Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Improve Traffic in 2018

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Improve Traffic in 2018
There is no place like social media that is so fast, efficient and free at the same time for all of your marketing efforts. And the power of social media marketing can't be neglected. It’s a tool that helps your business reach its targeted customers, increase web traffic, engage the audience, drive sales and in many more other ways. But to get most out from social media, you need to have an active followers’ base. In this article, we will show you top 5 social media marketing tips to improve traffic in 2018

1. Cross Promote

When creating your social marketing strategy for your brand, it is to make sure that you cross your brand on every social media site. Cross promoting helps you improve your following. You have to build up content according to each platform’s unique user base and tell them where else they can locate you on social media. This way people who follow you on Instagram will like your page on Facebook or your fans on Facebook will follow you on Twitter too and so on. The key here is to tell everyone everywhere about your social presence to improve your following in no time.

Furthermore never forget to add social media buttons to your websites. People who come to your websites and want to know more about your brand will click those buttons to follow you on social media to get latest updates of your brand on a regular basis.

2. Create Content That Looks Good

When marketing on social media, making your content looks good must also be a part of your marketing strategy. As social media is the place for visuals and messages, you can attract your target audience with your visual content and the message attached to it.
Create such content that makes your brand stand out from others most attractively and positively, as people are scrolling past an incredible amount of content your content has to be something new and different.

Another important tip for this strategy is to research the trending topic of your niche that people are most interested in and create your content on that topic. This helps you improve your following in a way that people are crazy about what’s trending and follow whoever is active on that trend and has something to say about the trend. So, make your brand up-to-date with latest trends on social media to get a large following.

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are always your best friends on social media. Make it a habit of using hashtags with whatever you post on social media. Hashtags help your business reach its target audience. You must use relevant, trending, branded and most importantly trending hashtags of your niche and industry. The key here is to find a balance in using hashtags, use them to become visible to your audience but don’t overdo it.

4. Make Use of Influencers

Adding influencers in your social media marketing strategy is like a cherry on the cake. Influencers are people who have the power to publicize your brand, and if you are a new bee of your business, they can introduce your brand to your related audience. Research influencers of your industry and your niche, interact with them and build healthy relations with them. These influencers are the best possible humanistic way to increase your Instagram followers organically.

Follow all the top influencers of your industry, tag them in your posts for marketing and share their content with your community. Chances are many of them will not only follow you back but also will share your content and introduce your brand to their followers that will naturally help you reach your target audience and improve your following. You can also invite them to share your content with their audience for marketing purposes.

5. Run Contests & Giveaways

Another critical point that has to be included in your social media marketing strategy is to run contests and giveaways. There is no better option than this to engage your audience. People love free stuff, and they will love to make small efforts to win these contests and giveaways on social med. These contests/giveaways not only help you market your brand but also make your audience happy and engaged by giving them free prizes. For instance, if you are marketing on Instagram you can ask your followers to tag their friends on your post to get a prize, this way you will be able to reach your target audience and gain followers on Instagram much faster as well as you are also marketing your brand. 

Automating your Instagram account has become popular, but not really advised anymore. For more details you can read this article: Instagram Automation in 2021: What You Should Know.

These were some marketing strategies for your brand on social media that will help you improve your following. One bonus tip here is to stick to your business goals and stay focused on your marketing strategies. Never forget that things are slower at the beginning, but you have to hold to them and keep focused to see the more significant results. 

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