Blogger vs. WordPress - Which is Better for Blogging?

Starting your own blog can be a difficult at confusing task without ample amounts of knowledge. In recent times, technology has enabled us to use so many platforms for creating and maintaining blogs that it becomes difficult to pick one. Among bloggers, one of the most famous comparisons is Blogger vs. WordPress. Both Blogger and WordPress are mostly used as text based blogs and offer a different set of designs and features. Here is a comprehensive comparison between both of the blogging platforms.In short, we will show you Blogger vs WordPress - which is better for blogging?

Pros of using

1. Easy to Use:

Blogger is a service owned by the mighty Google. Blogger is a very useful service if you’re just looking to start out a casual blog with little to no care about any technicalities affiliated with maintaining a blog. When you are not blogging for a specific goal and just need a platform out there to share your thoughts, Blogger is the better one at this.

2. Simple Interface:

Blogger interface is quite simple and easy to use. It would hardly take a hour to completely understand the options and features that are available on

3. Highly Secure Servers:

Blogger users have the surplus advantage when it comes to security because of Google’s secure servers, you generally don’t have to worry about being hacked or creating backups in case the servers are down, because that rarely happens with Google.Also learn about how to remove malware warnings from Blogger.

4. Everything for FREE:

With zero startup costs and almost no technical knowledge required to deal with it, Blogger is the perfect place to start your business for FREE. Also check our detailed article on why you should use Blogger.

Cons of using

1. Suspension & Ownership:

The limitations with Blogger are that when you host a blog on Blogger, it basically belongs to Google and you are just using their service. This means, Google has the right to shut down the service any time they want to. They own your blog, for the most part.

2. Less options for Customization:

Blogger also lacks customization in terms of technical features. It gives you limited control with what you can do to your blog. But third-party Blogger templates developers has given a new life to this platform by designing highly customizable blogger template.

3. Limited Search engine optimization

Blogger also is lagging behind in SEO optimization although they have recently added some new features for SEO. Also learn how to make your blogger template SEO friendly.

Pros of Using WordPress:

1. Ownership & Control

WordPress is a blogging service not owned by anyone, which means its open-source. By hosting on WordPress, you can be sure of the fact that you are the owner of your blog and all the data uploaded on it. WordPress is open-source, hence a lot of users have worked hard to make it more useful in terms of control.

2. Highly SEO Friendly:

Users on WordPress have complete authority over the SEO. You can add plug-ins and host files of your own to optimize your blog better for search engines.

3. Large Collection of Themes:

WordPress showcases a wide range of free and paid themes that are available for any kind of website you are looking to host. No matter what the subject of your website is, you can find many suitable themes for it and customize it right to the dot to fit your needs specifically.

Cons of Using WordPress

1. Maintenance: 

WordPress is usually better for technical and advanced/professional bloggers. With the advantage of having full ownership over your blog, you also have to maintain it on your own.

2. Getting Hacked & Security:

Taking regular backups and managing security on the internet from hackers and spammers alike. Because you own your blog, you have to host it and register your own domain which requires some money.

Conclusion, Blogger vs WordPress:

Blogger is a nice platform to start off with. It is simple and easy to use and requires very less prior technical knowledge to deal with. Blogger is a brilliant way for someone to share their thoughts and is the perfect pick for casual blogging.

WordPress, on the other hand, offers a lot more as a blogging service. The in-depth control over features and appearances of the website is very useful. You have ownership of your blog and your data. It is an open-source software and is much more flexible. In short, WordPress offers you a lot of power and flexibility in terms of customizing your website to meet a particular need.

If you are serious about starting a blog with the intention of grabbing an online audience and maintaining a professional blog or a business one, WordPress is the way to go. Much more powerful and flexible than Blogger but slightly difficult to get started with, and some initial costs involved but all worth it.

The Editorial Team of MyBloggerLab consists of a group of Professional Blogger geeks Led by Syed Faizan Ali (Founder of MyBloggerLab).

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