Is the MBA Still Worth it in 2022?

Is the MBA Still Worth it in 2022?
People have been questioning the relevance of the MBA for many years now, and, while it’s true that many of the top entrepreneurs and CEOs today do not have one, the fact remains that having an MBA will put the average person at an advantage when it comes to running a business. So, if your goal was to become a successful startup owner, the MBA should definitely be on the top of your list. The MBA is also one of the most employable degrees there is. Many companies will require it for their CEOs, but you’ll find MBAs in all sorts of positions today, some of which may not seem directly related to business. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why the MBA is still worth it in 2022.

You’ll Develop Advanced Management Skills

The MBA was made to create managers, and it will give you all the skills needed to push a company forward. You’ll become a better leader and learn how to manage people. You’ll also learn how to sell, advertise, and develop your services. Not only that, but you’ll also learn how to network better, develop better interpersonal skills, and become a better negotiator.

You’ll learn all the latest management techniques and will be able to run an agile organization. Disruption won’t be an issue for you as you’ll be prepared to use different tools to run your operation seamlessly no matter the situation. You’ll be able to adapt much better to things like PR scandals, for instance, or circumstances that would force different work arrangements. MBAs are also very adaptable and can work in all sorts of settings. 

You’ll Understand Every Part of an Organization

Another great thing about having an MBA is that you'll have a much more holistic view of a business. An accountant may only know about a company’s books, while a CFO may know about a company’s assets and acquisitions, but an MBA will know all of that and more.

This makes the MBA one of the most powerful credentials to have as a starting entrepreneur. MBAs can manage their HR departments and hire people directly without having to build a whole team behind them. They can manage things like payroll or accounting on their own if need be. They can also create their marketing campaigns, monitor them, and see if they're bringing a positive ROI.

In addition, an MBA will understand things like financing and how to use debt to benefit their organization. They know a little bit about business law as well. This will make you much more autonomous as an owner and prevent you from always having to seek outside help and expertise.

Online MBAs

Online MBAs are another reason why getting an MBA makes sense in 2022. If you're currently working in a business-related field, then you could always get an online MBA. You could get an MBA online in Canada from a school like Aston University while keeping your position. You’ll then have opportunities to apply for senior roles in your organization or somewhere else.

Online MBAs are extremely convenient and just as rigorous as any other MBA. Your credentials will be recognized as long as you got your degree from a school that is known for the quality of its business faculty. This is all that will matter for employers and the only thing they'll be able to see when they see your degree. 

It’s also very important that the program you choose is accredited. Go for a program with triple accreditation if possible. Triple accredited programs have been approved by the AACSB, AMBA, and Equis, which are the three most respected regulatory bodies in the industry. If a program is well ranked and accredited, you’ll be able to fill any position that requires an MBA and will get respected wherever you go.

Networking Opportunities

A lot of people go for an MBA mainly for networking and partnership possibilities, and it could be a great investment. You'll have a chance to stay in contact with many brilliant business minds. Not only that, but you'll also have access to faculty, which can also help you work on ideas or they might even become partners with you.

There are many resources available for aspiring entrepreneurs in most MBAs. Most of them will have incubators to help students get their businesses off the ground. They also offer all sorts of networking events and meetups with key people in various industries.

Another great thing about the MBA, especially online MBAs, is how diverse of a student pool they attract. You’ll find yourself speaking with engineers, IT professionals, ex or current entrepreneurs, accountants, lawyers, etc. You’ll also be able to interact with students from all over the world. If you want to be introduced to new ideas, markets, and people, the MBA is the way to go.

You Can Specialize

You can also pick an MBA based on the field in which you want to work or the type of business you want to run. Universities around the world have created all sorts of specialties for MBAs because of how popular they are and the new challenges and trends in business.

You have MBAs that focus specifically on eCommerce, for instance. You can also specialize in international business if you want to manage international supply chains and subsidiaries. You can specialize in finance and become a prime candidate for positions in the banking industry. Or you could specialize in IT management to take advantage of all the openings in the field. 
MBAs can work in so many settings these days and if there’s a field that interests you, there’s a strong chance that you can find an MBA in it.

These are all things that should convince you that the MBA is still relevant and worth it in this day and age. If you feel like this could be the right option for you, you should speak with one or a few counselors today to get a better idea of what to prepare for.


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