Releasing "Templateism" a Hub of Quality Blogger Templates

Finally, 2012 came to an end.  It’s 1st January 2013, and we cannot wait more to announce that we have launched a new Blog namely “Templateism”, which mainly covers Professional Blogger Templates. From its name, anyone can easily guess it is a heaven of Professional Themes and Templates. Being a Blogger Geek, our team thought to create a separate site especially for Blogger Themes so every single person can easily make use of them. We have already put out 4 Highly Professional Blogger Themes, which would surely impress every single person whether he is in designer club or not. We have listed the PRO themes which we have released till date.

How to Add All in One Social Subscribe Box Widget in Blogger

After the successful release of Fireworks Jquery Effect and Social Content Locker for Blogger Platform, we are thrilled to share yet another remarkable widget for Blogger Platform. About few months ago, one of our readers contacted us and requested to create a clean and elegant all in one Social Subscription widget. Unfortunately, that time we were unable to complete his request. Finally, we have designed a Clean and Classy Social Subscription widget that has significant Social Networking websites. We have not used any jQuery file. Therefore, it is extremely lightweight, and it would not affect your site speed. Today in this article, we will Add All in One Social Subscription Box in Blogger.

How to Show or Hide Widgets on Specific Blogger Pages

Sometimes people desire to show some widgets on few parts of their website, so it unnecessarily does not decrease the speed of other pages. Blogger BlogSpot users always complain that they cannot display gadgets on the specific part of their website i.e. Homepages, Post Pages and Static pages, but now it is extremely straightforward to restrict some widgets on certain pages. There are numberless reasons why a person wants to show gadget on certain pages because it could be anything. Consider a person created a featured content slider widget but he wants to display it only on the homepage. Therefore, those who are anxiously looking for a method of restricting widgets on specific pages then, today in this article, we will learn How to Show and Hide Blogger Widgets on Specific Pages?

How To Create a "Sticky" Floating Navigation Menu in Blogger

Are you tired of your laborious Navigation bar and would desire to refurbish it with something that could amuse your visitor? Navigation bar is deliberated as the core element of a website because it represents the complete outlook of a website. Navigation bar has most prominent information about that helps users to navigate throughout the website. As we all are well aware that Navigation bar appears at the top of a website, so users have to scroll back to top in order to navigate to different pages. Furthermore, probabilities are bit high that users might get frustrated and straightaway leave your website. For that reason, it is crucial to have a “Sticky” Navigation bar that floating along whenever someone Scroll up or down the page. In This Article, we will Learn How To Create a Floating “Sticky” Navigation bar in Blogger. 

How To Create Animated Fireworks Jquery Effect in Blogger

New Year’s Eve is just 5 days plus nights away and the whole blogger community is anxiously waiting for that day. On New Year’s Eve, we celebrate with joy and try to learn from our mistakes that we have made previously. Similarly, On New Year’s Eve, many Bloggers would love to decorate their site with Fireworks. Keeping that in mind, we have designed a new awe-inspiring Fireworks widget, which would literally produce Spark in the eyes of your visitors. The Firework effect is not an ordinary one because we have used Flexible jQuery that works quite brilliantly. Today, in this article we will Learn How To Add jQuery New Year Fireworks Effect In Blogger Enabled Websites. 

How To Change Font, Size, Color Of Sidebar Title In Blogger

Are you bored with your dirty looking Sidebar? Sidebar is one of the core elements because it holds all those widgets which have significant information about a website. Let us assumes that a person arrived on your blog while navigating through your articles he saw a junky looking Sidebar Heading. Hence, a pleasant visit was turned into a horrifying one. Since, first impression is the last impression. Therefore, it is essential to decorate your Sidebar Headings with Correct Color Scheme and fonts. So, those who are anxiously looking for a method of modifying their Blogger Blog’s Sidebar Headings have arrived to the right place. In this article, we will learn How to Change Sidebar Fonts, Color and Size in Blogger Platform. 

How To Create a Social Content Locker in Blogger BlogSpot

ATTENTION: The Tutorial is Update, Please Update Your Scripts or it will not work!
How many people are using Social networking websites to boost their Website’s Traffic? There are tons of professional Bloggers who entirely depends on the Social Traffic. However, it is extremely difficult to get social exposure quickly. Though, there are some widgets which help to increase social followers, but it is not enough. If we want to dominate the social web, then we have to make use of each and every opportunity that we have. For that reason, we have come up with one of the much anticipated Social Widget of all time, Social Content Locker. 

Official Google Panda #23 Algorithm Update on December 21

Official Panda #23 Algorithm Update: Christmas Edition
After declining again and again, Google has finally accepted that there was a Panda Update. The whole blogosphere was threatened when they decline about the update. Google with the help of Twitter informed the whole blogosphere that the recent fluctuation in the Search engine ranking was due to the Google Panda 23rd Algorithm refresh. The Algorithm affected about 1.3% of English based quires worldwide. We were a bit surprised to see a Panda update before Christmas and New Year holidays because last year they promised that, they will not update Panda Algorithm during holidays. The effect of this update were not that taunting because it hardly affected 1.3% of search queries. In this article, we will discuss more on Google Panda #23 Algorithm update.

What is BuySellAds PRO? How to Get Approved

BuySellAds, the most dominating advertising platform has all his tails up because yesterday they launch a new monetizing platform called BuySellads PRO. It is a new innovative service that would provide much flexible and smarter earning opportunities to Professional websites. BuySellAds PRO consolidates lots of Tools used by site owners into a single interface. The company says that the publishers were so upset with the ad serving from one service, Payment via PayPal, and so keeping in mind they build this tool. Using BuySellAds publishers would be able to sale direct ads, programmatic ad sales, and could make use of advance serving in one place.

How To Create Breadcrumbs Navigation in Blogger Blogs

Breadcrumbs Navigation is always deliberated as a core element of a blog. Some people may take it as a useless or unnecessary thing while other, thinks that it is an ideal way of allowing your users to navigate the older pages with ease. It is a fact, that Breadcrumbs increases the usability of a blog. Breadcrumbs provide an alternative method to the visitors so they can easily navigate similar articles without going through lots of different pages. 

Today in this article, we will integrate Breadcrumb navigation widget in Blogger Blog and would also learn about it advantages that Why a Person should use Breadcrumb navigation menu in Blogger enabled websites.

How To Ban Unlimited IP Address with JavaScript in Blogger

At this time and age, tons of hackers are revolving around in the blogosphere with only one motive to hack as many websites as they can. Therefore, to protect our blog from brute force attacks or hijacking it’s essential to have a strong security system. There is no doubt that Blogger Platform has the indestructible security whenever we compare it with one of the leading Blogging Platform WordPress. Since, Blogger enabled websites works on Google’s Server, so it is extremely tough to hack or hijacked them. However, sometimes content cloning, click bombing, and spam commenting becomes the biggest pain. In this situation, a person tries to find the culprit and restrict it from access his website. In other words, we can say that banning his IP Address.  

How to Mention People in your Blogger Posts with Google+

After the recent success of Google+ Followers gadget for Blogger, Google is ready to add yet another fabulous functionality. If anyone is using Blogger Platform for daily personal or corporate writing, then they would be pleased to see that it has received a bit more Social treatment from Google Plus. This functionality allows a person to mention any Google+ user within the article. It’s an ideal way of magnetizing quick attention. On the other hand, it will also help in providing context to your content. There is no doubt that Google is playing all its tricks to dominate the Social Web, and Blogger is ideal for their promotion because it is one of the widely used by tons of Bloggers.

There Was No Panda Algorithm Update: Says Google

Sometimes dreams are so high that they never get true, but if large masses of people has the same dream and suddenly someone tell them that their dream is not real then, we can assume what that person would feel. Last Friday, we witnessed significant signs of a Google Algorithm update. The impact was so high that it literally brutalizes the whole blogger community. Nonetheless, Google has now come into the action and have confirmed that there was NO Algorithm update neither Panda nor Penguin (No update at all). No Update! That means, the whole webmaster community and SEOs who saw lots of fluctuations were wrong. Google has given birth to lots of questions that are wobbling in the brains of bloggers.  

How to Change the Default Text Selection Color with CSS in Blogger

One of the coolest ways of selecting a text on a website is to drag your mouse all over the content. While Selecting Text or any other element either on a website or, on your desktop screen a Highlighted color appears, this helps us in the selection. Mostly, the selected area is highlighted with blue color (Default). So what are your thoughts, about changing that highlighted color to something that matches your color scheme? It would give a new touch to your website. We utilized Webkit Just like we did in our previous Scrollbar Modification. The technique is extremely straightforward that it takes seconds to complete. Today in this article, we will learn How to Change the Default Text Selection Color with CSS in Blogger.

How to Optimize Images for Higher Search Engine Ranking in Blogger

Sometimes Pictures could bring a lot of organic traffic to a website. Getting traffic From Google Images is neither difficult nor stress-free because the entire thing depends upon the way a person optimizes his images for SEO (Search engine optimization). Since, Blogger is not renowned for its SEO Friendly experience. Therefore, a person has to optimize each and every element of his site on his own and that also includes Images. If an image is optimized with proper techniques then, it could bring plenty of traffic without any hassle or breakage. Those who think Blogger Platform is not ideal for Image SEO then today in this article, we will learn How to Optimize Images for SEO in Blogger.

How To Write Effective Comment Policy For Your Blog

Are you fed-up from all those commenters who just leave useless comments for the sake of getting a backlink? Facts are facts, because almost 50% of daily visitors lands on a website to get a backlink. On the other hand, website owners usually ignore such comments, but they’re unaware of the fact that spammy comments could be deadly for them. Such comments could decrease the reputation of a website because it would become a heaven of SPAM commenting, where people check in with empty hands and leave with a hand full of backlinks. The solution of this mess is to formulate a Comment policy which protects all the rules and regulations which applies to each and every comment. In this article, we will learn How to Create an Effective Comment Policy for your Blog.

How To Create Metro UI Navigation Menu in Blogger Blog

Are you bored with your website’s navigation menu? Does anyone want to revamp his unappealing navigation menu into Windows 8 Style Metro Menu? Navigation menu is one of the core elements of a website because without a user-friendly Menu visitors can’t search the content in depth. In this situation, an ugly Navigation Menu could act a piece of garbage. Therefore, it is essential to have an elegantly style Navigation Menu that attracts a person like a bee to a honey. To provide more power to Blogger users, we have created a new windows 8 look like Metro UI Navigation menu for blogger enabled websites. It has tons of features which we will discuss in today’s article. 

Now only One 300x600 Google AdSense Unit Allowed on Each Page

Just under one month ago, Google team released a gigantic Ad Format - 300x600. This new ad format got two sided response from the publishers because there is no need to use an enormous Ad Slot for no reason. Furthermore, the size of this ad Slot is bigger than other Ad units. This is the reason why Google team has announced a change in their policy. Now publishers can only place one 300x600 size ad unit on each page. To be honest, we were well aware that this Ad slot would not last so long because Google Page Layout Algorithm doesn’t allow too many ads above the fold, so this could be the reason, why publishers can only place one 300x600 size ad slot per page. 

Google Algorithm Update on December 5, 2012?

Does anyone is witnessing a significant decrease in their Traffic? If yes then, the brutal Google update would soon blow up the brains of the bloggers. On 5th December 2012, both Mozcast and reported a momentous rise and fall in the Google Traffic. On the other hand, there we no evidence of this fluctuation until we noticed a significant decrease in our traffic. It’s quite clear that Google is going fishy once again because this is not the first time, when we have heard rumors about the Google Algorithm update. If anyone is thinking that his traffic is down due to manual penalization, then he should think again because Google Algorithm update is soon to be update. In this article, we will learn more about the Unknown Google Update.

How to Create Custom Webkit Scrollbar in Blogger Blog

Do you want to enhance the Scroll bar of your website? Scroll bar appears at the right side of the screen and, it allows users to scroll down the page whenever they drag there mouse up or down the page. To provide a user-friendly experience to your visitors, it is essential to have a Smooth Scroll bar. However, there is no doubt that Custom Scroll bar does the job quite handsomely, but it is not perfect. Few days ago, our reader informed us about the colorful Webkit Scrollbars that he has seen on different websites. Furthermore, he also requested us to develop a similar one. Therefore, in this article we will learn How to Create Customize Webkit Scrollbar in Blogger BlogSpot Blog?

How To Add Rounded Social Widget With Hover Slide out Effect In Blogger

Are you bored with your laborious Social Networking widget that keeps on loading again and again? Since, the internet is getting advantaged. Therefore, the expectations of visitors are getting higher. It’s a fact that, People always look for Highly Professional websites with incredible gadgets. As we all are well aware of the fact that Social Networking websites plays a significant role in converting daily users into social Followers, so it’s essential to have an Elegant Social Follower gadget.  There are several Social gadgets that have quite impressive features, but are too heavy to be incorporated in a blog because it could affect the speed of a website. Today in this article, we will be sharing a Splendid Round Social Sharing Widget with Effects for Blogger Enabled Websites.

How to Monitor Server Uptime in Blogger Blogspot Blog

Do you still think that your Blogger blog never goes down whenever you are asleep? What a person could do when his website stopped responding in the middle of the night while the other side of the world tries to access his website.  All These situations might brutalize a blogger and might also affect the website’s reputation. Every now and then, your site goes downs for few seconds and comes up. In this situation, a person thinks that his website always remains UP, but he is unaware of the fact that what is going on. In this article, we will look at How to monitor your Server uptime in Blogger Enabled website, so a person know about each and everything that what’s going behind the scenes of his website.

How To Add a Flash Mp3 Music Player In Blogger Blog

After reading a real long article, Bloggers often get bored. To increase their energy few blogger interact with their friends while some of them utilizes Social Media. To be honest, the perfect approach of removing your stress is to listen to your favorite songs. The type of song could be anything. However, a pleasant melody literally refreshes the brains of a blogger. Moreover, it provides a new life to a blogger because it clears all the stress that is wobbling in their brains. So, if anyone is looking to install a Melody Player in his Blogger enabled website then, he has arrived to the right place. Today in this article, we will be learning How To Add Music Player in BlogSpot Blogs. 

Reasons: Why a Content Writer Must Start His Own Blog

Do you think content writing is the most desirable online part-time job? If yes then, it is one of the prime blunders that a person has ever committed in his whole life. There is no doubt that Content Writers earn quite handsome revenue, but they can double their income if they start their own Blog or website. How much a Content writer could earn, hardly $10/article or a maximum $30/ article. Does that is enough; the answer would be an enormous NO. The problem is that they don’t have their own empire to play with because they have committed their whole life for others. To guide content writes on the right side of the path, in this article, we will be discussing some significant reasons that Why a Content Writer Should Start his own blog and starting earning effortlessly. 

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