Why Your Parent Thinks Blogging is A Waste Of Time

Do you consider that bloggers and webmasters only have to struggle against the Algorithm updates, Traffic domination and Quality Content? If we look from a broad point of view, then we might notice that these are the tiniest problems of a webmaster because no one would ever think that the main trouble starts from the house of a Blogger. Unfortunately, MOM and DAD are the real troublemakers for a webmaster, because most of the time they don’t recognize that why their son/daughter is spending half of his day on the internet. Fundamentally, Parents (MOM and DAD) are correct at their perspective, but they should also understand the feeling of a blogger. Though, webmasters also commits lots of blunders, but Parents should support them rather than asking them to leave the Blogosphere. Today we will be discussing the fact that why Your Parents Thinks that Blogging is a Waste of Time and Money.
Why Your Parents Thinks That Blogging is a Waste Of Time:

Problem#1: Spending 24 Hours on Computer:

The biggest problem of a blogger is that he spends his whole day on a computer. It doesn’t matters whether he is writing a significant CODE or busy in finishing his pending task because their parents will always think that he might be busy in uneventful activities i.e. Chatting, Flirting and etc. They think that their son/daughter is going in the wrong direction, and hence it is their duty to guide us to the right side of the path. Solution: The single way to resolve this problem is to spend less time on Internet but being a webmaster we have to spend hours to research about the certain thing. On this occasion, we can maintain a timetable in this way we can work on regular intervals in this way our parents will not see us on internet 24/7.

Problem#2: Giving More Importance To Blogging Than Academic Studies:

Almost each and every webmaster is entirely dedicated to his blogging career this is the reason why he spends most of his time in blogging rather than in studying. However, a webmasters never ignores or compromise on his Academic studies because he to get success education is necessary. He spends less time in studying but more in blogging, this is the reason why parents get curious about the future of their son, and hence thinks that blogging is wastage. Solution: To resolve this issue a webmaster have to give more importance to his studies because studies come first and Blogging can be continued later.

Problem#3: No Earning, Nothing But Still Blogging:

When someone is earning about thousands of dollar per months, then it is pretty sure that no one in the family will be complaining about it because Money is something that makes everyone feel happier. However, if a blogger is not earning sufficient amount from his website, then his parents will surly think that their Son/Daughter is wasting his/her time because they aren’t gaining anything instead spending hours online. On the other hand, if a blogger is earning heaps of dollars than hardly anyone will complain why he is spending hours on the internet. Solution: The only way to resolve it is to Earn and Earn nothing more than that.

Problem#4: Parents Don’t Know What is Blogging:

Do you ever noticed that your parents don’t know what does the term blogging means, even your friends or family members will keep on guessing whenever you will tell them about your website. However, it is not a new term but still lots of people don’t understand its meaning. Solution: A Blogger have to realize their parents that he is doing blogging for his better future because the term BLOG is so powerful. Moreover, he can explain the complete History of Blogs and can name them Few Pro Bloggers that are living a luxurious life.

Problem#5: Parent Don’t Understand The Feeling of a Blogger:

Do you think that your parent don’t love you? Parent always wants to see their son/daughter happier because they truly love their children. Just take a deep breath and think what you have done for your parents and what they are doing for you, then you will feel the difference that your MOM and DAD only cares about you. If they ask you to stop blogging then you should obey their order because they know what is better for you.

From The Editor’s Desk:

Few Days back, when I was preparing a new Social Tooltip Widget for MBL my Mom ask me that why I spend my whole day on the computer. At that time, I didn’t know what to say, but I keep my calm and shutdown the computer. Moral of the story always respect and love your Parents no matter either you are a successful or unsuccessful blogger. What do you think does Parents Should support a Blogger? Leave your comments till then peace, blessings and happy respecting.

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September 7, 2012 at 8:27 PM

Nice Info.I have a question for you,what will be the future of blogging or online internet marketing?Will choosing the blogging as career a right choice?What are your opinions about these question bro?

September 7, 2012 at 9:50 PM

very good nice very meainingful post

September 7, 2012 at 9:50 PM

keep writing this type of great post

September 8, 2012 at 2:33 AM

parents incarnation of god. so if your parents keep any calm. you should give respect and doing blogging :) keep it up great post

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