10 Best Alternatives to Flippa to Sell and Purchase Websites

If you are into E-commerce or any online business then knowing Flippa is a common ritual. If one to define Flippa in the most common language, then it is essentially a commercial center for purchasing and selling websites, portable applications and other software’s. But, it is not necessary that the largest center fits everyone’s universe of preferences hence in the below content, we will discuss some of the best alternatives to Flippa that are cost effective offers lucrative tangible and intangible bargains on customer side. In this article, we will tell you 10 Best Alternatives to Flippa to Sell and Purchase Websites.


Grabbing the most amazing website requires a bigger platform and what if one has to tell a place where potential buyers can check out more than 2 million websites on sale every day, yes we got it right! It’s none but the SEDO website platform that sells almost 3,000 websites per day. Other than the bigger platform, simplified dashboard, easy mode of payment, lesser transaction time, fewer complexities, straight forward terms and agreements section and additional exchange and escrow administration and monitoring facilities are some of the supplementary benefits of using SEDO.

2. Free Market

Free market, as evident from its name known for the buy and sell of any websites. The customized filters allow viewers to find websites of their own choices whereas direct discussion with merchants allow smooth transactions as well. Another feature of the website is SPM flag advertisements that allow website to be promoted across different buying groups at a certain rate i.e. $1 per CPM or $0.10 per CPC.

3. EBay

As everyone knows about EBay which I the largest commercial website and the largest online platform for buyers and sellers, offering websites also comes into one of its services. One of an added feature of the site is that even if you have finalized the cost for buy-out of any website and out of some reasons the deal does not settle, the next purchaser will have to pay the same settled price; this saves time and cost of buyers and sellers.

4. Deal A SITE

Deal a Site is the most commonly searched website on the internet for buying and selling of websites. All a seller needs is to get registered, connect their mode of payment with the account and sell their website like a cheese cake. Yes, it’s that simple!


Igloo is one of the prospering sites like Flippa online. The website allows you to search available websites on sale and takes 15% commission on every transaction that takes place. The most interesting part of the website is the commission fees is paid by the seller, hence the buyers get one more motivation to use IGLOO.

6. Site Broker

Formed in 1997 by two Californian lawyers, the website offers widest base for website buy and sell order with its simplified and easy to use website template that raises quality bar above the par level for an average website buyers or seller.
One of the many positives of the website is that the presentation it gives to the potential buyer of any website is amazing, with added data filters and professional structure, the arrangement convinces buyer depending upon their preference and make sure the deal gets finalized.


Every industry has some moderate players whose focus is volume and cost efficiencies, following such strategy is a player named as BIDO. Getting millions of views monthly on its website, BIDO appears to be the most affordable option in the E-commerce industry for new entrants who want functioning website in a low cost budget. The commission ranges from6-12% of the total transaction depending upon the type and quality of website or domain that is been purchased.

8. BuySell Website

When other players are focusing on market share and standardization, BuySell website appears to standout form the crown through it product innovation and niche focused strategy; the website focuses on startup built in apps and facilitates new and potential entrepreneurs together with a business development analyst instant chat option that make sure the entrepreneur gets maximum benefit out of the platform.

9. Viral Accounts 

One of an interesting benefits new comers in the existing markets can take of is about the niche marketing and potential loopholes in the existing market, similar goes true in the case of Viral accounts. Apart from SEO tools and basic website requirements, the website facilitates new entrepreneurs by providing modifying logos, pictures, website content and upgraded business cards. Other than these supplementary benefits, the website also provide anti-virus tools to keep the website safe and secure.

With the rise of e-commerce and information technology, the usage of websites and personal domains have increased incredibly. In order to enhance the transactions per day and attract traffic, several website brokers are working in different areas to attract buyers and sellers. The above post discussed some of the most interesting website brokers other than Flippa that can allow any seller to sell their website within matter of seconds.

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