How to Improve User Interaction on your Website

Would you like your website to receive more engagement by having web visitors engaging in comment discussions, voting or liking your content, or perhaps even sharing your web content on other websites and on social media? How would you feel if your website increased its conversion rate, which would allow you to gain more subscribers, enquiries or sales? In this article we will show you, How to improve your user interaction on your website?

Digital marketing agency, suggests making the following enhancements on your website to improve your website’s performance in these areas:

1. Give your website’s visitors an offer that they cannot refuse:

Entice your website’s visitors to sign-up or take the desired action you want on your site by enticing them with an irresistible offer. For example, if you want to get more email subscribers, you can reward people for subscribing to your website or for purchases by offering them a free gift such as an eBook, whitepaper, report, coupon, membership or merchandise. You can see a case study on how successful this tactic was here.

2. Create content that compels your website’s visitors to engage!

The content that is presented on your web page is what will keep your visitors engaged. Ask yourself if you truly believe that your web content is delivering the information that your web visitors are craving for? If there is any element of doubt, you should commit to making improvements in the web content that you are publishing.
Some quick ways you can make enhance your web content include:
Tweaking headlines and subheadings to draw more attention to your website’s content.
  • Sell the value proposition in your web content by pitching your idea, informing your website’s visitor or revealing information to them.
  • Improving the call to actions on the website.
  • Deliver your content in a simple to digest format.
  • Ensure that your content is free from mistakes (typos, grammar and punctuation).
Some successful strategies that you can adopt include Brian Dean’s ‘Skyscraper technique’, where you find the most engaged and linked to content pieces in your targeted industry and develop a more enhanced version of that content. You can look out for those content pieces that may have dated information or that could be presented better.

3. Tweak your website’s design to drive conversions.

Your website’s design can foster increased usability, engagement and conversions. The website should be easy for the web user to navigate to scan and find the content that they are looking for. The website’s design should guide the web user to take specific actions on the website, such as clicking through to related content, filling in web forms or compelling the web user to purchase products or services. The themes, buttons, colours and layout should work together to drive engagement and conversions.

4. Simplify your checkout process.

The easier you make it for your customers to buy, the more sales you will be able to generate. Aim to implement a single-page checkout system where customers fill out their details once and can proceed with the purchase. You could even seek to make the repeat purchase process easier by offering one-click purchases, which is what Amazon has successfully implemented.

5. Consider implementing remarketing activities.

You can try to win people back to your website by leveraging remarketing efforts through display and paid search networks. By dropping a cookie into their browser, you can remarket to them in a bid to have them come back and take action on your website. To achieve this, you will need to set aside a budget to promote to your list on the search, display and social media networks.

The more people you can have engaged and convert on your website, the better it will be for your web business over the long-term. It should be easier to get referrals and for your website to grow. People bring more people. Commit to improving your conversion and engagement initiatives for your website today!


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