10 Bad SEO Practices you Should Avoid in 2017

10 Bad SEO Practices you Should Avoid in 2017
In earlier blog posts, we’ve discussed best SEO practices, but knowing the other side of the story can also save potential beginners from some mishaps and in order to facilitate our newbie bloggers; here are the worst SEO practices that should be avoided by every blogger. In this article, we will tell you 10 bad SEO practices you should avoid in 2017.

1. Generated content

As you all are aware about content generating software; these software’s create content by plugging some specific keywords and phrases but the most drawback of these software is content which makes zero sense. So if a viewer comes to your blog through some SEO specific keywords, the purpose of coming to the blog goes in waste. The biggest motivation for any blogger to use generated content would be getting maximum traffic, but in reality, if the viewers don’t get the meaty content, the chances of the revisit will be decreased and that will impact on your traffic rating.

2. Links of the bad websites on your blog

Backlinking is an important aspect of blogging and getting higher ratings by search engine. But, linking blog to every follow, no follow website can raise red flags for your blog and might impact its ranking on different search engines. Spamming websites, inappropriate urls, hacking web pages and any junk content related websites are listed in every search engines directory and if your blog gets linked to any such site intentionally or unintentionally, then the similar behavior applies to your blog by search engines too.

3. Copying own content

Some bloggers in order to save time, tries to copy paste their own content to different blog posts in their website considering they are the original authors. But, search engines consider this act as irresponsible and less credible and since the gesture shows lack of passion of blogger; Google penalizes such blogs.

4. Copying someone’s content on your blog

Copying someone’s content is worse than anything, the process of stealing others ideas is known as plagiarism. It is considered as technology crime in developed economies, because your using someone’s else ideas and thoughts by giving your own name. More than anything, the biggest loss of a blogger can get out of plagiarism is that of low rating by google on your blog. Hence, you should be careful from plagiarizing, because it is not only impact on your traffic rating, but also impact on your credibility.

5. Cloaking

Cloaking means that two kind of your content, one for visitors and another for search engine. Basically, some bloggers show software generated content and ads to their human visitors, but hides all the negative sides of the blog while showing to the search engines with the help of webmasters. But search engines have become smarter now a day and can detect such double standards easily and therefore search engines assign lower pages to such kind of blogs.

6. Overflowing ads

Advertisement on a blog is essential for a blogger, but many ads can be a major cause in losing out potential daily visitors. Any average reader would want to read nicely written content in a neat and clean background which becomes a dream when your blog is overflown with ads; these ads make it difficult for reader to read a blog properly.

7. Poor Guest posting on your blog

Some bloggers allow guests to post on their blog, but some of them may post poor content which can not only be irrelevant but also illogical or spams around few SEO words, these can be a cause in decreasing your rating. Hence, every post from guests should get admin’s approval, so that you can check it whether the content is spam or not. If it’s good posting from the guest, you should post it instantly.

8. Slow server URLS

Your website should be loaded in 8-10 seconds, because slow loading annoys users and can be the major cause of losing traffic. A good blog should never be even temporary down; it should be available 24/7 for its users.

9. Paid links

Building a successful blog needs time and hard work; if you use a shortcut by paying another blogger to insert your blog’s link on their webpage, there is a chance that your blog is ben backlinked with another irrelevant blog and you might lose traffic.

10. Downsides of not using Google Webmaster

Basically, it is a software for bloggers that facilitate them by giving some tips to their blog. If you don’t use or follow it, you may miss the chance of decorating your blog with the latest trends; it tells you the way to attract readers, the way to increase traffic and the suitable keywords that might be similar with the users’ searched keywords.

We would like to end at this note that blogging is not easy; in your early career, new bloggers might attempt any of the above mistakes as these are the most common ones to commit. but, reading the post above and following on the true part of blogging which is hard work, commitment, passion and consistency; you can also make your blog as one of the biggest hits of 2017.

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