Impact of Coronavirus on The Digital and Influencer Marketing

Impact of Coronavirus on The Digital and Influencer Marketing
In the last few months, the world has been subjected to the torture of COVID-19 or Coronavirus onslaught. The impact has not only brought the world to a standstill but impacted the economy in the severest of ways possible. With a lockdown enforced in many places and the majority of people working from their houses the output of work has been compromised. Here we share with you the impact of Coronavirus on Digital and Influencer Marketing.

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Brand campaigns are being postponed

Many new brands have delayed the launch of their new brands as they perceive this as the most inappropriate moment to do so. There are no new strategies with regard to the brand campaigns that follow after a new brand has entered the market. This means that the opportunities for using digital and influencer marketing services have been impacted too. Though if a brand associates with PRchitects it is sure to get the recognition that it has always aimed to achieve.

Events and travel-based opportunities are canceled

When the world is reeling under such a big crisis it is best to cancel any events and travel-based campaigns coming up. This means that there is only limited work that these influencers have got to experiment out with. The maximum they can do is to write and share blogs that describe their expertise. Whatever is to be done should be done online as there are movement restrictions too. Especially those who are into travel influencing are going to suffer the heat the most.

Modifying strategies 

With all existing plans gone for a toss, it is important that changes be made in the strategies being implemented. That means the influencers should now focus their energies on areas like consulting, teaching and mentoring. They have to think of simple strategies and plans in order to get work and continue to earn. Since most events have been either canceled or postponed it is best for them to look for revenue streams from where they are sure that money would come.

End of collaborations 

Another big setback is that big brands are ending their collaborations or at least have kept them on the backburner for now. It is difficult for the marketing team to pay attention to an aspect when the entire marketing plan has been affected. Naturally then whatever budget they are allocating is then given to the very essential parts of a marketing campaign. This means that for the time being there would be no new tie-ups and collaborations thus marring the growth prospects of the brand.

Other changes

Apart from the above, some other changes that influencer marketing is going to face can be a dip in the price per post that is furnished on social media platforms. Instagrammers have also been hit by Covid-19. They have had to seek out novel ways to grow during this time. For more info on how you can do the same: 23 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (Real & Active). This fall may either stay or continue to dip further as the time passes and the situation does not change. As the brand deals would be put on a hold the influencers, as well as marketers, would have to start looking for models of compensation that are not going to be disadvantageous to any one party.


As the intensity of Coronavirus deepens it is becoming difficult for brands to predict what can happen in the future. Companies are putting any major plans on hold and if this continues for long any budgets for influencer marketing would also show a sharp downfall. In such times it is wise to put your money with agencies that can derive the maximum benefit in the same budget. PRchitects understands your expectations from an influencer marketing campaign and associates only with the most suitable influencers to give your brand a major push.


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