Is Spotify promotion relevant today?

Is Spotify promotion relevant today?
Oh wow, what a year it was - 2021. Not as crazy as 2020, but still. How is your life? Did it change in any way ? In the world of music, a lot of things have happened, for sure. So many new musicians, so many performers, new tracks. That year was rocking it, baby. And in all lists of tracks, I haven’t seen the one I really want and wait to see - yours.

What happened? Did you abandon your plans to become rich and famous? Did you forget about Spotify promotion? Or you lost your inspiration over this year? I hope we will meet again, and I will hear your track many times. Oh, if you are a newcomer to the music industry, don’t be afraid of my beginning. Every musician who reads this is my friend and Comrade. How’s your year? Did you finally decide to change something in the way you upload your music?

Yes, for some musicians the past year was amazing, but for some - it wasn’t. Just as in any year, a lot of new musicians have abandoned their journey. I hope you will not be one of them. And all I can do for you is to help you understand how the business works. If you are an experienced musician, you already know that the whole music industry is revolving around music promotion, and Spotify isn’t any different. The sad truth is that all music streaming services are the same in this part - they all need music promotion to operate. I don’t know why, maybe their algorithms won’t work without it, or the complete business model will collapse, I mean, why is it so necessary, right?

This music streaming service isn’t any different from any other streaming service, despite being the most popular one in the world. And you have decided to start from Spotify. That is a great decision, really, no joke. Spotify offers huge audience, high royalties, and many possibilities to become popular. The algorithms of Spotify are the best in the house, so you shouldn’t be worried about your song not being listened to. Sounds amazing, right? Add to that variety of features, an ability to listen to Spotify almost on any platform imaginable.

Yes, it looks perfect at the first glance, but in reality Spotify is much more competitive than it sounds. The large audience attracts many musicians, just like you, and not every one of them performs as well as the other. So there is the only way left to increase your popularity – Spotify promotion. Yes, yes, yes you are already tired of reading these words. On every website, everyone tries to sell you this promotion. I am not doing that. I am just stating facts. Promotion is the key to becoming popular, at least now, so don’t forget to do yours. It is up to you to decide what your career should look like, not to me. Good luck, pal.

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