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Google+ (Plus) is one of the most anticipated social networking website, this is the reason why Google+ has gained the audience attention dramatically within 6 months it registered 170 million unique profiles with tons of daily visitors.Which makes it one of the top rated social networking website.

Google+ is the biggest competitor of Facebook,  this is the reason why these  website are head to head in the race of ruling the world of social networking. While Facebook has introduced new Timeline Profiles so why Google will remain behind. Google has introduced new Google+ Profiles with lots of new and improved functions. Google+ is now even more better with new and improved interface, with easy to use navigation, attractive profile design and lots of more cool and new features.


With the latest improvement, Google+ gives you new ways to share the right things with the right people. The new Google profiles are stuffed with lots of new and improved features which will attract your attention.These are the features which will add more color to Google Plus with,
  • New and Improved Profile Design.
  • New Featured Side bar Navigation Strip
  • New Fan Pages
  • New way to Hangout
  • Chat with Your Friends

Google+ Plus New Profile "Your Face To the World On Google+"

Your profile is the place where your friend can find out the latest information about you. With new Google+ profiles, you can make your profile look more attractive by adding 940x180 pixels cover page. Google+ profiles are now well organized with shared items below the cover photos and shared circles at the right side of your profile
  • How To Set up your profile:
num-01.png (30×34)Your profile is where you can organize every thing about you. Add a profile picture, share a few details about yourself, and pick a cover photo that tells people a little more about who you are
  • Help your friends find you:
num-02.png (30×34)Where have you worked, lived, and gone to school? Add some basic information to make it easier for people to find you.

  • Adjust your privacy settings:
num-03.png (30×34)It’s easy to control who can see what on your profile. You can also choose who can tag you in photos, comment on your posts, and send you notifications. Set your preferences in your Google+ settings.

“It accelerates our efforts to create a simpler, more beautiful Google,” Google Senior Vice President Vic Gundotra argued in a blog post announcing the redesign.

Create Circles & Posts "Give and get updates from just the right people" 

New Google+ Interface makes it easy to share right things with right people, just like the your real life circle. You can share any thing with your friends , family, and almost nothing with your boss. Google+ is all about having best conversations with your love ones. Share links, Photos, Videos, or any thing that's in your mind. You can take advantage of Google Plus button to recommend any link to your friends
num-01.png (30×34)Create circles  num-02.png (30×34) Share something  num-03.png (30×34)Respond to posts

New Featured Side bar Navigation Ribbon:

Google calls it Navigation Ribbon, a new sticky sidebar navigation which is full of goodies. Which works as your navigation shortcuts. With some new and improved features the sidebar looks very attractive with hovering icons.You can customize your sidebar navigation by dropping in or dropping out your favorite app. Which will make your Google+ experience more reliable and faster

Hang Out With Your Friends:

With new Google+ Hangout page you can get live face to face to your love ones via video chatting.You can invite your friend to hang out or can join your friends hangout invitation.To get started visit your Hangout page now.

You can host video conferences with your friends and families by going through the new hangout page.Another killer feature of Hangout, It allow you to access (Join) every public and on air hangout sessions.

From The Editor's Desk:
So, these new features will surly add a new life to Google. And already the reaction on redesigning Google+ is largely positive. What do you think? about these new features,  what do you feel? these updates are just to challenge Facebook, give your opinion which is best Facebook or Google+. Till then peace, Blessings Pals

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April 15, 2012 at 10:20 AM

There's another hidden feature with banners - you can make them animated with a size trick.

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