8 Tips To Drive More Traffic From Pinterest To Your Blog

In our previous post, we introduced first online visual Pinboard named “Pinterest”. As Pinterest could be the up coming social networking giant so, we decided to write some tutorials to explain how you can use it to drive traffic. This is the reason why today we will share the top 8 tips to drive more traffic from Pinterest To your blog.

Before we get started, the fundamental rule behind success is to discover every thing from its roots. This is the reason why we hunt for suggestions from qualified people. Now when we are thinking about Pinterest as our promoter, it’s vital that we have a comprehensive study on how the whole process works? So today we will share some of the basic tips which will bring more traffic to your blogs and website if you pin right thing on right place.

Feel The Difference – Pinterest:

Pinterest is the platform which is different from all of the social networking websites i.e. Facebook, Twitter and even Google Plus. Pinterest is the only social networking website with a unique idea. It relay’s heavily on pictures, when ever you pin any thing it automatically adds featured image from your content. So you may find it difficult If you are not good at designing, but do not drop down your believe stay motivated and by the end of these tips you will receive the glittering success

Pin Right thing at Right Place:

Managing every thing in a systematic order has some significance. So whenever you try to submit a new pin, try to assemble your pins according to there categorize in your pinboard. You can create new boards, add a description to it with wealthy keywords.

Pin Day in and Day out:

Just like other social networking website i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ it is vital to keep your followers updated. And in Pinterest we follow the same mantra by keeping our followers up to date. Try to pin every day, Pin what your followers want, interact with your followers to learn what they wish for.

Select the Correct Image to Pin:

Pinning is all about your image, when ever you submit a new pin. It ask you to select the most desirable image which could express every thing to your audience. So whenever you are pinning any thing try to select the most impressive image, which could create sparkling impression in minds of your followers.

Adding correct Description to Your Pins:

Insert a small but impressive description about your pins. Try to create a description of about 100 to 150 words don’t make it too long as user gets irritated if they don’t find it interesting, add important keywords in your description, play with your niche keywords to get more traffic

Create Sparkling Graphics:

As we all know Pinterest is all about images and videos, to make your followers experience more user friendly. Try to play with colors, give your pinboard an attractive look with your best image, arrange your pins according to there pinboard, use bright colored images as dark color don’t look attractive. So try to make your board balanced by adding sparkling graphics

Motivate Your Followers to Repin

Another important feature which can bring more traffic to your blog is repining. If any one repin’s your content then your blog will receive more traffic as your pin is spinning all over Pinterest.

Insert “Pin it” and “Follow Me” Button:

Try to insert (Pin it) and (Follow Me) buttons. These two buttons will not only increase your traffic but it will increase your follower too. If any user who is using Pinterest visits your website and if he liked your post then there is very high chance that he may pin your post and more over he may follow you on Pinterest.Want More Free Traffic Check this video By LISA

So, these were the basic Tips which will bring more traffic to your blog, try to follow these tips as they are highly professional. If you still don’t know what is Pinterest Then check it What is Pinterest? How To Get Started With Pinterest. Till then Peace Blessing and Happy Pinning

Stay Tuned For more latest Updates About Pinterest :)

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April 16, 2012 at 8:13 PM

nice post...
Your website in first view competely looks like as MBT, but i think your website is new in market...

Editorial Team MOD
April 16, 2012 at 11:37 PM

@ syed shah

Yes It does look a like MBT As This blog is totally inspire From MyBloggerTricks.

And no one is new in the market only its unique content make it Look New:)

Yes MBL is very much new, but its motive is to spread the voice of blogging

Peace and Blessing Pal.

April 19, 2012 at 2:51 AM

it's too good solution to blog traffic.... keep it up bro....

December 8, 2012 at 6:49 PM

Actually till now many of people not aware of pinterest but it is good source to get traffic.

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