4 Easy Tips to Edit Photos for your Blog Posts

4 Easy Tips to Edit Photos for your Blog Posts
Do you want to add photos to the content on your blog? Snapping photos is relatively easy nowadays, but if you want them to look good you need to also be able to edit and improve them afterwards. In this article we will show you 4 easy tips to edit photos for your blog posts.

That is a big stumbling block for many bloggers – as odds are you have little or no experience with editing photos. The good news is that even if that is true, there are a few easy tips that you can use to edit photos for your blog:

1. Correct the white balance and improve the colors

Have you noticed that the colors in your photos are a little bit off, or have a slight blue or red tint? In most cases that is due to the white balance being off, which is why it helps if you correct it.

Although it may sound involve, correcting the white balance is really quite easy and most photo editors have automated tools that you can use. If you want you can adjust the color settings manually, to improve the colors further and make them look more vivid.

2. Use the rule of thirds when cropping the photo

Another easy tool that you can use to improve photos is the crop tool. It will remove a section of the frame from your photo, allowing you to adjust and reframe it as you see fit.

To get the most out of this tool, you should use the rule of thirds when you crop your photo. It basically requires you align the subject and other elements based on a three by three grid so that your photo has a greater visual impact and is more balanced.

In some photo editors the crop tool has a built-in grid that will make it easier to use the rule of thirds. If not you may have to enable it in the settings.

3. Try a minimalistic look

Minimalism is a good way to create photos that are interesting and place the focus entirely on the subject. However if you’ve already snapped a photo that isn’t really very minimal you’ll have to rely on editing to create a more minimalistic look.

Learning how to change the background of a photo and remove unwanted elements will be necessary to do that. If possible, you should try to find a photo editor with tools to make it easier to do both those tasks, such as Movavi Photo Editor.

4. Apply the same filters consistently

Overall you should try to make sure that the photos on your blog have a similar visual style – and filters are an easy way to do that. By picking out a few filters and applying them consistently on the photos for your blog, you can start to build a visual brand.

The exact filters that are available to you will depend on the editor that you’re using, and some may allow you to download or add custom filters as well.

At the end of the day the best way to start getting better at editing photos for a blog is to get more experience. The tips listed above should provide you with a great set of ways that you can begin to use to edit your photos – and will allow you to begin to get more experience as you use them.

That being said it is important that you don’t shy away from exploring, experimenting, and trying other editing techniques as well. At the end of the day the more you try out new ways to edit your photos, the faster you’ll be able to improve and hone your skills.


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