5 Blogging Tips for Beginners of 2017- A Fresh Look at Old Strategies

5 Blogging tips for Beginners of 2017- A Fresh Look at Old Strategies
When it comes to blogging, there are two ways to go about it. The most common course of action is to find and stick to an established field where many blogs before you have already gained significant success. However, the problem with this is the very fact that there are already plenty of established blogs in the field, which makes the competition very steep and the chances of your blog ever seeing success so much slimmer. The other way to go about it is to take the first movers advantage and explore topics that have not yet been flooded with thousands of blog sites. In this article, we will show you 5 Blogging tips for Beginners of 2017 - A fresh look at old strategies.

Competition Analysis

One of the most important parts of starting any new blog is to analyze the competition that you have in the field and on each topic that you decide to post about. While there’s very little out there that has not yet been written about before, it is nevertheless important to find out the popular keywords, the kind of competition that you will have, and where your competition’s backlinks are coming from.

Visual Content

Whether you take them from a quality stock photo site or click your own, it is best if the photos you use on your blog are original and the same goes for videos. The need and demand for visual content will only grow with time, and no successful blog can afford to ignore it.

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Grow Your Email List

The emails you send to your subscribers are powerful traffic generators and the bigger your email list is, the more traffic you will generate through them. However, it is also important to find relevant inboxes to target, rather than just use a generic list.


There is no way around this one; you need to promote your blog. It does not necessarily have to be an expensive social media marketing campaign worth thousands of dollars right away, but there has to be some marketing plan for sure. You would be surprised to know that by simply choosing to promote your blog, you will become more popular than the majority of the blogs in your niche because most amateur bloggers hate investing in promotional activity for some strange reason!

Support for Mobile Devices

Unless your blog is built to work perfectly with smartphones and tablets, you will be losing a huge amount of traffic. Google mostly removes non-mobile responsive sites from the search results if the search is being done from a smartphone or a tablet. Given that most of the browsing is done from phones nowadays, it would be safe to say that a blog without mobile support is doomed to fail.

One mistake which most new bloggers make is that of entering the field with the wrong mindset. Blogging takes time, and it might take years before you can even view it as a source of income. Sometimes, despite knowing this, bloggers often give up too early into the venture. The truth is that while it may seem easy, professional blogging is not easy at all. It is not a place for those that are looking to make a quick buck by hardly investing anything. Blogging is a long term game meant only for those of us who are truly passionate enough about a particular field to keep at it for years without losing hope. If you keep doing the right things at the right time though, the success will come.


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