How to Choose the Best Domain Name - 8 Tips

How to Choose the Best Domain Name - 8 Tips
Domain Name acts as a brand image for your blog, hence you can’t risk building a blog on some irrelevant name. 80 percent of the times potential first time viewers come to your webpage just because of your blog title. In this article, we will tell you How to Choose the Best Domain Name - 8 Tips.

1. The Dot com (.com)- Safest bet amongst all

Once selecting your domain name, extension selection can also become a cumbersome task, hence we would advise you to stay away from fancy extensions that sounds cool but not more than the dot com extension. Once you’re selecting a domain name, getting the flow smoother might tempt you to go with .blog, .photography. Edu and other fancy extensions but speaking out of the experience; a dot com extension is always considered as the most credible and trustworthy.

Also keep in mind that the ultimate aim of every blogger is to get credibility from Google by getting first page key rankings which are gets hindered once you use untrustworthy extensions.

2. Play with Keywords

Blogging is all about penning down your thoughts and here relevancy acts as an important factor in getting major viewers from different target audiences. So if the domain name includes smart keywords that are most widely searched on google based on content category, then the chances of potential viewership’s goes high and same goes true for credibility too.

3. Keep it Simply Silly!

As I have mentioned that the most searched keywords are vital, the short domain is also important for the users to recall it instantly. This will help your blog in increasing the traffic. Whenever we look for the online shopping website, so the ( comes in our mind, because it is concise and can easily be pronounced, and hence its easier for users to remember.

4. Make a unique name for your domain

The name for your domain must be related to your product; if someone is looking for the hockey sticks, he will search hockey on Google; so your domain’s name must be related in some way to the actual product that will help a user in reaching to your blog.

5. Avoid hyphens (-)

Hyphens (-) shouldn’t be included in your domain name, because it impedes users to remember our domain name; hence users will search incorrect name, searching websites will leave them at wrong destination instead of your blog. Google also doesn’t detect hyphens instantly and chances of getting featured on top page of google simply goes down with hyphen included blog names.

6. Avoid doubled letters

Avoid doubled letters in your domain name, because it confuses readers and increases potential lost viewership. For example (, the “sss” here might confuse the viewer in recalling the URL of blog and there are chances that the blog loses some chunk of its potential readers.

7. Be a bit generic - think ahead!

Another trick in selecting a domain name can be achieved by playing a bit smartly. Once you have decided your niche at the start, don’t just limit yourself to that, instead think one or let’s say two years ahead when you want to grow your blog, but since your domain name is specific to such a small niche, you cannot attract new viewers. A blog related to hockey should include generic word as “Sports” to hold of potential new viewers.

8. Be original

And last but not the least, be original. It’s good to follow your competitors but it’s certainly not the best idea to steal their names or even steal their ideas. So, be original and plough sweat of your own brainstorming.

Blogging in 2017 will be much more intense and competitive but using these above 8 tools and tricks will certainly help you in choosing and finalizing the best domain name for your blog. Happy blogging!

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