New Features Hits Google Affiliate Ads For Blogger

A few months back in April Google introduced Affiliate Ads for Blogger. It is a gadget which allows you to monetize your blog with the relevant affiliate ads related to your content and helps you to earn somewhat handsome commission whenever someone click on your ads and makes a purchase. According to the Google Buzz, “We have received encouraging response from Blogger Users and our advertisers who supported us to make this brilliant service available”. In recent times, Google has rolled out a couple of recent enhancements to their Affiliate system. Today we will learn more about the enhancement Google had made in their Blogger Affiliate gadget.

>Why To Choose Google Affiliate Ads For Blogger?

There is not a lot of difference in between typical affiliate ads and Google Affiliates ads. Both networks employ the same technique. Google affiliate ads are way healthier than lots of affiliate ads even its giving threatening competition to and This is the purpose why lots of potential advertisers are showing their interest in advertising their product on Google affiliate ads. So far so worthy, Bloggers are extremely happy with its services because it works flawlessly with Adsense hence anything which comes from affiliate is a bonus.

New enhancements to Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger:

Improved Availability: When Google affiliates were first introduced its services were only made available to USA based users but now anyone who owns a genuine AdSense account can take advantage of it after enabling your Google Affiliate ads you can easily get access to the Affiliate Gadget and can use it with great command.
More Potential Advertisers and Products: After successively launching Affiliate program for Blogger, it has succeeded in pulling the attention of potential advertisers. Publishers can now easily search for more relevant ads with the help of Google Affiliate advertisement search tool. New product categories which are present on affiliate gadget are Sport, Fitness, Office Supplies, Home & Apparel, Accessories, Department Stores and Garden. According to Google, “At this time we have added 40 additional advertisers and stretched our offering to incorporate products in the Health & Beauty, Jewelry, Flowers Edibles & Gifts, Education, and other categories”.

How To Earn More With Your Google Affiliate ads:>

Earning from affiliate marketing is an uphill task it requires hard work with proper mindset. It is not like AdSense which automatically generates relevant advertisement related to your content. To achieve the same success in Google Affiliate we need to study it from bottom to top. Following are the few crucial tips which possibly will double your Affiliate earning. 

Correct Ad Selection: Selecting correct advertisement is most crucial in affiliate marketing. For example if your blog post is related to the apple and you place an ad which relates mango then surly you visitors will not even bother to view it. Therefore, it’s essential that you must select relevant ads and Google Affiliate Gadgets allows you to take command while advertisement selection.

Correct Ad Placement:  Mostly publisher won’t care about their ad placement and this is the reason why their earning is affected really badly.

Selecting Best Ads: If you want to boost your Affiliate income, then keep in mind that your total affiliate earning depends on the price of the purchased product. So it’s essential that you must select neither high nor low price products.

Promoting Your Affiliate ads: To maximize your earning try to promote your referrals on the different social networking website. Social media is the only online platform which helps publishers to earn more from their referrals.
What’s coming up?
There are not two opinions why Google is ruling the world of the internet from many years. Whenever, we hear the word Google the first thing which clicks our mind is search engine, but factually its more then a search engine. Almost 80% Google’s earning comes from Adsence which notify us why they are strict in their policies. So guys, we hope you have enjoyed the latest trend in the Blogosphere. Tomorrow we will coming up with something new and special so stay tuned till then peace, blessings and happy Google Affiliate marketing.

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