effectively supporting your point. You have to be careful when using charts and graphs as most students fail to ensure they fit in with the rest of the PowerPoint visual theme. If they didn't fit, you would end up distracting your audience from your key points rather than enhancing it.

The Color

Color themes generate a considerable debate on how it can influence the student emotions, primarily when used in a PowerPoint presentation. Color themes are here to grab the attention and catch the listener’s sight. To learn more about colors and their role, check out the CoSchedule's guide concerning different tones, shades, and combinations.


The PowerPoint presentation must include text, and presenting the slide on a screen in the large auditorium the text fonts must be readable enough to keep the audience interested. They do not have to apply a lot of efforts to see the text and read it. Using the right fonts ensure your listeners don’t get distracted from your message. The use of too small or dense text that is easy to read, your audience will focus more on trying to decipher it instead of paying attention to your presentation.

The Images

As discussed above the use images is very vital in any PowerPoint presentation. A skillful student will use superb visual content in their slides, but that may go to waste if use low-quality photos.
Lastly, incorporate multimedia as people love examples. As you deliver a strong message for your audience to believe it, they need to see it in practice. You can quickly achieve this by using multimedia in the best manner that will capture and maintain your audience attention throughout the presentation.


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